Firefox 3.7 dropped from Schedule, next release is Firefox 4.0

Firefox has made changes to the way it develops the world’s most popular browser. Instead of providing incremental updates after every few days, for a change the guys at Firefox have decided to release the next stable release of Firefox as a major release, not a minor one.

The Director of Firefox Mike Beltzner said on Thursday,

Rather than add features to Firefox only in once- or twice-a-year upgrades, Mozilla will quietly insert some functionality via its regular security updates, which seem every four to six weeks.

The browser manufacturer also said, the next stable release should be expected sometime next year. As of now, all the fixes which were provided as new versions will now be given as regular security upgrades. The minor update 3.6 is still running but the next minor update has been dropped, which means the browser will simply jump to a release of Firefox 4.0 later this year.

The primary reason for this change of a decided release is seen as an attempt to bring back the development and release cycle back to it’s routine. The release of Firefox 3.6 has already been delayed by a long time. It was supped to come out in November 2009. It is time, the focus is given more on major releases and much time is not wasted on the minor ones.

As for myself, I cant wait to try Firefox 4.0.

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  • Abhishek

    I am not sure how correct this post is because no where it has been reported that 4.0 will follow 3.6 and 3.7 has been dumped. In fact the Alpha builds for 3.7 are still available from Mozilla's FTP servers. A couple of days ago Techie Buzz posted that 'Firefox 3.6' was released when in fact it was just the 'Release Candidate 1'. That post was soon taken offline.

    Hope you guys are not trying to grab eyeballs like this!

    • @Abhishek – We certainly are not looking for eyeballs, and post accurate news, the announcement to drop Firefox 3.7 was announced by the director of Firefox.

      And we certainly did not say Firefox 3.6 has released, we said that it is going to be released this month you can read it here

      In addition to that we had also written about the RC release

      Chinmoy the author of this post will further let you know where this news comes from.

      Thanks for reading us.

  • @Abhishek, It is all over Google and Twitter! It first appeared at Computerworld I guess. Linuxworld also wrote about it. So, simply put, this is valid news, not any attempt to grab eyeballs!

    Do you have any more information on this?

    • Abhishek

      @Keith & Chinmay and the rest of the crew at Techie Buzz,

      Firstly let me acknowledge your politeness in responding to my comments. I was pleasantly surprised. And irrespective of my comments, you guys are doing a great job with your Firefox & Ubuntu posts and ones showing Windows tips and tricks.

      Now I have 'Firefox' as a Custom topic in my Google News subscriptions and yours was the first and the ONLY post to report that 3.7 was dropped. I became circumspect (you will see why) and hence I commented as I did. I cross checked it only now on Computerworld and I agree that I was wrong and you guys were right.

      But I am not lying when I tell you that it was again Google News which showed me a heading stating 'Firefox 3.6 released' attributed to Techie Buzz. When I clicked the news link I got the infamous '404 Page Not Found' error.

      Some months ago, when Ubuntu 9.10 was around the corner, a website posted a similar headline 'Ubuntu 9.10 released' a day or two before the official release. On clicking it I found it was just a review of the release candidate :(

      Now I know better :)
      Keep posting guys…

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  • I hope they improve on it. Lately Firefox seems to be getting bloated and being a CPU hog.

  • 10snoopy1

    And I just I installed 3.7 a5 :(