Firefox 3.7 dropped from Schedule, next release is Firefox 4.0

Firefox has made changes to the way it develops the world’s most popular browser. Instead of providing incremental updates after every few days, for a change the guys at Firefox have decided to release the next stable release of Firefox as a major release, not a minor one.

The Director of Firefox Mike Beltzner said on Thursday,

Rather than add features to Firefox only in once- or twice-a-year upgrades, Mozilla will quietly insert some functionality via its regular security updates, which seem every four to six weeks.

The browser manufacturer also said, the next stable release should be expected sometime next year. As of now, all the fixes which were provided as new versions will now be given as regular security upgrades. The minor update 3.6 is still running but the next minor update has been dropped, which means the browser will simply jump to a release of Firefox 4.0 later this year.

The primary reason for this change of a decided release is seen as an attempt to bring back the development and release cycle back to it’s routine. The release of Firefox 3.6 has already been delayed by a long time. It was supped to come out in November 2009. It is time, the focus is given more on major releases and much time is not wasted on the minor ones.

As for myself, I cant wait to try Firefox 4.0.

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