Firefox 3.6 RC1 Officially Released

The new Release Candidate build of Firefox 3.6, codenamed “Namoroka”, is now available for download from the official FirefoxMozilla website.

Softpedia was already providing a preview version of Firefox 3.6 RC1, since January 6th 2010. After that, it also offered nightly testing version of Firefox RC1. Mozilla had earlier stated that, it was hoping to release the post-Beta variant of Firefox 3.6 on 8th January, 2010. And indeed, the developers have been able to release it on schedule.

You can go ahead and download Firefox 3.6 RC1 now.

According to our sources, Firefox 3.6 web milestone is nearing completion and is expected to be launched later this month, by the end of January 2010. Current users of Firefox 3.6 Beta will receive notices of the automatic upgrades to the Release Candidate stage over the coming few days.

Mozilla had delivered five Beta builds of Firefox 3.6 and the developers were trying their best to roll out the final release of Firefox 3.6 in November 2009, a month after the launch of Windows 7. But it was postponed due to various severe bugs that needed to be resolved.