Firefox 3.6 Download, Released Today

After a long wait, Firefox 3.6 is finally out following a series of test releases.Firefox 3.6 brings new and awesome features to the already feature rich browser. This gives us all the more reason to use Firefox.

We have done a complete round-up of Firefox features and release of the version 3.6. You can see a video detailing new features of Firefox 3.6 in this post.

Firefox 3.6 has support for full-screen video and personas integrated into the official build. It also has an improved stability and warns users about out of date plugins. Some details on the new and improved features of Firefox 3.6 can be found at this post on Firefox 3.6 beta review and this post. A new and unexpected feature which makes installing add-ons more fun is found at this post.

Using Firefox is all about tweaks and mods. If you want to tweak your Firefox 3.6 to get the most out of it, you can refer to some of the posts on tweaking tabs and disable taskbar preview.

The download is provided on both ftp and http download.

FTP download is available at this Mozilla page.

HTTP download can be found at this Official Download page.

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