Firefox 3.6 coming this month, Lorentz by March

Mozilla plans to release the final version of the popular Firefox Browser, version 3.6 later this month. The decision has been taken after extensive beta tests carried out by users and all the bug-fixes applied from feedback given by the 1 million users who downloaded and tested the RC release.

Mike Beltzner, the Mozilla Director of Firefox said on Tuesday,

So far we haven’t found showstoppers,” he said. If no more major issues are uncovered, “We’re looking at releasing somewhere in last two weeks of January.

The new Firefox version 3.6 brings many new features like Web Open Font Format and Personas. Apart from that major internal changes, it includes a new file API and the ability to run scripts asynchronously. This is currently implemented by Google and Facebook.

Firefox has also planned the release of an update to the 3.6 release, called the Lorentz. This will give Firefox some independence from other third party apps like Adobe Flash or Apple Quicktime. This has been made possible with the Out-of-process-plugins support. The main aim of the project is to provide separate processes for all key operations. Though, the implementation is still in infancy and is being called Electrolysis.

For now, we can wait for a beta release of Lorentz sometime in early February and expect a Firefox 3.6 final release a few days from now.

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