Firefox 3.6 Beta: Revision 5 has 100 fixes

A new revision of the latest Firefox build 3.6 has been released with over 100 bug fixes. The fifth one in its line, this new build brings more features to the already feature rich and widely popular Firefox browser.


With this new release, more than 70% of the add-ons, are now compatible with Firefox 3.6 beta. The revision is available as a separate download but existing users need not worry. Their Firefox will be automatically upgraded to the latest build within the next 24 to 48 hours. Optionally, you can chose to upgrade manually by checking for upgrades from the Help menu.

The latest build has included many updates for add-on developers. More details on this can be seen at this page at the Developer Center.

The build is another beta from Mozilla and users are welcome to report any bugs and add-on compatibility issues. This has been made easy with the Add-on Compatibility Reporter plugin.

For more information on Firefox 3.6, visit this post at Techie Buzz.

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