Firefox 3.6.4 Released With “Crash” Protection

The biggest bane I have had with Firefox over the past year is that it is too bloated, crashes at will and freezes the system, all this even if a single tab you have open has some problem. on the other hand has a feature which will not crash the browser if there is a problem with a single tab, thanks to it using a different processes for each tab.

Firefox Crash Protection

However, it looks like Mozilla has set out to do something about the problems users have been having with the introduction of Firefox 3.6.4, which has a feature called "Crash Protection".

Crash Protection in Firefox 3.6.4 will reduce the number of crashes that users encounter while watching videos or playing games using Flash. With the new update, Firefox will run plugins as different instances through Out-of-process plugins or OOPP.

This is definitely a good move forward and hopefully Mozilla will also move towards making Firefox more memory efficient and lightweight in future builds.

Firefox 3.6.4 offers crash protection for Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime and Microsoft Silverlight on Windows and Linux computers. Users can upgrade to Firefox 3.6.4 by choosing the "Check for Updates" option available under the Help menu.

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  • Tux

    Although google chrome resume work if a tab crashes , google chrome does not solve any problem when it comes to plugins such as adobe flash player and adobe reader . that is because it is a single process for all tabs . taking into account that these are the original crash source , e.g. firefox crashes 6 times a day ( statistically ) : 3 due to adobe flash player , 2 due to adobe reader , 1 due to other reasons . this will ensure that google chrome IE8 seperate process per tab merely affects crashes , while firefox 3.6.4 OOPP decreases crashes greatly . as 3.6.4 is their first step , they only take adobe flash player , apple quicktime and microsoft silverlight by default to OOPP ; leaving behind crashy adobe reader and many others ; i.e, they will only decrease crashes now by 3 to 6 . when they will take adobe reader to OOPP , Crashes will be further decreased .

  • Yes this sounds like great news. While firefox is my preferred web browser, the crashing problem does get annoying. At least it remembers what tabs I had open. I just went to update and I realized that it was already downloading the update in the background.

  • Kercelia Fletcher

    Firefox has been my favorite browser for years, but I am getting frequent crashes since I installed the latest version and they're all related to Flash. I have uninstalled both Firefox and Adobe Flash plugin a few times with no improvement. I hate to give up Firefox but it looks like I might be forced to do so.