Fifefox 3.6 beta 2: Released with 190 Bug Fixes

Firefox 3.6 saw another beta early morning today, PST. The Firefox 3.6 beta 2 has been released with more than 190 bug fixes over the last Firefox 3.6 beta 1.


Firefox 3.6 features a new and improved rendering engine, a better JavaScript performance, full-screen videos, support for WOFF and a lot more. You can see more on Firefox 3.6 beta 1 in this earlier post.

The fixes in Firefox 3.6 beta 2 include:

  • Better support for mobile devices, specially on Windows CE.
  • Better support for WOFF on Linux and Solaris, bug fix of some characters not showing on these platforms.
  • Undo support for Personas.
  • Some minor UI fixes, like broken text in dialogues, windows and components being displaced on certain actions, etc.
  • Fix for full-screen mode, Mac problem of missing window title on returning from full-screen mode.
  • Resolving problems with lost focus of component windows.
  • Resolving maximize and restore window size.

These 190 fixes coming in less than 2 weeks proves that things are really moving fast at the Mozilla development front. With every beta release, we will move closer to a better Firefox.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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