Split Screen Dual View Browsing In Google Chrome

Quite sometime back I had told you about a bookmarklet which will split the screen in Google Chrome and allow you to load multiple websites in a single tab or window in Google Chrome.

The bookmarklet still works perfectly fine, however, I also came across a similar which will allow you to split the screen and load two websites in a single tab. The extension which is called "Split Screen", opens up a new popup window and allows you to open multiple websites in a single tab.

Split Screen Dual View Browsing in Google Chrome

Techie Buzz Verdict

Split Screen is a handy extension when you are working on a single monitor and want to refer to some website or news while composing an article. However, there is a problem with the extension. When you want to re-load the URL in any one pane, it reloads both the pages, this in turn means if you are composing an email or writing an article, the composed content will disappear if you have not saved it.

It would be good if the extension developer allows users to load content in individual panes separately. Nevertheless, the extension is definitely worth downloading and will come in handy when you want to research data from multiple sites, without having to constantly keep flipping tabs.

Ratings: 3/5 (Good)

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  • smokes

    tnx for the update x)

    didnt really liked that bookmarklet tho…

  • I've been using the split screen bookmarklet for a long time. I also noticed the problem with reloading.

    When I need to align two tabs, side by side, I just drag one tab off the browser and it turns into it's own window which you can quickly realign side by side in Windows 7.

    Great post. Thanks for the tip.

  • mat bing

    none of these allow secure pages https sites. Does one exist that allows this?

  • KMD

    The only thing I don’t like about this Google chrome extension is that it won’t play youtube videos!