Google Chrome Extension To View DropBox Folders and Download Files

Dropbox – as you may know, lets you upload and store files in your Dropbox account from any computer. You can use Dropbox to sync folders on different computers, share files with your friends and so much more.

The Google Chrome extension for Dropbox lets you quickly access the folders and files of your Dropbox account from the browser. You do not need to open your Dropbox account in the browser every other minute.

Install Dropbox extension for Google Chrome

Once the extension is installed, you will see a dropbox icon added next to the address bar as shown below:


Clicking the icon opens a new panel where you can see the entire list of files and folders of your Dropbox account. The “Recent Events’ tab shows which files were recently uploaded or modified.


The folders are arranged exactly in the same way as it appears in your Dropbox account and you can click a file to download it in your computer. The extension does not support downloading files by drag and drop and you have to use the desktop tool to upload files any way. (Tip: How to send email attachements to Dropbox automatically)

Techie Buzz Verdict

The extension provides easy access to your Dropbox account but it has no options to configure (don’t click the optons button, it doesn’t works). If you love Google Chrome and upload a lot at Dropbox, this extension is worth a try.

Techie Buzz rating: 2/5. (Average)

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