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greenshot_2010-01-28_23-21-50 Most of us here at Techie Buzz use Google Chrome (the rest use Firefox, so don’t throw IE bombs at us). And we are pretty crazy about Chrome extensions. When Chrome was new in the game, extension support was one thing that was keeping many users at bay from using it. But now that it has, in fact thousands of extensions, there is nothing stopping users from enjoying a mix of speed, features and reliability.

We have written about a few useful Chrome extensions before, many of which were greatly received by users. Coming to our entry for today, we have an extension for Drop.io to talk about. Now Drop.io is a very simple file hosting service, over which people can quickly share files of any type and then share the drop’ with whoever they want using a short, dedicated link.

Drop.io has come up with a Google Chrome extension today, that allows creating drops’ on the fly. It lets you add data to an already specified drop or you can let it make a new drop every time. Moreover, the extension can scrape off all types of data from a page and then throw it into a drop. Although, the extension is pretty young and doesn’t yet support drag and drop like its Firefox counterpart (Google Chrome doesn’t yet support drag-drop for extensions), even so it is a fast way of uploading files on the web.

Download Drop.io for Chrome

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