Google Chrome 10 Released; Gets Password Sync and is Really Fast

Last month Google released the beta version of 10 to the public. Chrome 10 used the new V8 engine which made it 2 times faster than the previous version. In addition to that, it also included a new settings page which is similar to what is found on a Cr-48 Netbook.

Google Chrome

Today, Google has released Google Chrome 10 to the stable channel, making the update available to everyone. Google Chrome 10 also supports password sync, so you can sync your passwords and access it on any computer. In addition to that you can also set a secret passphrase for the sync to secure your synced data. Google Chrome 10 also comes integrated with the latest Flash player, so you will be using Flash 10.2.

If you are using the stable update, this new version should automatically be pushed to you shortly. You can also go to Settings -> About and check for updates. Alternatively, you can download Google Chrome 10 from

So go ahead and experience the latest and greatest browser from Google. It’s fast and you won’t be disappointed.

5 thoughts on “Google Chrome 10 Released; Gets Password Sync and is Really Fast”

  1. The fast improvement of Google Chrome might make Firefox feel insecure. Consequently, it is good for all of us. If Chrome becomes better, Firefox will follow suit.

  2. I don’t care much about version as long as it’s fast but so far it seems to slower than before and freeze more frequent.

    Also why did Google update my version WITHOUT my permission or even my knowledge? The next thing I know when I launch Chrome is all my extensions and apps are gone!!!

  3. How do i download Google Chrome 10? i cant seem to find it anywhere for my mothers Laptop its a HP windows 7 Altec lansing VISION

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