Firefox 5 is Here Before Schedule and We Are Impressed!

Firefox 5 was scheduled for a release on June 21st and Mozilla has put it on a very strict roadmap this year. However, what makes Firefox awesome recently, is how it is following these deadlines and the way it has released Firefox 5 ahead of a schedule. Yes, Firefox 5 is available ahead of the scheduled 21st June and you can grab it for a download.


We brought you the download of the RC version for Firefox 5 a few days ago and it is full of new features and improvements. The download for Firefox 5 is available at the FTP channel (again) ahead of official announcement and it is available for all platforms. You can get it here at the Firefox 5 FTP directory.

If you are not following things, Firefox 5 is the next stable release of Firefox and you might want to learn some cool Firefox tweaks that go seamlessly with this version. The final build of Firefox 5 is missing a channel switcher and the most appreciated feature in Firefox 5 is the DNT header.

These are links for downloads of English versions.

Download English version of Firefox 5.0 for Windows

Download English version of Firefox 5.0 for Mac

Download English version of Firefox 5.0 for Linux

What follows next is Firefox 6, which is already in alpha and will be seen as a beta release in exactly two weeks from now. Do not uphold that scheduled date too seriously now, Mozilla might surprise us again! I am waiting for download visualizations of Firefox 5, which will follow only from an official release due sometime soon.

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