Download Firefox 4 Beta Portable

Firefox 4 Beta 1 was released yesterday. I ran the browser through some tests and did a review of Firefox 4 beta too. However, if you are a bit scared of installing the browser on your system, you might try it out as a . The good part about using it as a portable software is that it won’t change your system settings or add data to the registry and you can safely delete the browser if you are not happy with it.

Firefox 4 Beta 1 Portable

You can download Firefox 4 as a portable software and then unzip the contents to any folder to run it. To delete the browser from your system, you will just have to delete the unzipped folder. Nothing gets easier than that. Excited to try the Firefox 4 beta on your system? Check for the download links below.

Please note, Firefox 4 is still in beta, so there will be a lot of bugs. If you are not comfortable with unfinished software you are recommended to stay away from using Firefox 4 Beta.

Download Firefox 4 Beta Portable (via DSQ)

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  • Sammie

    Portable versions of beta Firefox editions are a bit sketchy. Who knows how stable this release is? It’s in a testing ground phase. Surely this is a major security issue releasing the portable version en-masse. I’ll stick with my trusty Firefox Portable (v3.6.6 as of writing). from PortableApps – they constantly update the portable version of the browser to match the latest stable release. A much safer option. Note to anyone downloading this: The version mentioned in this post is BETA. Beta means UNSTABLE. And unstable means UNSECURE. Surf with it at you peril!

  • m.marino

    Unfortunately without admin rights I can’t install some plugins. Otherwise no other issues as of yet.