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By on May 5th, 2010

As part of a campaign to promote Bing and IE8, Microsoft UK has released a version of Internet Explorer 8 optimized for Bing.

Contrary to popular belief, Internet Explorer 8 comes with quite a few nifty customizable features. The various customizable features in Internet Explorer such as Accelerators, Web Slices and Search Provider are pre-configured to use Bing. Following are the Bing specific changes:

  • Bing Bar
  • The search box incorporates results from Ciao!
  • Various Bing Accelerators such as searching for videos, images, tweets are pre-installed.
  • Web Slices for Ciao! and Weather are bundled.


Download Page

PS: The installer sports the bing logo, neat touch!

(h/t @technogranma)

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  • Karthik Prabhu

    I do not feel that this version would do any good. IE really has a lot of flaws and needs to be corrected. People can find really good alternatives to IE like Chrome and Firefox. IE user base is just decreasing. People are switching from IE to Firefox and Chrome.

  • Kyler IE Team

    Great post. There are several different 'optimized' versions of IE available. To further customize your browser, you might want to check out



    IE Outreach Team

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