Feedburner Allowing Publishers To Change Email Subject

Sometime back Darren from Problogger.net wrote a post which was a open request to Feedburner to allow users to customize the subject of the email that got sent out.

Looks like Google Feedburner has their eyes in the right place, as they have quietly rolled out a new feature which will allow users to set the post title as the subject when sending out email to subscribers.

Feedburner now allows use of dynamic parameters to be set in the subject line, you will need to go to Publicize > Email Subscriptions > Email Branding to make the changes.


You can use ${latestItemTitle} to insert your latest post’s title into the Subject/Title of email, with two or more items in the update, ${n} shows the total number of items, and ${m} shows the number of items beyond the latest.

Techie buzz: ${latestItemTitle}
Techie buzz: ${latestItemTitle}plus ${m} more
Techie buzz (in this message: ${n} new items)

So if you have been waiting for this, go ahead and customize the email subject right away.

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