Convert Firefox Into A Music Hub

is pretty extensible and there are several we have told you about in the past, if you have followed our earlier posts, we have also told you how you can convert Firefox into a social networking hub and the most productive add-ons for Firefox.


Is Firefox good enough for music lovers? Yes, there are several add-ons that will help you convert Firefox into a pretty good music hub. Which add-ons are useful for music lovers? Here is another great list for Firefox and music lovers, that will help you convert Firefox into a music hub.

Fire.Fm add-on for Firefox


We are all very big fans of and even have a player on our N95 phone, but Firefox is something we are pretty much using everytime and this Firefox add-on, which also won the Extend Firefox 3 contest in the best music add-on category, provides you with direct access to the extensive library on, allowing you to listen to music and discover new artists and music from within the browser.

Download Firefox add-on

FoxyTunes Music Player


FoxyTunes is one of the oldest music add-ons for Firefox which will allow you to control any media player from within Firefox, allowing you to play music along with finding lyrics, covers, videos, bios and more from the comfort of your favorite browser.

FoxyTunes supports all the popular media players like Windows Media Player, iTunes, Winamp, MusicMatch Jukebox, Sonique among others.

Download FoxyTunes Firefox add-on

TwittyTunes Post Currently Listening music to Twitter


is definitely a great place to be in and has tons of tools and services you can use, so how about sharing the music you are playing with your friends? TwitterTunes is a add-on that will allow you to post the song you are currently listening in FoxyTunes, directly to your twitter account.

Download TwittyTunes Firefox add-on

Harmony Lookup Music Information


This is another interesting add-on for music lovers, where they can easily lookup information about a artist by right clicking the name and selecting the option to look up artist.

However we are recommending this add-on for a host of other features which include automatic lookup for a artist while playing songs in Pandora and FoxyTunes. It also scrobbles music listened to on Pandora or in FoxyTunes to your account, sweet.

Download Harmony Firefox add-on

Music Player Minion Network Music Player


Music Player Minion is a client for the Music Player Daemon network music player. The purpose of MPD and it’s clients is to allow music playback on one PC (such as a home media server) to be controlled from another over the network.

This extension provides a full client, a sidebar version and a mini-player. You’ll need to enter the mpd host and port information in Settings if you are controlling a remote server.

Download Music Player Minion Firefox add-on

FiTunes Top iTunes Music In The Sidebar


If you regularly purchase music from iTunes store, this handy add-on will add a list of the top 25 albums, top 25 singles or top 25 new releases to the sidebar, complete with album art and pricing information, making it easier for you to keep an eye on the latest and best music.

Download FiTunes Firefox add-on

FindThatBand Lookup Artist Information


Another extension that will help you lookup information about a music band or artist, this add-on though provides you with a right-click context menu, using which you can lookup information on MySpace music, Pandora and

Download FindThatBand Firefox add-on

Do you use any other music add-ons in Firefox? Do tell us about them so that we can include it in this list. Thanks to Firefox Facts for introducing us to some of the music add-ons listed in this post.

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