CometBird – Mozilla Based Powerful Browser


CometBird is a lightweight, yet powerful browser,   developed using the source codes of Mozilla Firefox, the open source browser. Hence, it comes with all amazing features of Firefox. Moreover, all the Firefox add-ons and extensions are compatible with CometBird.

CometBird has some advance utilities and functionality which make it a fantastic browser. Here are some of the cool features in CometBird:

  • CometBird comes with a pre-installed add-on BitComet Video downloader. Users can download media files (video/audio/flash) from any site with this utility.

Built-in Media Downloader

  • CometBird has an integrated bookmark synchronization tool: CometMarks. It works exactly as the Xmarks and Chrome’s sync feature. Users need to signup for a CometMarks account to use this service. CometMarks also works with Internet Explorer and Firefox. Moreover, users can easily import their bookmarks from Google Bookmarks.
  • All Firefox add-ons, extensions and Personas work smoothly with CometBird.

Firefox add-ons are compatible with CometBird

  • Easy import wizard for importing browser options, cookies, history and favorites from Internet Explorer.
  • CometBird has an integrated note taking tool and translator. Translator uses Google translate’s technology.
  • Undo Close Tabbutton to re-open recently closed tabs, adjacent to Home button on navigation toolbar.
  • Supports AwesomeBar, pop-up blocker, one-click clearing private data, anti-malware and customized security settings etc., similar to Firefox.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Hence, CometBird is a really cool browser. If you love using Firefox, you will also love CometBird. CometBird is the best alternative of Firefox, and you can choose it as your secondary browser.

Techie Buzz Rating : 5/5

Link: CometBird

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  • I'm sorry but 5/5 for a browser that – from what limited information you actually give on it – is simply firefox with extensions pre-installed? Really?

    "If you love using Firefox, you will also love CometBird"

    Why? You have to re-install most of your extensions again, swap from XMarks or Weave over to comet's system, then have to deal with a bunch of extensions you never installed in firefox pre-installed in cometbird!

    In the title you mention it's lightweight – how about some comparison on RAM usage etc against firefox? THAT would tell me whether it was worth installing. Anything unique to it?

    Cos coming with a few extensions pre-installed does not a firefox winner make!

  • "CometBird has an integrated bookmark synchronization tool: CometMarks. It works exactly as the Xmarks and Chrome’s sync feature."

    It was foretold a long time ago that Opera Link would eventually make it to the rest of them, what wasnt foretold is how easily they would forget where it came from.

  • I think I may have just found my new browser of choice although it is still early days. The browser is CometBird and it uses the same gecko engine used by Firefox and several other Mozilla based browsers.

    I have used FF since it’s version 1 days however since version 2 it has become such a memory hog it is not funny and despite all the hype made about how each new version had fixed the memory leak problems, in my experience it has gotten worse.

    Now this may not be all FF’s fault however the other Mozilla based browsers I have used have not suffered with this problem, at least nothing like FF has. These have included K-Meleon, SeaMonkey, Orca, Flock to name a few.

    I have been reluctant to switch from FF until now as no other browser will run the extensions that FF will. Opera’s Version 11 will add support for extensions and it will be interesting to see what extensions will be written for it and if any of the current extension authors for FF will even bother given the still deplorably low worldwide use of Opera.

    This is one of many areas where CometBird shines. It has accepted and run any FF extension I have thrown at it including, wait for it, the Google Notebook FF Web Clip extension. This has been the main reason I have stuck with FF to date as it is by far the best web clip/text capture tool there is in my opinion.

    CometBird is also super fast and so far has used a fraction of the memory which FF does.

    I urge everyone to have a look at it and try it for themselves. Go to

    Update on CometBird

    I am even more impressed now after using this browser over the past 24 hours. So far it is everything that Firefox should have been. I have been running it with tabs open for GMail, Yahoo Mail, 2-3 Facebook tabs, a Google search tab and a couple of other miscellaneous tabs and the max memory usage at any one time has been a little over 200MB and it does also appear to release some memory when it is not being used.

    Firefox on the other hand with these tabs open has been using in excess of 500MB and this increases the longer the tabs are open. If I have up to 20-25 tabs open in FF it is common for the memory usage to exceed IGB. The max I have noted has been 1.2GB.

    In short FF does suck and if CometBird continues to exceed my expectations and also continues to run my required FF extensions then it is goodbye FF.

  • I used to use Firefox when I first got my computer. But when I tried the other Firefox clones(alternative Firefox engine based browsers) I did find them to be a lot faster and work better than the original Firefox.And now that they have discontinued Firefox 3.6 and replaced it with Firefox 4. If you don’t want to upgrade to Firefox 4 which is different from 3,the only alternative is Comet Bird,Wyzo,Pale Moon or Safefox and Mozilla Flock 2.6.1 as these are all alternatives versions of Firefox 3.6 and based on it. I have used Commet Bird as well as all of the other browsers I mentioned. And they do seem to work better than Firefox does. I don’t know why that is. But I think it could be that Commet Bird,Wyzo,Safefox and the others are made only for Windows OS. Where as Firefox is made for every OS so it is not just for Windows.Andrea Borman.

  • Matillo

    In what way is ‘more everything’ less weight?