Labs – Crazy Experimental Stuff Now in Google Chrome Canary

canary I enjoy using Google’s Chrome Canary build so that I can try out the latest features of Google Chrome. Today, Canary’s update included the Chrome Labs page. This feature has been available for a few days, but only in the Chromium code base. To bring up the Labs page, you have to open a new tab and type: about:labs(without the quotes).

Google may say that it’s Some crazy experimental stuff, but so far, it’s not that crazy. The only experiment available right now is Side Tabs. Once enabled, you can right click on any tab to enable or disable it. Here are two screenshots below to show you what it looks like.



As you can see, the Side Tabs really change the look of the browser. I miss the rounded tabs and I’m guessing that I won’t use this new feature often. The reduction in screen width isn’t worth the ease of navigation unless you have lots and lots of tabs open.

While I’m not excited about the Side Tabs lab experiment, I am happy to see the Labs page in Chrome Canary. At least I can hope they’ll stop using those stupid command line switches now.

Labs Extension: If you don’t like having to type about:labsin a new tab, there’s a Labs Chrome Extension that let’s   you click on a Labs icon to bring up the Labs page.

More New Features: Be sure to check out three other new features in Chrome 7, Chrome Web Apps, Voice Recognition and Hardware Video Acceleration.

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