Why Is Chrome Winning And Firefox Losing Market Share?

, once the darling of the tech and IT crowd is slowly but surely losing love from the same people who used it because of the crappy Internet Explorer. In the years since it launched, Firefox has become a browser loved and used by a broader range of people. At one point of time, Firefox looked all set to conquer the world and overtake IE.

Firefox vs Google Chrome

However, in the past two years, a browser called has been making dents into both Firefox and IE’s market share. The browser which is barely 2 years old almost has 10% market share. This is definitely something that is worth talking about.

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So where is Chrome winning users from? Chrome is winning over the same users that Firefox stole from IE, the tech and IT crowd. This has been made more than clear with recent Tech powerhouse sites like TechCrunch and Techmeme reporting that most of their users now use Google Chrome, pushing Firefox to the second position.

So why this change? When Firefox came out more than 6 years ago, it brought about a fresh perspective to a software in which we spent most of our time in on a computer. It also introduced which made our lives easier. However, with all those additions, Firefox in itself started to become bloated, eating precious memory and CPU.

Once Chrome came in, it defined a minimalistic approach to browsing. It got rid of unwanted toolbars and presented users with a simple way of browsing and searching. It also brought a much more sleeker look which helped users focus more on what they needed to have rather than what they should have had.

One of the key reasons people I had talked to who were not switching to Chrome was the lack of extensions, which made them stick with Firefox. However, once Chrome came out with extensions, many users switched to it. Top that with cloud sync and security and it made Chrome a darling of the tech crowd.

Frankly speaking, for the past two years I have used Firefox only when necessary. I hate the fact that it is so bloated that it makes me less productive than I would like to be.

I would say that Mozilla and Nokia are two similar companies who were sitting on the top of the pile, but have been struggling to keep up ever since competition has cropped up. I admit that does provide a better experience, however, people would now ask the question; Why should I switch to Firefox 4 from Chrome when they have delaying it for so long and Chrome is dedicated to adding features every 6 weeks?

Once again, Chrome is bound to grow leaps and bounds in the future. With the Google Web Store around the corner, it would bring more and more people towards it. Alas, Firefox 4 is still a long way from release, hopefully once it comes out it should make the competition more even.

In the end, this is my honest opinion about a browser I loved at one point of time. I have been struggling to find reasons to use it now and I feel that several other users do the same which is why Chrome is gaining over Firefox. There are few questions though which only you can answer. Do you use Google Chrome? Do you prefer it over Firefox now? Would you switch back to Firefox 4 when it comes out? Do let me know your thoughts.

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  • “Why Is Chrome Winning?” : There is no BIG company behind the poor Firefox, and Google is promoting Chrome in every possible way. (remember that yellow strip in Gmail and YouTube: “get a powerful browser” ?)

    • Arpit – Well, back when Firefox was new, there were so many paid promotions too. Firefox has it’s funding too now but despite of that, the numerous delays in building their next version is costing them too much..

  • Stian

    The reason I switched from Firefox to Chrome is that with extensions fireforx became much slower, but Chrome keeps running on the same speed as with no extensions. That made the choice easy for me

  • Ujjawal

    Few reasons which I can think of immediately-
    *V8 engine which makes chrome blazing fast. Everyone has seen the chrome vs potato ad :)
    *Less startup time compared to firefox
    *Better browsing experience because of wider real state.
    *Most of the development/utilities plug-ins on firefox have already been ported to chrome (mentioned in the post)
    *Sync feature across PCs. I no longer need to manage my bookmarks externally
    *Chrome+Flash on Linux is more stable than Firefox+Flash on Linux

    • *Fx 4 beta 7 has a significantly improved JS performance.
      *The Fx4 skin is also quite sleek.
      *But not all.
      *Mozilla Weave.
      *Both are stable enough for me.

      The problem is that Mozilla is taking too much time. v4 solves many of the longstanding issues; however, it’s taking forever.

      Anyways, Chrome managed to grab attention because it is innovative. Several years ago, Opera redefined what we expect from a browser by introducing a pop-up blocker, adding a search bar and pioneering tabbed browsing. Since then, there was sort of a status quo. Opera kept on adding new features, and Fx invariably kept on copying them.
      Then Chrome came along and redefined what a modern webbrowser should look like. Now all browsers have got rid of the menu bars, they are trying to simplify the addressbar, and Safari and Opera have also adapted Chrome’s extension model.

      The only thing I don’t like about Chrome is their 6 weeks release policy. There are sometimes more features between two opera snapshots than Chrome’s major versions.

  • karthik

    well chrome definitely scores good in benchmarks. yet in my old pentium 4 PC with 512 Mb ram, if i browse for half an hour, the entire pc becomes slow, slower than turtle.. firefox 4b7 never gives these problems and i can wait few millisec for firefox to load than memory intensive chrome.
    also chrome has frequent bug issues even in version 9.0.597.0 ,so firefox wil live long enof (till every1 gets a hi config pc atleast)!!

  • Khalid

    chrome is not good, i like firefox , firefox is best ,

    • jboz

      Firefox 3 is great messed with Chrome too much time needed for set up

      • jboz

        Fox 4 just installed even better it will always be most will survive people use what they are comfortable with it takes alot to make change happen

  • 10%????????? Get with the program… 20% … Full Speed ahead!
    NOV 28.6 % 44.0% 20.5% 4.0% 2.3%
    OCT 29.7 % 44.1% 19.2% 3.9% 2.2%
    SEPT 31.1 % 45.1% 17.3% 3.7% 2.2%
    AUG 30.7 % 45.8% 17.0% 3.5% 2.3%
    JULY 30.4 % 46.4% 16.7% 3.4% 2.3%
    JUNE 31.0 % 46.6% 15.9% 3.6% 2.1%
    MAY 32.2 % 46.9% 14.5% 3.5% 2.2%
    APR 33.4 % 46.4% 13.6% 3.7% 2.2%
    MAR 34.9 % 46.2% 12.3% 3.7% 2.2%
    FEB 35.3 % 46.5% 11.6% 3.8% 2.1%
    JAN 36.2 % 46.3% 10.8% 3.7% 2.2%

    Where will we be this time next Year?
    Chrome all the way. I can open 15-20 chrome windows in the time it takes firefox to load 1. A whole different surfing experience.

    I have never has a chrome Crash and I mostly have 25-40 chrome windows open simultaneously – with 5-10 tabs a piece. Good luck IE, and Firefox is to overburdened with unnecessary code.

  • I haven’t switched from FireFox to any other browser yet and don’t even plan to do so! One of the main reasons is its Web-Page rendering, which I think is far better than all other browsers, even Chrome. FireFox is smarter at rendering and if you’re a Web Developer you’ll know why! Even Google accepts this fact.

    Furthermore, if Chrome increases the Web Browsing speed by leaps and bounds, then FireFox is far more managed (unlike Chrome whose options are bloated). And with FireFox 4, the Web Browsing speed problem gets solved too!

    Otherwise one can just use the Google DNS to achieve almost the same speed.

    Another reason for not switching is the unavailability of Master Password on Chrome.

    I think Chrome & FireFox should just combine into one browser! Would save people a lot of time and would significantly decrease the competition.

    • Cliff Wells

      Decreasing the competition isn’t usually considered a good thing.

  • Richard

    The more I am learning about Google’s privacy issues (surveillance/collection of wireless data via the Street View cars; collecting every bit of data you search on, saving it with your IP – forever – and refusing to state why; acquisition of Keyhole, Inc., a CIA/US Army subcontractor; random censorship; etc.), the more likely I will never switch to Google’s Chrome browser or OS.
    For more info, see:

  • Richard, agree completely. I do not use or trust any products made by google.

    I use Firefox with the Tor extension to preserve my privacy, have my organizational E-mail and use Hushmail, and perform my searches using http://www.ixquick.com


    • Mark

      I too agree with Richad. I would NEVER install anything from Google on my PC. They go go track someone else. That company has complete disregard for people’s privacy as well as intellectual property.

      • Caitlyn

        Ignorance is not bliss, gentlemen.

  • Anonymous

    I still use Firefox + firebug – debugging in chrome is a pain, especially when chrome’s lazy evaluation causes the console to print the wrong values.
    Chrome’s extension system is very primitive right now – much worse than even that of internet explorer. The extensions I need aren’t there.
    I could use chrome for regular browsing, but it doesn’t respect my font settings, which makes the text rather unreadable. However, firefox’s new built-in debugging console is about as bad as chrome’s.
    also, I like to use features like window.onerror for debugging (and catching run-time errors to keep the page running).
    Although it does well on the acid tests, actual features (like those implemented by IE (unfortunately through activex) and firefox) lag behind. I keep google chrome on my computer for testing purposes, but that’s it.
    Webkit-based browsers generally perform well overall, but have bad worst-cases, if you look at benchmarks.

  • Safi Khan

    Still the chrome has to cross thousand oceans to beat the Firefox…

  • George

    And of course, Chrome still tracks each and every Url you visit and uploads it to Google. Nice one.

  • MS

    FIrefox allows downloads to be halted & started again
    Chrome doesn’t
    While cleaning history, firefox is easier, Chrome is bad.

    pages display better on FF than chrome.

  • Three words about Chrome: fast, fast, fast.

    I used to use firefox, but chrome came along, and I now (like the author of this post) can’t stand how slow firefox has become.

    *sniff* It leaves me with mixed feeling.

  • gligorius

    I use Firefox and it will be a long fight for Chrome to win. First they both must win IE. IE is falling down but it’s still most used browser. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Browser_market_share
    Firefox has good energy and Chrome has a strong company behind so
    only time will show.

  • I’m using Chrome right now, and I love it. It”s very fast and the Chrome Web Store is awesome. They have WeatherWindow, games, and all kinds of other apps. I still use Firefox and Safari, though. But my main browser is Google Chrome. But I like all three browsers.

  • fireforx became much slower, but Chrome keeps running on the same speed as with no extensions

  • nr

    Syncing across PC’s is a biggie as is Chrome’s speed. Another thing I LOVE is how when for example, if the cable goes out while I’m surfing with Chrome I don’t have to worry about what the pages were that I had open when I start back up–Chrome automatically saved them and asks me if I want to reopen all my pages ;) I think this is a KILLER feature.

    Bottom line, the only browsers I’ll use are Chrome and Safari once in a while…..

  • Mark Sedgwick

    Im sure this will be temporary, Firefox wins hands down for the developer – beta 6 is still the best you can get. let the sheeple eat Chrome..Firefox is the real deal! dont be fooled..

  • dashakol

    Yes I also shifted to Chrome, but if I have to give an example of a useful things that Firefox have and chrome have not, caret browsing activated simply by F7 in Firefox is one of them. Then you have the text cursor in the page and you can simply select any thing by keyboard .

  • Oxa

    “software in which we spent most of our time in”
    “a much more sleeker look”
    “One of the key reasons people I had talked to who were not switching to Chrome was the lack of extensions”
    “when they have delaying it for so long”

    Good grief! What grammar school did you flunk out of? Do you pride yourself on writing things that are painful to read?

    • Marco Falsitta

      maybe english is not his mother tongue as is not for me.

  • Marco Falsitta

    WebKit based browser are also becoming the best tools to develop with. Chrome is probably going to grow more and more and I am afraid that FireFox starts crumbling down.