Add Thumbnails To Your Google Search Results With GooglePreview

Think Google results are too texty? Wish you could get more insight about a result before clicking on it? GooglePreview can solve that problem for you.

GooglePreview is a Firefox Add-on that adds thumbnails to all your search results in Google as well as Yahoo! This way, you can get more information about a search result and decide if it is the information you are really looking for. Not only that, GooglePreview also adds popularity rankings to your search results.

The only catch are the few sponsored advertisements that this Add-on inserts in your results. However, you can easily turn them off by going into settings. You can also turn off the popularity rankings or the thumbnails feature from the Add-on settings. If popularity is any measure of usefulness, this Firefox Add-on has been downloaded around 7 million times already.

Install this Add-on here.

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