Add Sticky Notes and Comments on any Webpage with XSticky

Sticky notes are a great way to quickly jot down ideas and comments. You can use Sticky notes for a variety of purposes like to-do lists, task management, ideas etc.

We have earlier seen some useful desktop application for creating and managing sticky notes. But if you want a simple sticky note application for Firefox, try the Xsticky Firefox add-on. With the Xsticky-Addon you can easily create Sticky-Notes at every webpage you like.

Once the add-on is installed, right click on any webpage and select “Add Sticky note”. This will open a yellow square box where you can add text and save the note for later viewing.


You can create as many notes as you want and the boxes can be moved anywhere on that page or minimized to the bottom. Other features includes changing the background color, transparency and font size.

I found this tool especially useful for designers, who tweak the CSS properties of themes and HTML layouts. You can quickly note down the hex codes and other CSS properties while designing a theme and do not have to rely on other applications for the same purpose.

Writers can also use this tool to their advantage. Suppose you are reading a blog post and suddenly got a unique idea about the same topic. You can note down that idea on that same webpage and return to that page later on. This helps on outlining and creating a rough draft of a news item, which you may wish to blog at a later time.

With over 16000 downloads the add-on seems to be quite popular and one of the best sticky notes extension for Firefox. Please note that the note text is saved locally in the add-on preferences and will be destroyed if you uninstall the extension. Google Chrome fans can try this extension for creating sticky notes in the Chrome browser.

Techie Buzz Verdict

The add-on looks cool but there should be a way to backup the notes and comments. Syncing notes can be difficult but a decent backup option is much expected. Otherwise you will loose all the notes when you reinstall Firefox.

Techie Buzz rating: 3/5 (Average).

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