3 Firefox Add-ons for Screen Captures

As a web developer or a layman, internet users have long needed a quick-and-easy way to capture a browser window or a part of the page effectively. While for most, a simple Print-Screen+ paste to [insert favorite image editor here] works, power users demand the ability to post it to an online image host, or even have the ability to annotate it for other users. Listed below are three great Mozilla Firefox Add-ons that give you the ability to do just that.

  1. Screengrab: The simplest of the lot, Screengrab does what it says it grabsa screen, and either saves it to a file or to the clipboard. It can also capture paScreenGrabrts of the screen that you want a selection. If the browser has Java and Flash installed, then the add-on can save still-shots of a Flash or Java animations. It can also capture the entire (scrollable) page, or just the viewable part or even a draggable selection! This is a one-shot screen grabbing tool for all those who do not want to go through the trouble of Print-Screening the entire page.
  2. Fireshot: This is one of the best screenshot add-ons available simply because of the plethora of tools it comes bundled along with. Not only can you savefireshot the entire webpage as a PNG, JPG, BMP or GIF file, you can add textual and graphical annotations that can be immediately mailed off to a colleague or a friend wh o might be interested. You can directly upload the pages to an online image hosting service, along with the ability to print whatever you have just Fireshot! While the simple version is free, the Pro version costs $34.95 with some advanced functionality.
  3. Abduction : This is yet another screenabduction! capture add-on with a difference it adds a right-click menu item that can be used to capture the current website. The menu item comes as under Save Page as Imageand you can select what part of the page you wish to save as an image. A single click on an element will quickly select it, while a double click will select the entire page (visible as well as the non-visible portions). This is a great add-on for those looking for a clean and fast screen grabbing add-on for Firefox!

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