Simple User Recommendation Engine For Websites

In the past we have tried out several different recommendation methods including using an option for users to rate the content among other things. However most of those recommendation methods added a bit of extra load to the database, and we eventually took them off.

However thanks to Amit, we came across a extremely simple and robust recommendation engine that is powered by Google Friend Connect.

The recommendation engine provided by Google Friend Connect is fairly simple and easy to use, for both the website owners and readers themselves.

There are basically two components that make up the recommendation engine, one of which will allow your readers to recommend content, and another which will show a aggregated list of all the user recommended content, both of the components are customizable from your Friend Connect dashboard.

Recommendation Gadget

The Recommendation Gadget can be easily customized you can either use a compact button or a modular gadget.


Once you have created the gadget copy the Html code provided and paste it to your website, users can now start recommending content to others.

Recommended Stories List Gadget

The Recommended Stories List Gadget will allow you to show the top user recommended content on any part of your site, configure the recommendation list and copy paste the Html code to your webpage.


This gadget will list out the user recommended stories for other readers to read.

Note: The recommendation gadget and recommended stories list gadget will only work for the site that you created the gadget for, placing it on a different site will not work.


Over all this gadget works pretty nicely and would definitely increase user interaction and pageviews, give it a try at Google Friend Connect.

We have already started using the recommendations gadgets on the site, if you think any content is worth recommending, don’t forget to press that Recommend It button.

On another note we have also added a new gadget where we will interact with our readers by asking questions and answering those that you ask to us, do feel free to ask your questions & answer the one’s we have, we look forward to your support to build a better community.

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