IsMyBlogWorking Tells You How Your Blog Is Doing?

There are a number of web applications to analyze and monitor websites but do they really understand the difference between a website and a blog? Probably not.

IsMyBlogWorking is a very simple service that does exactly what the name suggests. It crawls your blog and tells you what is working right and what is not. In addition to providing information about the server, the caching and search engine indexing, it also tells you about your blogging platform and any required updates. It also provides vital information about the generation time and fetch time for your blog pages and feeds.

Here are some reasons why I would prefer it over other website monitoring tools:

  • Blog specific details (doesn’t treat your blog as just another website)
  • Simple to use , just enter your URL and off you go.
  • Easily readable, splits technical and not-so-technical information.
  • Links to test your feeds, HTML and headers.

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Tehseen Baweja

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