11 Things You Must Follow When Starting A New Blog

This is a Guest Post by Tanmay from Tech Tips Geek.

Starting a new blog is always challenging. If you are new to blogging, it is quite possible that you are not so much familiar of this profession. The success of your blog obviously depends on the niche, you have chosen. But only the niche can not promote you on the internet. Thousands of people are entering in the blogging world everyday. So you can not leave other people behind without organizing yourself.


Having said that, a good start always helps you to become first in the crowd. Here are some few advice to start your blog.

1. The first thing about your blog is your blog name. It is very worth to get a descriptive blog name. Choose it wisely so that people can understand about the niche of your blog.

2. If you can afford, then choose a top level domain(.com, .org, .net, .info). The Domain name should be the same as your blog name.

3. Host your domain in a good/well known hosting company. Though a bad neighbour does not affect your blog but having good environment is always better.

4. Select the theme for your blog so that it matches with the contents. As example, if you are starting a technology tips and tricks blog and choose a magazine theme, the readers may lose attention. Hence blog theme must be appropriate enough.

5. Design your theme uniquely. Be influenced by other blogs but do not be dominated by them. Make your theme easy to navigate, so that readers can easily reach to the article, they need. Remove the unnecessary links if you are using free WordPress theme. e.g the Blogroll links, Meta links etc. Restrict theme templates, admin pages from crawling by the search bots by robots.txt.

6. Keep your best articles in home of your blog. This will ensure that the search engine will crawl them regularly.

7. Submit your blog URLto giant search engines:

8. Sign up for Webmaster account and submit your blog to get verified. Here is the list:

9. Reduce blog page load time so that search engines can easily crawl your site. Some plugin can really help you. Here is the list:

i) WP Super Cache

ii) PHP Speedy

Also adding an Expires header to the static resources like JavaScript, images, CSS files significantly improve the page load time. You can do it by adding the following lines in the .htaccess file from your server.

ExpiresActive On
ExpiresByType image/gif A2592000
ExpiresByType image/png AA2592000
ExpiresByType image/jpg AA2592000
ExpiresByType image/jpeg AA2592000

10. Try to get back links from some older sites with higher page rank. There are some ways to win back links.

i) Write a guest post for a well known site. It will help you to increase your page rank and also a fair amount of visitors.

ii) Another tricks can help you to increase your page rank – Some websites use do follow meta tag in their comment section. Find out such sites relevant to your niche and leave a comment.

11. Use SEO for better search engine ranking. This may take some time as your blog is so new in the web. To get some instant traffic you can follow a simple trick. Some sites publish the trackbacks. So find out that type of site ranking top in the search engine that matches with your article and give a credit to that site from your post.

Over of all you must be original and honest with your articles.

This is a guest post by Tanmay from Tech Tips Geek, where you can find the latest tips and tricks. Want to guest post for us? Read our Guest Post guidelines to find out how you can submit guest posts to us.

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