xPlorer2 Professional License Winners

It’s time to pull down the curtains on the 2nd competition of our where we are giving away prizes worth $4500, the competition was for winning 5 licenses of xPlorer2 professional, the productive tool for managing your files and documents.

There were 15 participants in all for the competition, quite a few of them are in the running for the bonus cash prize worth $150 which will be given away at the end of all the competitions.


Here is a list of all the participants in the xPlorer2 Professional license giveaway, you can find the entire list in our account here.


We drew a random lot using Random.org and the winners of the xPlorer2 competition are as follows;


Congrats to the following people for winning the xPlorer2 Professional license worth $29.95 each, we will get in touch with all the winners to distribute their prizes shortly.

  1. Praval Singh
  2. Rajesh
  3. Nihang Shah
  4. Technitrox
  5. Rich

We once again want to thank the sponsors Zabkat for giving away this wonderful prize, looking forward to more competitions and prizes, don’t forget to participate in them all.

8 thoughts on “xPlorer2 Professional License Winners”

    1. @Joel there are tons of other prizes to giveaway, I am sure you will win quite a few if you keep participating :)

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