Uniblue Software Prize Winners

Putting a end to the 5th competition we are now going to announce the winners of the Registry Booster, Drive Scanner and SpeedUpMyPC softwares so generously sponsored by Uniblue.

Before we do that, the next competition will kick off tomorrow and will only be a 24 hour competition, it will be the 6th competition and end on the 6th of June 2009 the day we celebrate our 3rd birthday, and yes we are giving away a really nice gift tomorrow.


And there were 17 people who participated in the competition, you can find the entire list in our account here.

We ran the list through Random.org and here are the two winners who will win a copy of Registry Booster, Driver Scanner and SpeedUpMyPC 2009.


Congrats to Oki Hlfiska and Glass Beads on winning the prizes, we will get in touch with you shortly to distribute the prizes.

There is still 12 hours left before we announce the really special prize for the 3rd Birthday, if you have any thing in mind do let us know, we will giveaway that as well as a special cash prize as the birthday bash prize, the cash prize is totally different from our bonus cash prizes, it’s a special so we will announce it tomorrow.

However the Special birthday bash competition will only run for 24 hours, so make sure you take part in it.

P.S We have been asked how we have been able to pull off only single random winners even though there are multiple entries from same user, we only run the random tool once, if we ever get a multiple winner from the participant as winners we will ask them to share it with anyone of the participants, however we have not done it yet and will award the prizes to them, handing it over to other participants is up to the winners, we do not take any guarantee about it, we are really fair about the prizes we give away and can only assure that we get to you what you have won.

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