Syncplicity 50GB Account Winners

We have now closed participation for the Syncplicity competition and it is now time to choose our first winners, the winners will each receive 1 50GB premium account from Syncplicity worth $99 each, this will ensure that they have ample space to and sync their files.

There were 19 participants in the competition based on the comments we have, we created a spreadsheet with their names in order with their participation time, the row numbers indicate the numbers that we used to draw random lots.


Here are the participants lists for the competition. You can find the entire list in our account by visiting this link.


Note: We did see a number of people tweeting and blogging about the competition, however as per the rules you have to leave a comment on the competition page so that we can include you as a participant.


Random lots were drawn using, the winners of the 50GB accounts of Syncplicity are as follows.


  1. Anuj Seth
  2. Joel
  3. Shadez
  4. Prashant Venkatasubban
  5. Pallab

We will contact the winners through email to let them know how they can claim their prizes.

Once again thanks to our sponsors Syncplicity for sponsoring the competition.

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