Get Productive Exploring and Managing Your Files & Documents With xPlorer2 Pro, Win xPlorer2 Pro Licenses Worth $29.95 each [Birthday Bash]

Update: This competition has now been closed, winners have been announced for the xPlorer2 Professional Licenses.

Here is the second competition in our where we are giving away prizes worth $4500 to our readers, the winner of the previous competition for Syncplicity have been announced in a earlier post. The users who participate in all or most contests will be eligible for bonus cash prizes worth $150.

We have always loved using xPlorer2, which is not only one of the best Windows explorer replacement, but is also a indispensable part of our daily computing life on Windows.

The creators Zabkat say that xPlorer2 is what Windows explorer should have been in the first place, and we could not agree more, with this productive powerhouse, we save lot of time managing documents, previewing images and documents, moving files around and more.


Let’s get to the better things and see why using xPlorer2 professional will make you more productive, and how you can win one of the 5 licenses we will be giving away for xPlorer2 Professional worth $29.95 each version as a part of our birthday bash.

xPlorer2 is Windows Explorer in A Better Form


Though xPlorer2 is a better replacement for Windows, it does not aim to take away the familiarity users have had over the years with Windows explorer, at first glance you may think of xPlorer2 as something that is similar to Windows explorer itself, albeit in a different interface and design.


But that is where you can draw a line as far as similarities goes, xPlorer2 allows you to explore files using tabs and dual panes, both of which make managing files and copying or moving them outright simple.

In addition to this xPlorer2 provides you with a easier folder navigation using breadcrumbs, no more fumbling with the mouse or arrow keys to reach the folder you want to.


Another interesting feature which xPlorer2 provides users with is the ability to favorite or bookmark a folder so that they can quickly access it without the need to navigate their way, like they do with windows explorer, you can also add a favorites pane to the xPlorer2 window, to easily access them without using the toolbar.

Preview Files With Launching Another Application in xPlorer2

The biggest productivity loss while managing files is time you spend to open a external application to view the file in question, no matter whether you wanted to just view a single line in the entire file.


xPlorer2 address that issue with a file and document previewer, which allows you to view images, videos, text files, documents and more from within the interface.

Search and Locate documents with Omni-finder

xPlorer2 boasts of Omni-finder, the search engine within xplorer2. Not only will it search for the usual filenames, contained text etc, but it can use all pieces of file information xplorer ² can show in its detailed view as search rules.

Using Omni-finder you can search file comments, picture data, file attributes, keywords and practically anything you can think of.

Reliable option While copying large files over the Network

There are several times when windows explorer will throw up errors when copying large files over the network, xPlorer2 eases of the process of copying files by making available a useful range of options.

With xPlorer2, you can have several parallel background transfers running at the same time or queue the transfers sequentially.

Afraid about overwriting files? xPlorer2 provides users with several overwrite policies (confirm/rename/check dates), size management, and optional clearing of the read-only attribute when copying from CDs.

Synchronizing Folders across computers and the Internet

If you work on multiple computers or use FTP to transfer your files, xPlorer2 can come in pretty handy when you want to quickly synchronize the files and folders between both of them.

xplorer2 can automatically detect files that have changed and need updating with a variety of criteria. It then marks the files that need transferring and awaits your further instructions, e.g. to copy or delete files.

xPlorer2 has tons of more features

xPlorer2 has several more features including command execution and complete customizations, you can take a tour of xPlorer2 professional or watch several helpful instructional videos to learn more about the product.

Rules & Regulations for Winning a Professional License of xPlorer2 worth $29.95 each

To participate in the competition and be eligible for winning one of the 5 xPlorer2 Professional licenses worth $29.95 each, you will have to use one of the following ways.

  1. Use the exact tweet as given below, or click on this tweet link to tweet about this contest. Once you have tweeted about it, leave a comment with a link to your status.Tweet Message (use exact phrase): Get productive exploring and managing your files & documents with xplorer2 win 5 licenses worth $29.95
  2. Write a blog post linking to both and this contest in your blog post. Once you have written the blog post, leave a comment here with a link to the post.
  3. If you do not have a twitter account, or a blog, leave a comment on why you would want to win a xPlorer2 professional license.
  4. This contest will end on 22nd May at 12PM EST, no entries will be accepted after this point, we will announce the winners in a blog post shortly after the contest closes.
  5. The more you participate the more you win, we have bonus cash prizes of $100 and $50 to be given out as bonus cash prizes at the end of all the competitions, for rules about bonus cash prizes please visit Techie Buzz Birthday Bash announcement post.

Please note: tweeting or blogging about the competition in itself will not avail participation, you will have to leave a comment on this page to get an entry in the winning draw.

So go ahead and get started with it, xPlorer2 will definitely increase your productivity to a new level, once again thanks to Zabkat for sponsoring the wonderful prizes in the Techie Buzz Birthday Bash.

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