Backup and Secure Your Files With Norton Backup, 5 Accounts Giveaway Worth $49.99 each [Birthday Bash]

Update: Competition is now closed, we are no longer accepting entries, winners will be announced shortly

It’s time to start the 7th competition in our series, this time we surveyed users what to give away as prizes and the most wanted item on the list was Norton Online Backup, so here is a competition that will give users a chance to win one of the 5 Norton Online Backup licenses worth $49.99 each sponsored by Symantec.


Keeping your files safe and secure is of utmost importance and play a significant role in securing your files from unexpected disasters.

Norton Online provides users with an option to safeguard documents, photos, music & more for up to 5 home PCs, the 25 GB space they provide can be used to backup the most important file that you do not want to lose to unforeseen problems.


Norton Online Backup provides users with a simple, automatic backup with anytime, anywhere access to your documents and files.

Key Technologies in Norton Online Backup

  • Automatic Online Backup
  • Web-Based Restore & Access
  • Remote Backup Setting Management
  • Archives Accidentally Deleted Files
  • Bandwidth Throttling
  • Multi-PC Backup
  • High-Level Encryption & Data Compression
  • Block-Level Incremental Backups

Key Features in Norton Online Backup

  • Delivers professional-grade, automatic backup protection for your files
  • Lets you access and restore files from any Web-enabled PC.
  • Sets up in a flash… then runs automatically.
  • Allows you to conveniently manage backup sets for multiple PCs through a secured web portal.
  • Stores files on separate storage arrays at the data center for added file safety.
  • Backs up files faster and uses less storage space.
  • Guards your data with ultra-secured, government-grade encryption.
  • Saves you money and offers greater convenience.
  • Offers proven, professionally managed offsite file security

To get more information about the product, you can view a tour video of Norton Online Backup or read more about the exciting features it has to offer.

Rules & Regulations for Winning 1 of the 5 Norton Online Backup Accounts

To participate in the competition and be the one of the 5 persons to be eligible to win a Norton Online Backup account, worth $49.99 each, you will have to use one of the following ways.

  1. Tweet about the sponsors and about this competition, include a link to both the sponsor and the competition, if you are creating your own tweet, please include Norton Online Backup and Symantec in the tweet, also use this link for the sponsor and this link for the competition.Here is a tweet you can use to enter the competition, click on this tweet link to tweet about this contest. Once you have tweeted about it, leave a comment with a link to your status.Tweet Message (example): Norton Online Backup from Symantec provides safe and automatic backups win 5 Backup licenses worth $50
  2. Write a blog post linking to and the Norton Online Backup page and this contest in your blog post. Once you have written the blog post, leave a comment here with a link to the post.
  3. If you do not have a twitter account, or a blog, leave a comment on why you would want to win licenses for all these softwares.
  4. This contest will end on 11th June at 1PM EST, no entries will be accepted after this point, we will announce the winners in a blog post shortly after the contest closes.
  5. The more you participate the more you win, we have bonus cash prizes of $100 and $50 to be given out as bonus cash prizes at the end of all the competitions, for rules about bonus cash prizes please visit Techie Buzz Birthday Bash announcement post.

Please note: tweeting or blogging about the competition in itself will not avail participation, you will have to leave a comment on this page to get an entry in the winning draw.

We once again thank our sponsors Symantec for sponsoring the prizes for this event, look forward to participation from all our readers.

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