120GB Western Digital Passport Drive Winner

And after a short break we are back with the winners of the 12th competition of our where we were giving away a 120GB Western Digital Passport Drive sponsored by Newegg.com.


We had a tough time picking the winner from the 56 entries we got, a list of which you can find in our account here.

And the winner of the 120GB WD Passport Drive is;


Congrats to Deepali Vichare for winning the prize sponsored by Newegg.com, but wait that is not all, we could not deject so many of you so we threw in a surprise gift sponsored by AMD for 5 more people.


5 surprise winners will be getting a 2GB pen drive that is generously sponsored by AMD.

amd_2gb_pen_drive_winnersCongrats Grace, Shivaranjan, Shankar Ganesh, Hariharakumar and Mohit Prabhat on winning 2GB pen drives sponsored by AMD.  We will contact the winners shortly to distribute the prizes.

Once again thanks to Newegg.com and AMD for sponsoring the prizes for this competition.

We still have lots of prizes to be given away so stay tuned for the next competitions, for a complete list visit the Birthday Bash announcement post.

5 thoughts on “120GB Western Digital Passport Drive Winner”

  1. It seems like I’m also the winner of 2GB pen drive, but i didn’t get any mail regarding this contest being a winner. I have some questions to ask you people, how will you send these prizes to the winners? does it cost if we are situated outside US?

  2. Congrats to Deepali for winning 120GB Western Digital Passport Drive and also to others who won 2GB USB Drive like me!

    Thanks to Keith for organising this B’day Bash !

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