Windows Phone 7 Dev Tools Downloaded More Than 300,000 Times


Microsoft scrapped its Windows CE and launched Windows Phone 7 back in February during the Mobile World Congress 2010. Many ridiculed Microsoft for them not able to catch up with their competition. The lack of apps was predicted to be the major flaw for when Microsoft would launch WP7. Fortunately for Microsoft, developers seem to be as enthusiastic as the Microsoft employees.

An official blogpost from Microsoft mentions that Windows Phone 7 dev tools have been  downloaded  over more than 300,000 times. Not only did Microsoft provide easiest way to develop an app on Windows Phone 7 but also provided tons of online tutorials on how to develop Windows Phone 7. This has helped Microsoft to the extend that the Windows Phone 7 development tools have been downloaded over more than 300,000 times in just six months.

What does this mean? If the developer enthusiasm sustains then there surely won’t be any dearth of app on  Windows Phone 7 when ever the devices are launched in Q4. All we have to say is Congratulations to Microsoft for attracting developers.

LG GW910: Yet Another Windows Phone 7

Earlier today we saw the leaked pictures and video of LG E900. When LG mentioned that it plans to sell 5 million smartphones by this year end we weren’t quite sure how they would achieve it. Considering the series of Windows Phone 7 from LG, we now know at what they are  targeting  at least.

A Windows Phone 7 powered LG device  has just cleared the FCC namely LG GW910. Though we do not have entire details about the device we know that it comes with full physical QWERTY, a 5 Mega Pixel camera with LED flash and 3.5mm audio jack. We will keep you updated as soon as we get more information on the device. Check out the pics:





RIM Might Set Up Server in India


Following the Indian Home Ministry and RIM security rift, earlier it was falsely reported that RIM had agreed to let Indian Government monitor BlackBerry service.

However, RIM failed to comment whether they agreed to it. Now, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) may ask Research in Motion (RIM), the manufacturer of BlackBerry, to set up a server in India as it has agreed in Saudi Arabia to help intercept the data on its phones.

RIM has nearly 1 million BlackBerry users in India and if it fails to deliver what the Indian Government wants, Indian Government might have to ban Blackberry services like in Saudi Arabia.

Samsung Gravity 3, Samsung Gravity T and Samsung :) Launched

Samsung has launched three new mobile devices along with T-Mobile. The funkiest part is Samsung’s new naming system! Samsung has launched Samsung Gravity 3, Samsung T and Samsung “:)“. Yes, a smiley! Told you, Samsung has come up with amazing naming system. Now only issue how to we call that phone? Samsung happy smiley?

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iPhone 4 Retina Display Turns Out Defective

Now this is not exactly what Apple wanted. Apple’s iPhone 4 seriously looks like a huge trouble for Apple and I can already see Steve jobs pulling his hair, of whatever is left I mean.

Gizmodo, yes the same blog with an (un)fortunate history with Apple, has received complaints from early iPhone 4 users about the yellow tint appearing on the screen. Apple wooed viewers worldwide during the WWDC’10 conference iPhone 4’s retina display and its clarity. Heck even the early review by Engadget impressed us. Here’s what early iPhone 4 users are complaining about:


Are you an early iPhone 4 user? Did your iPhone 4’s  screen turn yellow? Are there any other problems with iPhone 4 that you notice? Do let us know via comments.


iPhone 4 Out of Stock on AT&T Until June 29

The iPhone Pre-order/order horrors are just getting worse day by day. First, AT&T outsold iPhone 4 pre-orders that it had to cancel them. Then Apple surprisingly delivered iPhone 4’s way too early. Now, AT&T has displayed a short shocking message on their site stating that AT&T won’t offer iPhone 4 until June 29. Here’s what AT&T says precisely:

AT&T is on-track to deliver iPhone 4 to customers who preordered the device on June 15. We look forward to offering iPhone 4 to all other customers beginning Tuesday, June 29, when it goes on sale in all AT&T sales channels. Read the full iPhone availability statement

Apple’s iPhone 4 will be available in Apple Store starting June 24. Now just imagine the line in front of Apple Store when the magical doors fall ajar. If you are one of those lucky ones who already made reservations, good for you. Else, we would suggest you do so right now or wait until June 29.

Samsung Behold II Finally Gets Android 1.6 Update

Now really, we had almost lost hopes on Samsung Behold II. We thought that this might be the only Android 1.5 device not to receive any Android goodies. But to our surprise, T-Mobile has started rolling out Android   1.6 update on the Samsung Behold II.


Android 1.6 brings friggin’ awesome updates to the Samsung Behold II —

  • Access to Google Maps Navigation
  • Google Voice Search
  • Quick Search Box for Android
  • Swype (Pure awesomeness! )
  • Media Player improvements
  • Updated core Android Applications
  • Improved Bluetooth Capabilities
  • Additional Usability updates
  • And numerous known issues are fixed

This update will be made available via OTA (Over the Air). While many Android handsets are en route of getting Android 2.0 or Android 2.1 it is to be seen if   Samsung Behold II gets Android 2.1 update.. if not sooner.


AT&T To Bring Samsung Captivate – An Android Device

Just few days ago AT&T added an Android device to its kitty HTC Aria. But it looks like AT&T wants its users to experience more of Android after its   inability to supply iPhone 4 it does not want to disappoint Android fans. At least that’s what we hope. Anyhow, AT&T has now added Samsung Captivate to its kitty.


Samsung Captivate, a Samsung Galaxy S phone has a stunning 4 inch Super-AMOLED display and is powered by Android 2.1. It comes with 1GHz Samsung Hummingbird Application Processor. It also comes with solid social networking integration with Samsung Social Hub. Social Hub basically integrates features like social networking services, messages, personal and business email, calendars and contacts ultimately giving out a better experience.

Other features include WiFi b/g/n, full HTML browser with tap & hold to zoom, Bluetooth 3.0, tri-band 3G (HSPA 7.2 Mbps compatible) and quad-band GSM, a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and 720P video recording, 3.5 mm headphone jack, expandable memory up to 16GB plus on-bard 16GB of storage for a total of 32GB, Samsung’s All Share application which enables inter-device connectivity through DLNA, accelerometer and gyroscope sensors.

It is still unclear when this device will be made available but AT&T says “It’s coming soon”. Hopefully, we will also get to know its price in coming weeks.

iPhone 4 Will Be Available For New O2 Customers in August


Apple’s iPhone 4 is not yet officially launched and we have already spotted people camping outside the Apple Store for the new iPhone 4. AT&T had to stop taking pre-orders as the supply exceeded demand with 600,000 iPhone 4’s being pre-ordered on the first day itself. Though the experience hasn’t been very magical for the US customers, the situation is not very hunky dory for the UK customers either.

Earlier the Apple store UK had to extend the Shipping date to 2’nd   July. Now we hear there are some flutters before the UK customers actually get to experience iPhone 4.

O2, a major British mobile carrier, in a public statement has mentioned that existing O2 customers will have to wait until late summer before they get their hands on iPhone 4. If you are a new customer you will have to wait until August. This arrangement had to be made due to product constraints. So it looks like the carrier is giving first preference to its existing customers.

Will Apple be able to keep up the pace for iPhone 4’s demand and create a history again?