Sprint to announce HTC 7 Pro tomorrow?


When Microsoft launched Windows Phone 7 last year the OS didn’t come with support for CDMA network. Microsoft has promised CDMA support with upcoming NoDo update which will be coming in first two weeks of March. Continue reading Sprint to announce HTC 7 Pro tomorrow?

Why Is Opera Not Popular?

Lets get this straight. Even though I find browser quite  feature rich when I compare it to other browsers, it is not one of the most popular browser as you know it. As a matter of fact it only has 2% of browser market share. I have been closely following topics related to Opera on Quora (my new love! but more on that later) and found few interesting topics about Opera!

Opera Logo

But let’s discuss Why is Opera not popular?

Xudong Yang, a Web Developer, has jotted down exactly my thoughts in a blog post. To Quote him:

Poor advertisement: IE is the default on Windows, Safari the default on Mac, Firefox/Chromium the default on several Linux distributions. Moreover, we see IE9 ads, Chrome ads, and (rarer these days) Firefox with Google Toolbar ads. I’ve practically never seen Opera ads. Whether this is due to poor finance or bad marketing strategy I’ve no idea, but Opera sure could be much better off if it were in the first place more widely known.

I won’t quote his entire blog post as I’m only interested to concentrate on the advertisement part. But I really suggest you read his blog post. He makes a lot of good points.

Recently, I had a once in lifetime opportunity to meet the founder of Opera; Jon Von Tetzchner, during his Mumbai Meetup. I had always wanted to ask Opera why they did not spend money on advertising and what’s better than asking the man himself. So I did.

Jon Von Tetzchner explained that for spending money, Opera needed money, which they didn’t have. And that word of mouth publicity has worked for them. Bullshit I say. Opera recently announced that Opera had reached a new milestone of 150 million users and here’s the breakdown of it.

For the uninitiated, Opera, for the major part, earns from the search bar on the browser when you make a search query. Assuming 75% of Opera Desktop users use the search bar  at least once a day it’s freaking 37,500,000 searches a day. Now we know that users do not search that freely on their mobile device than they do on desktop. So let’s consider 25% of Opera Mobile and mini users use the search bar daily. That’s again 25,000,000. That makes it a total of 62,500,000 searches EACH DAY! So, don’t tell me you don’t make money!

And if you remember, Mozilla’s Firefox initially rose to popularity because Google promoted it. It has come to the point that Firefox has actually overtaken Internet Explorer as Europe’s dominant browser.  As much as I like Opera browser it really hurts to see the other below standard browsers winning more market share. Opera really needs to do more than Potato videos when it comes to marketing and be more visible to internet users.

Acer’s 10-inch Tegra 2 Based Tablet Caught On Video

Acer is holding off its tablet family for now as Google has not released the tablet-optimized Android version- Honeycomb. Though, Engadget points out at how unsuccessful they have been in doing so.

Three videos of Acer’s 10-inch tablet have popped up on YouTube and it looks like it will be powered by Nvidia’s dual-core Tegra 2 platform and offer custom Acer Android apps. The videos also display how Acer has implemented touc-free page navigation with the use of Gyroscope. In the videos, we can clearly see that Acer has used Froyo on the tablets but Acer had previously mentioned that they will be waiting for Honeycomb release by Google. And if Digitimes is to be believed then we aren’t going to see any Honeycomb tablets before March even though they’ll be on display at the CES 2011.

Check out the videos:

You can check out all the three videos on Engadget blog.

BenQ Announces R100 Android Based Tablet


While analysts predict that Apple’s iPad will still be the most popular tablet by 2012, there is no stopping the upcoming surge of  the Android tablets in 2011. The recent manufacturer to enter the Android tablet bandwagon is BenQ.

The Taiwanese company, BenQ has expressed its plans to launch its first tablet PC in China and Taiwan during the first quarter of 2011. BenQ is to enter the market with the model R100 which will boast a 10.1-inch LCD resistive touchscreen with 1024 x 600 resolution and will be powered by Samsung’s ARM based processor that runs at 833MHz. R100 will run on  Google’s Android 2.2 operating system and will be equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI, a mini USB port and 8GB of internal storage.

The official pictures and price of the tablet is not yet disclosed by the company representative and will be available during the official launch of the tablet.


Opera crosses One million Add-ons downloads in 4 days

Opera has just announced through their blog that there have been freaking one million opera add-ons downloads in just four days. That’s brilliant. Opera added add-ons to its browser since Opera 11 and that’s one of the best things happened to Opera, in my opinion.

The Incredible growth includes:
  • 1 million downloads in just 4 days.
  • 20-30 new or updated extensions uploaded each day.
  • Over 244 extensions now available!
Personally I have been keeping a close eye on the addons family since Opera 11 Beta and though the number of addons available aren’t that huge in numbers like that of Chrome browser but it has almost every add-ons  that I have been using on Chrome.

I use all the addons in the list above except for the “VKontakte.ru Downloader”. Here are few add-ons I use that aren’t in the list above:

You can download Opera 11 to experiment with their add-ons.

Samsung Bada 2.0 To Bring NFC and Updated UI


Samsung’s Bada OS has been a huge success for them selling millions of handset worldwide. Samsung introduced Bada for its mid-range device in 2010. Bada, which is currently in version 1.2 will be getting a major leap next year with its upcoming version – Bada 2.0.

Bada 2.0 will  introduce near-field communications (NFC) a feature which Google recently introduced in Android 2.3 and Nokia too has been sporting in its C7 handset. Besides the NFC, Bada 2.0 will also bring tons of features like smarter home screen, SDK support for Linux and Mac, 3rd party SNS integration, Multitasking, FlashLite 4 support and more.

Having experiences Bada OS in Samsung Wave S8500, Bada 2.0  will definitely be adding gold to its portfolio specially with the NFC which will open up lots of options for the developers.