Palringo Instant Messaging: 2.0 Released

Palringo, a  popular instant messaging program for Windows phones, has officially upgraded itself   to v2.0. Palringo is free IM software for Windows Phones, unlike IM+ which costs around $39.95.   Palringo offers some unique features such as “Groups” and voice-clip ability. Apart from that Palringo supports:


Though the app still looks the same, nor does it offer any new unique features,   it has added useful features that we badly   needed.

Here are few new features:

-Completely new install/uninstall process
-Automatic updates now only notify users that an update is available – downloading is manually approved
-Settings->Display->Group join/leave alerts
-Settings->Display->Contact List (item size) option
-Settings->Display->Tab size option replaces “Large Buttons” option.
-Contact list can now be filtered by service type, so you can effectively have a separate list for -Facebook/MSN/Yahoo etc.
-Added private message spam filter for Palringo service
-Edit Profile link from overview screen
-Automatic detail expansion display on reduced contact list items
-Optimized list rendering code
-Optimized avatar rendering
-Default filenames for saving images
-Reformatting of photos has been made more reliable
-Miscellaneous other bug fixes and optimizations

What we like:

Features like Groups and Voice-clip Ability.

What we Don’t like:

App requires you to register on its own server like Trillian desktop app

Download Palringo

PhotoFlow: Photo Gallery for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

PhotoFlow, from Scalado, is a piece of software that can be used to view, and zoom-in on, images stored on the phone. While it as many options as the phone’s default gallery, it   is a better performer if you are simply interested in viewing images.

When you start the application, it first loads the skin for the app. The app then pulls in all the photos from the phones gallery and displays them on the skin.


Scroll in the photos sideways to browse though the photo gallery that the app creates. What I like most about this app is, it’s pretty fast if you just want to browse through the gallery. To view the image in full screen mode, you will have to tap the desired image or open the image through option, as shown in the image below. While the app does not support full image viewing, the image opens up in phones default image viewer.


Overall ratings: 3/5

What we like:

-The experience that the app provides for browsing.


What we Don’t like:

Consumes Lot of RAM

– Does not have its own image viewer.

PhotoFlow is available on OVI store for Free.

First Hand Pics Of Nokia 5230

Nokia 5230 is a S60 5th Edition Series phone that comes with resistive touch screen. I wonder when would Nokia start making capacitive touch screens. Nokia 5230 comes with a 3.2-inch widescreen touch display (640 x 360 pixels) along with full-screen QWERTY keyboard and handwriting recognition bright screen. The homescreen features a Contacts Bar and a Media Bar. Other features of Nokia 5230 include a 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR, Adobe Flash Lite 3.0 and MIDP Java 2.1 APIs. WCDMA frequencies which are supported depends on the region where the device is available etc. guys shared few first hand pictures of Nokia 5230. Check them out:





Airtel Launches TweetSMS To Tweet From Mobile

Over the last few years, Twitter has seen phenomenal growth in traffic in India after the stars like Gulpanag, Shashi Tharoor, Barkha Dutt and more started twittering prolifically. Airtel now wishes to cash on the same. Airtel has launched a new service called “TweetSMS” for its subscribers to receive twitter updates directly on to their mobile phones.

twitter airtel

Earlier when Twitter was launched, it was meant to be updated only via SMS. Only later on did they decide to have an update option on the web platform. Yet till mid of 2008, twitter provided SMS update option, which they had to withdraw for huge amount of traffic they received.

So Twitter is now Teaming up with various operators in different countries for SMS updates. In India, Twitter has teamed up exclusively with Airtel for Free SMS updates for unknown period for time.

To signup for tweetSMS, An Airtel subscriber simply has to SMS Signup to 53000 and then follow the instructions that comes via SMS to complete the registration process and start tweeting. This application allows you to stay in touch with your twitter friends and also update your status without needing any internet connection on your phone. However note that the cost would be Rs 1/SMS sent.

This is definitely a smart move by both Airtel and Twitter, as SMS is widely used by Indians than surfing on their mobile phones. Large part of Airtel subscribers come from youth which might get attracted to this offer. India coming only 2/3rd in twitter usage, Twitter could no longer ignore India for providing more facilities and strong market possibility.


Nokia 3G Booklet For $299.99 This Holiday Season

Nokia jumped into the booklet market during the Nokia world event and now Nokia has come up with a Holiday season offer on its 3G booklet in partnership with AT&T, Best Buy and Microsoft.


Nokia 3G booklet primarily made for all-time connectivity will now be available for $299.99 only this holiday season. In the press release by Nokia it says:

"Nokia understands mobility like no other company and recognizes that the most ‘powerful’ device is the one that doesn’t have you running for the power plug or network point," said Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, president and CEO of Nokia. "By combining the Booklet’s sleek design, impressive features and competitive price together with the new Windows 7 operating system from Microsoft, AT&T’s nationwide 3G coverage and Best Buy’s unmatched national retail footprint, we believe we have a winning combination for U.S. consumers."
"Our alliance with Nokia is advancing on multiple fronts and the Nokia Booklet 3G is an important step," said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. "We are excited with Nokia’s decision to launch its first PC with Windows 7. By combining the value and simplicity of the operating system with the all-day mobility of the Nokia Booklet 3G, we are bringing new and valuable experiences to consumers and businesses."

Best Buy associates will offer Walk Out Working on the Nokia Booklet 3G, as they do for all smartphones. The free service will help customers activate the device, walk through the Windows 7 operating system and make sure customers understand all of the extras including Ovi Suite, the Ovi Maps gadget, and features like Bluetooth connectivity.

The mini-laptop also comes with an HDMI port for HD video out, a front facing camera for video calling, integrated Bluetooth and an easily accessible SD card reader. Other premium features include the glass 10.1 inch HD-ready display, integrated A-GPS with Ovi Maps, and the latest version of Ovi Suite for effortless synching with a Nokia mobile device.

The Windows 7 operating system on it is an add on to the excitement. Check out specs and pics of Nokia 3G booklet.

So will you buy Nokia 3G booklet this season?

Nokia Announces Official Qt Port To Maemo 5

In an attempt to make Maemo platform open, Nokia has now announced its official Qt Port to Maemo 5. This port to Maemo 5 means that developers can now use Qt to target the upcoming Nokia N900 device and also ensures that applications can be easily ported to all Qt’s supported platforms including the next Maemo 6 release as well as Symbian and Windows Mobile.


So now, the developers need not worry about developing different app for every other device based on Maemo 5, Maemo 6, our age old Symbian and Windows Mobile. Surprised to see Windows Mobile in the list? Well Don’t be.Lately, Nokia and Microsoft are working hard towards building a relationship and moving forward in the already packed mobile market.

Press release says “”With this announcement and our upcoming port of Qt to the Symbian platform, we will quickly see Qt established as a leading framework for mobile application development. Developers will be able to use Qt as a framework to create powerful native applications and with Qt’s Webkit integration, it also provides them with a platform for creating web applications and services,” said Sebastian Nyström, Vice President of Application Services and Frameworks at Nokia. “Qt’s support for Maemo 5, Maemo 6, Symbian, as well as Windows Mobile makes Qt the most sensible choice for developers looking to target multiple devices and achieve the broadest reach with their innovations.”

Developers willing to support the Qt port Maemo to Maemo 5 are encouraged to visit

Samsung I5700/Galaxy Spica Pics Leaked

image image image

Samsung Galaxy Lite, as it was formerly known, now has nothing to hide.   Samsung Galaxy Spica, should be announced next month with a price tag of 350 euro, which is quite affordable for all that it offers. In fact, it will be direct competitor to HTC Tattoo.

It will sport a capacitive touch screen, a 3.2 megapixel camera, an all-round connectivity package (HSDPA,  Wi-Fi,   GPS and Bluetooth) and a microSD card slot. The CPU is expected to be the same 800 MHz one as in the Samsung   Omnia II.

Samsung Galaxy Spica, comes with the Android 1.5.   The sad part though is, it wont have the   Samsung’s UI modifications TouchWiz UI, which means the famous 3 home screen modification by the   Samsung for its native phone won’t be available.


HTC Dragon To Come With 1GHz Processor


Most of the Android devices in the market come with less than or equal to standard a 528 MHz processor. For an Operating System like Android, it is definitely not enough. HTC Dragon is rumored to come with 1GHz processor. Yes you heard it right a 1 Giga Hertz! Almost equal to the Netbooks you carry.

Reignzone (and a few others) from XDA Developers got a hold of an experimental HTC build and the rest is history:

So, what I’ve got here is a little build we’re referring to as the Pet Dragon. It’s highly experimental at the moment…and from what I have noticed after reviewing the build.prop files from this system dumpof the device I spoke of earlier today…HTC Dragon. (dubbed Zoom 2″) —> the screen resolution is 800×480…which as you can tell is quite an impressive resolution. Judging from the release keys, it’s also a capacitive touch screen device. Now, having said all this…it IS NOT the HTC Leo, HTC Desire, or Passion. Because this device is in fact operating on the 2.0″ firmware along with the HTC Sense user interface applied for style. So, it’s like an Eclair Hero. Lol.

Unzip the packaged files, and enjoy.
But again, bare with me…it’s still very bare bonesand needs a lot of work…but this device is going to be a GAME CHANGER! Perhaps more so than the HTC Leo!

Here are few screen shots   from the developers using HTC dragon software on their existing hardware:


Even though the version listed is 1.5, the developers insists that it is 2.0. Few more screen shots of the Software:

image image image

Check out more about HTC Dragon.


T-Mobile Announced Samsung Behold-2: An Android Phone

image T-Mobile announced the upcoming availability of the   Samsung Behold 2, an Android powered Smartphone.   Samsung Behold 2 comes with an AMOLED touch screen display and will be launched this holiday season.There is a   good chance possibility that you could buy Samsung Behold 2 this Halloween.

Behold 2 is a successor to   Samsung Behold, which has 3.2 Mega Pixel camera along with AMOLED touch screen display, that released last year. Behold 2 comes with 5 Mega Pixel auto-focus camera.

As mentioned earlier, this phone runs on the Google powered Android OS and comes with the Internet search giant’s services such as Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube and Google Talk as well as thousands of applications and the games from Android Market.

Additional features include a 5.0-megapixel auto-focus camera with flash, Bluetooth 2.1, MP3 player, HSDPA,   Wi-Fi and up to 16GB of external memory from microSD cards. Along with that, users can take advantage of Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, where users can customize three home screens with widgets and applications.

“T-Mobile continues to expand our line-up of Android-powered phones in time for the holiday season with the addition of the Samsung Behold 2,” said Travis Warren, T-Mobile’s director of product marketing. “The premium screen and quality camera coupled with Samsung’s innovative cube menu makes the Behold 2 a multimedia powerhouse.”

Lately, T-Mobile seems to be concentrating more on Android based phones with the T-Mobile G1, T-Mobile MyTouch 3G and upcoming Motorola Cliq. Samsung Behold 2 being an add-on to it. Surely, the AMOLED screen is one of the plus points for the phone and not too long ago   Samsung had announced that, they would concentrate on AMOLED touch screen phones. AMOLED which stands for active-matrix organic light emitting diode, provides better image quality and consumes lesser power, saving your phones battery life.

Charge Dell Latitude Z Wirelessly


If you are a gadget freak, no doubt you would be carrying hell loads of gadgets with you all the time. However, along with these gadgets   come the chargers and the Wires.  With all those of wires, it’s definitely a mess.

Dell Latitude,   that measures just over half an inch thick, weighs 4.5 pounds has come up with unique feature for laptops, wireless charging (Palm pre, mobile, already has it). Yes, no more wires. Just place your laptop on the top of the dock for charging and its done. No prize for guessing that it might burn your wallet, but $200 to avoid the mess, that those wires create on your workstation is totally worth it.

Dell Latitude Z comes with Core 2 Duo SU9400, 2GB of DDR3 & a 64GB SSD and would cost you around $2,159 (includes the dock for wireless charging).