Windows Mobile App Store Is A Disaster

Earlier this month, we reported about the Microsoft to launch Windows Marketplace for WinMo. And they did. But is it doing to be success?  If you ask me, No. why? Here are few reasons that I feel might not make Windows Marketplace a

When Apple launched app store, thousands of developers supported it instantly. Apple’s app store provided a platform for the developers to sell their talent. Well, this is exactly what Windows Marketplace is trying to do. However, why won’t it succeed? Unlike Apple, Microsoft does not provide any way to the developers to protect their product. Once you purchase/download an app from Windows Marketplace, you can distribute it to as many friends you want to.

I doubt any developers would want to showcase their product on Windows Marketplace if they are not going to make any money. That said, the Marketplace is full of bugs. Once the developer submits a new version of the app, the Marketplace erases all the reviews and ratings of the app. This is something Microsoft wouldn’t like to boost about.

Microsoft remains partial towards its own app in the Marketplace. Take for example, Microsoft forced developers to translate the description of the app in local language if they were to submit it to the local Market place, something that Apple’s app store never had. On the other hand, Microsoft allows its own apps to appear in the local Marketplace with English description.

Microsoft should realize that their monopoly won’t work here. It’s not the 80’s and 90’s anymore. Moreover, to overcome the competition, Microsoft should allow some innovative features to the Marketplace and not stubbornly restrict developers.

Are you a developer? Share your thoughts with us.

Nokia N97 Gets Major Firmware Update

Back in June, when Nokia launched N97, it carried hell loads of hope for Nokia. But the device didn’t turn out to be as successful as Nokia thought it might be ( considering the amount of marketing Nokia did ). Over a period of time, Nokia already had about two firmware upgrades.  nokia-n97

Today, Nokia has rolled out its third firmware upgrade for its N97, which was supposed to be the Nokia’s flagship device. Firmware v20.2.019 seems to be a major firmware upgrade to   Nokia as it tried to enhance and improve device functionalities. New firmware highlights:

  • Kinetic scrolling being added to user interface for all pages and menu items. We have been waiting for this particular   upgrade for a long time now.
  • Enhanced keyboard. Now secondary characters and symbols can be enabled with a long press.
  • Replacement of the Contacts application with Nokia’s presence and IM-enabled Ovi Contacts address book.
  • Update to Ovi Maps 3.1
  • Integrated Ovi applications in Menu
  • More RAM assigned to device solving the low memory issues.
  • Improved touchscreen
  • New widgets
  • Bugs fixed

This upgrade is available to device users via the Software Updater application on the device (for over-the-air updating) and via the Nokia Software Updater PC application.

P.S. Since this is a major firmware upgrade, enhancing the device in-depth, users are advised to backup data before upgrading. Users might also need to reinstall apps. So it is better if you take full device backup before you start upgrading your N97.

Yamigo: Free Instant Messaging And Presence service

Back when I had the Sony Ericsson z550i, I used Yamigo’s awesome service to stay in touch with my friends and family over IM. Now, I have installed nimbuzz and Fring on my 5800 XpressMusic, yet I felt the itch to try out Yamigo’s service on the 5800. Okay, so lets get started before I bore you to death.

IMPS, as you know, directly connects your client with Instant messaging servers. Luckily, on your phone, you have it for free, though you have to use a third party like Yamigo to provide service. Yamigo provides it for free. Currently Yamigo provides free connectivity with the Yahoo, Aim, Icq and MSN instant messaging services. To use this service, you need to register at Yamigo first, which is not even a 5 minutes job. Once you register follow the  instructions below.


There is an inbuilt IM client on your 5800 XpressMusic as highlighted in the image. Open it. You will find a screen something like this >


In preference Keep the following settings:


Then define new server. Configuration details:

Server Name – This is a descriptive name for the server which is used only within the IM Client for display purposes.
Access Point in Use – This specifies the internet access point (settings profile) that should be used for IM client connections. Use an appropriate profile that will facilitate connectivity to the HTTP URL of the Yamigo IMPS Server.
Web Address
User ID – This setting should contain the name of the user account obtained from the Yamigo Server.
Password – This setting should contain the password of the user account defined on the Yamigo Server.

Scr000015 Scr000016

Hit back and viola you are done! Get ready for chatting.


Change Your Windows Phone Profile With Location


For the last few days I have been having these weird ideas to change my profile according to the location. Say I started from home and reached my college, I would not want my phone to ring in front of my professors. It is not humanly possible to remember to change profile everyday. The best option? Location based profile Changer.

PhoneAlarm is a Today screen plug-in – giving you total control over your Pocket PC Phone. Never miss an important call, SMS or Email again. Automatically switch profiles and quickly access Inbox, call history and control the state of Bluetooth directly from the Today screen. Optimized for one-handed and in-car use.

The app uses GPS to get your location and changes the profile according to the settings preferred. Though GPS is not reliable since different phones take different amount of time to get adjusted to GPS settings and most of the time, at many places, GPS signal is week. But the app is worth giving a shot if you are curious. Moreover, it also offers many other features:

  • Provides repeating alarms on new SMS, Email, missed calls, voice messages & reminders
  • 10 Custom Phone profiles with manual and automatic switching.
  • Automatic profile change based on time, location, Appointment type/category, network and power/ActiveSync event.
  • Custom Email / SMS alarms based on text, sender or priority.
  • Alarm notification on weak battery and phone signal
  • Customise sound, volume and options for each alarm type in each profile
  • Automatically mute system and phone volume
  • Skinnable user interface (How to create skins)
  • Bluetooth and Flight mode control via profiles (also for Widcomm/Broadcomm stack)
  • 1-hand skin navigation and quick-dialer for last 10 numbers
  • screenLock component added to provide intelligent device locking
  • Gestures supported on skin
  • Icons provide direct access to Inbox, call history etc.
  • Task-switcher pop-up to close running applications
  • Full dual SIMsupport (needs a v2.0 skin for all features)
  • English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Russian, Japanese and Chinese user interface
  • Fully supports VGA display and square screen devices
  • Optimised for fast performance and maximum platform support
  • Simple installation

Additional features ONLY in Pro version

  • Location-based information (change profile dependent on current location!)
  • Billing calculation – keep track of your phone costs
  • Detailed GPRS/Data volume tracking
  • Weather plugin with 4 day forecast
  • Call and SMS forwarding support in each profile
  • WLAN control via profiles
  • Skin rotator element to display actual information

Download PhoneAlarm for €9.25 for 50% discount.

iBluetooth 2.0 App Soon To Support 3.xx Firmware


Oh, so finally the author of iBluetooth, an iPhone application that allows you to send files over Bluetooth, has mentioned that next version will soon support firmware 3.xx. So you can send files from your iPhone 3GS, iPods (of course jailbroken) using iBluetooth. A feature that according to me, Apple should have already integrated.

The author writes:

This post is to inform you that I’m still working on the new version of iBluetooth (no, not the run away with the money ). As mentioned previously, the new version (2.0) is compatible with iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS and iPod Touch 2G and firmware 3.x. I had to suspend its work this summer because of personal problems, but I’m back at work again to release the new version as soon as possible as it becomes usable (and will be updated to make it as stable as possible). Thanks for your patience.

This surely is good news for iPhone/iPod users.  Its serious PITA to have Bluetooth and not able to send files over it. Recently Droid campaign has been targeting the iPhone on what an iPhone cannot do but the Droid does. And boi, its leaving its impact already. It would be good to see the iPhone to have some basic features in future. All hail the developers until then.

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Fake Your 5800/N97 as iPhone

If you ever wanted to buy an iPhone, but had to settle down for a Nokia 5800 or Nokia N97 for the heavy features it offers, here is a way to turn your Nokia 5800/N97 to iPhone like UI. MyPhone which basically is a flash responsive document that turns your age old Symbian look into an iPhones UI.

The UI is pretty impressive on first look. It also has its own Slide to unlock feature.


After you unlock, you get a list of applications:

Scr000018 Scr000019 Scr000020 Scr000021

The developer has also managed to build a good looking flash-rss-reader and sketchpad (which is not responsive at all). After the third screen most of the icons are myself1, myself2 etc.. and are linked to settings.

Though the feel of the app is impressive on start but you get bored of it and its unresponsiveness. Moreover, since it’s just a flash file that is being played, it hides once you press the hard buttons. So fuzz, if you want to impress your friend this is not an option.

You can buy MyPhone for USD 12.99. Yes this delirious looking app is priced $12.99. What was the developer thinking?

Motorola Calgary Live Pics


Motorola and Verizon are on drugs. No, seriously! After the much publicized Droid phone by Motorola, it is now ready to announce yet another Android phone, Motorola Calgary. Motorola Calgary will be Verizon’s second Android based phone. Motorola Calgary will be based on Moto Blur Platform and will most probably a mid range handset. Boy Genius report has published few pictures of Motorola Calgary along with specs.


Motorola Calgary comes with 3 Touch Sensitive Keys on the display, 3 Megapixel Camera (quite good enough for a mid-range phone), QWERTY Keyboard (as you can see in the images). Apart from that, it comes with regular 3.5mm audio jack, MicroSD slot, WiFi, Spring-assisted Slider and GPS.

Mobbler Now Supports Nokia 5800/N97

Mobbler, one the best S60 client for music scrobbling, recently got an update. The new version 0.07(6187) now supports S60v5 devices like Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97.

Mobbler Mobbler2 Mobbler3

Ever since I got Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, I am glued to listening music on it. I am happy that I can now share my music library details with my friends, through and Mobbler.

I faced few problems buffering the song. The track stops in between and just wont work and I have to go to next track to entertain myself. And it happens with most of the tracks. Is it the same with you? Hope Mobbler guys update/fix this soon.

Other than that, it consumes loads of RAM. But then it’s fine for me, as I don’t do much when I listen to songs.

Download Mobbler

Resco Pocket Radio 2.0 For Windows Phone Released

Resco, a supplier of Windows phone applications, released a new version of Resco Pocket Radio 2.0, follower of a popular radio application with new graphical and handling components designed mainly to make work with the program easier and more comfortable. Resco Pocket Radio is a player and recorder providing endless streaming radio broadcasting, perfect for those who can’t live without a radio at their fingertips.

You can connect your Bluetooth headset to listen music. Since the last version, Resco have had some serious graphical re-design.

Radio_01 Radio_02 Radio_03

Changes will certainly be appreciated by users who enjoy touch-friendly interfacesaid Marcel Å affa, Resco product manager. We tried to bring things that would make work with the program much easier and that would improve navigation among the radio stations. We believe users will accept all the improvements with highly positive reactions.

New Features include:

Touch-friendly Radio List
The list of radio stations has been converted into touch-optimized interface. Each musical genre includes a number in parentheses indicating how many stations belong to the category.
Letter Bar Included
As you select from a broad list of musical styles, the letter bar improves your navigation and saves time.
Streaming Quality Icons
The streaming quality is denoted by icons in three colors (weak quality=red, mid-quality=orange, good quality=green).

Download Resco Pocket Radio

Amazon Launches Same Day Delivery

Over the weekend, Amazon announced the launch of Local Express Delivery,a new shipping option giving customers same-day delivery in seven major cities including New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, Las Vegas, Seattle and Washington D.C. The service will be extended to Chicago, Indianapolis and Phoenix in the coming months.


This is going to be useful for people who do not like to visit stores but order products online and yet get it delivered the same day. Though, there are few restrictions as to the time until when the order can placed to be delivered the same day:

  • New York City Order as late as 10 a.m.
  • Philadelphia Order as late as 10 a.m.
  • Boston Order as late as 10:30 a.m.
  • Washington D.C. Order as late as 10:30 a.m.
  • Baltimore Order as late as 10:30 a.m.
  • Vegas Order as late as 11 a.m.
  • Seattle Order as late as 1 p.m.

Amazon has also introduced some shipping enhancements just in time for the holiday season:
Dec. 17: FREE Super Saver Shipping
Dec. 20: Standard Shipping
Dec. 22: Two-Day Shipping (order as late as 7 p.m. PST; varies by item; free with Amazon Prime)
Dec. 23: One-Day Shipping (order as late as 3:30 p.m. PST; varies by item; just $3.99 per item with Amazon Prime)
Dec. 24: Same-Day Shipping (order as late as 1 p.m. PST; varies by item; just $5.99 per item with Amazon Prime)

So this Christmas you can do some last minute shopping from Amazon and yet not find yourself in soup for not finding a gift. Thank you Amazon.