A New Malware On iPhone


There has been a new Malware circulating around the world that affects Jailbroken iPhone/iPods. The malicious code is called iPhone/Privacy.A.

This piece of malicious code, if affected your Jailbroken iPhone, will scan for jailbroken iPhones within its range and if it finds one, it connects to that Jailbroken iPhone running SSH with the default password and takes away all the data including your email, SMS’s , Pictures, Music files, Videos, Calendar entries, and practically any data recorded by an iPhone application.

However, this malicious code affects only Jailbroken iPhones or the modded iPhones that have been modified to run unapproved software, which are running SSH with the default password alpineenabled. So if you have Jailbroken your iPhone, we recommend that you change your password from alpineto something more secure.

If you are unsure on how to change your password through SSH, follow this guide.

Review: Samsung Jet

Let’s get this straight. Samsung Jet is not smarter than smartphone’ as the Samsung marketing folks would like us to believe. This doesn’t imply that it is a bad phone, but it’s not a phone you’ll put on the table when you talk about the Windows phones, Blackberry, Nokia E-series, or even the iPhone.

samsung jet mobile phone

All in all, Samsung Jet is a fine phone… a multimedia/lifestyle device at its best, but the absence of a few critical capabilities hurts at its price-point.

The non-smart Smartphone

The Samsung Jet is a high specification phone, but totally misses the boat to smartness because of  a lack of applications third-party or otherwise. After the super-success of the Apple’s App Store, RIM, Nokia, and Microsoft have come up with their application stores to feed their Smartphones for utilities, productivity applications, and even leisure applications and games. Samsung offers no such service and the user has to satiate him with the limited bundled offerings.

However, Vikas Tagra, Brand Manager for Samsung Jet and Ankur Sharma, Digital Manager, Samsung Mobile indicated that something similar was in the works. They didn’t share the specifics, but indicated a period of 6-10 months for some more announcements.

The goodness

Everything, as you power on the phone. The new version of the TouchWiz interface that visualizes the different homescreen pages onto the sides of a cube, similarly to the LG’s S-CLASS 3D UI, A-GPS, 800 MHz processor, 3.5mm audio jack, 5MP camera, 2 GB internal memory, a 3.1-inch AMOLED display with WVGA resolution, and the long battery life.

If you need one reason to buy the Samsung Jet, it’s the AMOLED screen-   Bright, crisp, and watching photos and videos is an immersive experience.

The 5MP camera really impresses, and the flash is bright. Hours of internet browsing (and tweeting) and playing games only drains about 40% of the battery. The AMOLED screen, supposedly, reduces the power consumption by a great degree. The internet browser is simply awesome with inbuilt flash player and the one-touch zoom option. The music player is great, with twelve profiles to choose from giving an amazing listening experience. The universal 3.5mm audio jack for headsets is a fine thought.

The negatives

This might be a little issue for some, but for a Windows phone user like me (so with other Smartphones), the absence of threaded SMS makes me cringe. So does the missing copy/paste and push email feature. It also hurts that, while Samsung provides for a universal 3.5mm audio jack, it misses a standard mini USB port.

Thanks to Abhishek Baxi for providing us his awesome review.

Sony Enters Android Market with Xperia X10

Sony Ericsson has officially entered the Android Market with its Xperia X10. Few days ago, when Sony had come up with what nextcampaign, where we sort of already knew that Sony Ericsson would come up with Xperia X10 launch.Sony-Ericsson-Xperia-X10-Android-UX-official

Xperia X10 Features:

  • Runs On Android 1.6 Cupcake
  • 1GHZ Snapdragon Processor.
  • 8.1 megapixel camera
  • 4″ WVGA capacitive touchscreen display
  • Supports GSM/GPRS/EDGE.
  • UI overlay UX called Rachael
  • 1GB Built In Memory along with an 8GB microSD card which comes with the box.

RachaelUI is specially designed to deliver amazing user experience. It comes with two premium features:

  • Timescape-  for all your online social needs.
  • Mediascape– an interesting media player.

Though the pricing of the device is not yet announced, Xperia X10 will be made available Q1 2010 in selected markets.

Tweetpeek: World’s First Twitter Dedicated Mobile Device

If you are a twitter addict, here is an interesting device for your tweeting needs. No, it’s not a Mobile phone device that can make calls and also use internet browse the WWW. Mobile Email Device Manufacturer Peek has joined hands with Twitter to bring out the world’s first Twitter-only Mobile Device: TwitterPeek.


This handset can send and receive tweets, Direct messages, Follow new users, and view Twitpic images. But you cannot read the interesting articles submitted to your timeline, as this device does not have a web browser. I am also not sure if it supports the new feature by twitter, Lists. Also, it does not support search. So, you cannot keep a tab on few trends or some brand.

Tweetpeek is available for sale Amazon.com or TwitterPeek.com for $100. With this, you get 6 months free wireless connection and after utilizing the free connection you will be charged $7.95 per month. However, you can also get lifetime wireless access if you chose to pay $200 upfront.

I wonder who would buy this device, as almost all new mobile devices already has a web browser or supports 3rd party applications. Nor would I like to carry two devices; one for tweeting and one for making calls. My cell phone does both- and does it very well.


Blackra1n and Blacksn0w Tutorial to unlock iPhone 3G/3GS

George Hotz will be releasing Blacksn0w and Blackra1n RC3 on November 3rd instead of November 4th. For those who are unaware what this is, here is a bit of head up. Blacksn0w is the unlock tool for the latest 05.11.07 baseband. It will   enable official tethering on your iPhone. Blackra1n is   a jailbreak for firmware version 3.1.2 and it has been updated to RC3.

RC3 will come packed with features like:

  • hacktivation support
  • 15-second speed enhancement
  • Tiger+PPC support
  • installation of the Blackra1n app

For those who haven’t done this before, this time GeoHot has made it even more simpler for you. Here is a simple guide for it:

  • Head on to blackra1n.com and download the installer by click on the logo corresponding to your operating system.
  • Run the installer. You will find a screen popup with following screenshot.


  • Make sure you connect your iPhone to your PC/MAC before clicking on make it ra1n.
  • When you click your make it ra1n, your Phone will reboot itself. You will now see blackra1n.app
  • Run blackra1n.app and install blacksn0w.
  • Please enjoy your unlocked iPhone.

If you haven’t deleted Blackra1n app from your iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Run the Blackra1n.app.
  • You will see Icy replaced by an option “ra1n”.
  • Install ra1n to upgrade.
  • Once you have upgraded, again run the blackra1n.app.
  • Now, you will find an option for “sn0w”.
  • Install “sn0w” and enjoy your unlocked iPhone.

P.S: Do not use this if you are on iPhone 2G

SmartRSS Now Supports Windows Phone With TouchScreen

BeetzStream SmartRss WM is an online/offline RSS reader and podcast manager for Windows Mobile devices.   With BeetzStream SmartRss 4.0, you can enjoy your favorite RSS news and video/audio podcasts on your device without a desktop computer. Feature list:

  • Easy navigation, One-hand operation support.
  • RSS 2.0, 0.9x and RDF formats are supported.
  • Customized player can be used for audio and video podcasts playback.
  • Subscriptions size can be limited globally or individually.
  • Feeds can be categorized.
  • Application startup and content downloading can be scheduled.
  • Today Screen plug-in support for Professional/Classic version.

SmartRSS1 SmartRSS2 SmartRSS3 SmartRSS4SmartRSS5 SmartRSS6 SmartRSS7 SmartRSS8 SmartRSS9

The interesting feature of the   SmartRSS is that it also supports podcasts. You just need fill in the RSS location and it will automagically download the mp3 files.

SmartRSS10 SmartRSS11 SmartRSS12

Unlike other Windows Mobile applications, this app is very user-friendly because of its huge onscreen buttons. The app is available for $9.89 USD, though its just a simple RSS app. Some basic apps on the Apple’s App store are available for as low as $0.99. But the touch friendly UI makes SmartRSS   worth it.

You can also try out the trial version, which allows you to add up to 5 channels – everything else is functional. To use this app on your Windows phone you will require:

.Net Compact Framework 3.5 Sp1
Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5 Sp1 for Windows Mobile

Techie-buzz Ratings: 2.5/5

What we like: The touch friendly UI

What we do not like: The at price at which it is available.

Download/Buy SmartRSS

REVIEW: Opera 10 Beta for Nokia Smartphones released!

Opera has announced the release of Opera for Mobile 10 Beta today. The previous version was Opera Mini 5, which is also being developed for Android phones.


Opera 10 Beta retains the looks of Opera Mini 5 Beta and also supports Turbo mode to save money. The app work seamlessly  on  Nokia 5800 XpressMusic which has a touch screen UI.

Nokia 5800 is widely known for its low RAM, however, I did not see problems even after running the Opera app for 30 minutes. In fact, Opera 10 Beta used up almost every bit of RAM, but surprising it did not affect the browsing experience.


Opera 10 gives you a lot of options to suit your browsing needs. I decided to turn on the Turbo mode and browse the web. With turbo mode on, the browsing seemed much faster. Like Opera Mini 5, this version also supports tabbed browsing. Other features include Speed dial, password manager and a option to block Pop-ups.

OperaMobile10-beta operamobile10-beta-6

Browsing, as I mentioned earlier, is lightening fast, as I had turned the turbo mode ON. To experiment with Turbo mode, I changed the browser settings to disable images. With this setting on I visited web pages I had visited earlier, and found that it loaded the images from the cache, which is quite cool. Once the page loads, you can tap it twice to zoom in to the page, if you haven’t turned the mobile view on.

Somehow typing on Opera Mobile 10 Beta is as horrendous as it was on OperaMini 5 Beta. However, it should only concern you if you are using a touch screen enabled mobile, which does not come with a physical qwerty or keyboard.

OperaMobile10 OperaMobile10-beta1 OperaMobile10-beta-2 operamobile10-beta-5

I was expecting Opera Mobile 10 to have flash support considering that the browser has a whooping  4MB installer, but then it disappoints me again.

What we like:

  1. Sleek design.
  2. Caching the images.
  3. Tabbed browsing.
  4. Does not slow down the device.

What we don’t like:

  1. Huge 4MB installer.
  2. No flash support.
  3. RAM hogger.
  4. Onscreen keyboard is horrible on touch devices.


Techie-buzz highly recommends you to download Opera Mobile 10 Beta if you want full browsing experience on your Nokia Symbian device. Download Opera 10 Beta from official Opera site.

Google Voice Search Now Available On Nokia Phones

Do you search on Google using your Nokia phone? Do you hate typing? Do you want to search contacts by just speaking their names? If you answered Yes’ to any of the questions, then you have a cause to rejoice as Google has launched Google Voice search for S60 Phones. o download the Google Voice application to your phone, visit  m.google.com on your cellphone’s browser and download the new voice application

Once downloaded, you can start searching on Google using simple voice commands. The start screen of the application looks something like thisGoogle-Voice-Search

You can change your settings to enable/disable quick key access, Voice search, key reminder, select dialect and also setup Google mail app on your own domain. Along with that, you can also turn on My location and set your location to the nearest location available.


To activate voice search, hold on the Call Button and speak. I tried the word Delhiwhich is capital of India and spoke it twice thinking the application won’t recognize if I spoke just once. But it understood correctly and stored the word twice as Delhi Delhi.

Google-Voice-Search4 Google-Voice-Search7

If you want to search the contacts, just hold down the call button on the home screen.  Doing that will display a screen like the screenshot below. You will need to speak out the contacts you want to search, before the progress bar times out.


I am not sure if we could train this app, but I searched for Pranaliand it gave me results for Vedalion the top. Quite close enough it is, in term of pronunciation.The rest of the results seem irrelevant.  Google-Voice-Search3

Its a fantabulous app for lazy Nokia users like me, who would like to access searches fast. This is a MUST HAVE app for S60v5 devices like Nokia 5800 for which contacts still have not received kinetic scrolling. techie-buzz-recommended-software

Techie-Buzz highly recommends Google Voice Search for Nokia   if you are a Nokia S60 lazy or not so lazy user.

Win Nokia N900

Do you want to own a Nokia N900 but don’t want to burn your wallet? Here is a chance to win the Nokia N900 in a contest sponsored by Nokia.


Nokia recently started broadcasting series of videos called Offline As It Happens. To generate user interest   Nokia is offering users a chance to contribute to the series with their own ideas. The winning idea will be produced as  a video. In addition to that, Nokia will give the Nokia N900 as an award to the person who suggested the idea. Once the winning idea has been selected, Nokia will be making use of several professionals to film  the video. The new video will be added as the 5th series of Offline As It Happens. You can submit your ideas/stories to Nokia’s official Youtube page.

If you haven’t watched the other four videos in the series of Offline As It Happens, Techknots has compiled the list of videos.If you plan to take part in the competition, I would highly recommend that you watch the initial videos to understand what Nokia is looking for.

I am pretty sure many of you might already be churning some ideas in your minds. If you have decided on your idea, you can submit them to Nokia to become eligible to win a Nokia N900. Nokia N900 retails for 500 Euro (approx 739.99 USD).

Nokia Shuts Down N-Gage Gaming


Today, Nokia announced that they would be shutting down the doors to publish new games on the N-Gage gaming platform. All the new games will be now submitted to the OVI store.

You can still purchase games from the N-Gage platform until September 2010, but you won’t find any new games on N-Gage.com. The OVI store will now become the new hub for the games. Currently there are more than a thousand games available in the OVI Stores, published by developers from over 65 countries, which are supported by 100 Nokia devices. The feature that we would miss from N-Gage platform is the community system. Nokia mentions that it would try to integrate community feature in the OVI Stores in the near future. So, the games that you purchased would be fully functional on your N-Gage game compatible device but the community feature will be disabled after September 2010.

Nokia will continue to sell devices with N-Gage application pre-installed for some time. However, we will no longer ship new devices with the application pre-installed.

A few popular games from OVI Store: