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jailbreak IPhone 3.0


The Iphone dev team has come up with instructions on jailbreaking the Iphone 3.0 . This uses  redsn0w — the multi-platform, multi-device jailbreaking and unlocking tool. Redsn0w only supports the iPhone 2G (original iPhone), iPhone 3G and the iPod touch (first and second generation) for the time being. The latest iPhone 3G S is not yet supported for jailbreaking or unlocking so don’t try to use it on your brand new phone! Jailbreaking is supported across all devices running OS 3.0, except for the 3G S, and unlocking is only available for the iPhone 2G. 3G owners need to wait for the upcoming ultrasn0w to be released in order to unlock their OS 3.0 devices.

Just head over to their Blogpost on it. This does not apply on IPhone 3Gs.

Software review: Sygic Mobile

A lot of people i know(follow on twitter actually) are looking for a better GPS application with Maps available on it. Due to the lack of updates by TomTom i guess its time we look out for new options.

Sygic Mobile GPS for Nokia is one of the most powerful GPS applications to date and they seem to be getting better and better with every new release. Sygic McGuilder GPS Navigation system is a well known brand in almost all the major markets which supports GPS connectivity and tracking including the Windows Mobile and External Car GPS.

I thought this is a really good option for it gives a lot of features for users with high end/smartphones. The awesome features that it offers might just interest you:

  • The maps loads very smoothly. Specially  if you have a s60 E-series phone, you’ll just love how beautiful this looks.
  • 41) Navigate to – you will be asked to enter your target point. You can write directly the address, or choose from several options like point on map, history, points of interests or enter GPS position. After successful entering the target point you will have to choose your departure.
    2) Browse map – you will be able to browse the entire map and search for your target destinations. By simple dragging you will be able to scroll through the map and explore new areas. Browse map cursor shows information about the map objects like street names additional information about chosen point of interest. You can also use zoom bar by dragging the cursor up and down you can zoom in or zoom out the map. You can also use other functions in the options menu like find position on the map, show current position, show nearby points of interest and many more.
    3) Alternative route – perfect tool if you want to make the same route using alternative ways or roads. You can set which roads should be added or avoided, you can also avoid the traffic delays and much more. As in the case with the route button, alternative route button is also available after you’ll plan your main route.
    4) Settings – you can easily modify user interface with plenty of settings options turn of/on the sounds, switch to night colors, swtich from 3D view to view from top, backlight settings, rotate display, set different languages, set keyboard or load other maps and many more.
    5) Manage POI – Sygic Drive 5 shows on the map plenty types of POIs (point of interests) airports, banks, bus stations, hotels, parking garages, shopping centres. Now you can easily manage them and add your own POIs or there is also a function which warns you when you’ll be crossing the nearby POI.
    6) Route – you have to first planned your route to get access to route options. If you haven’t planned your route, the route button isn’t available. Here you can find all the further information about your route, you can view the whole route in image slides or even watch the route preview by using the route demonstration option.
    7) Itinerary – itinerary allows you to plan your business journey, comfortably from your home.
    8) GPS status – check your GPS status – valid satellites or your valid position.
    9) Memorize position – this would automatically save your current position into History.
    10) World clock – shows current time accros the world.
    11) Exit – tap this button if you want to close down Sygic DRIVE.

Managing POI with the community works great. I shared my location with few friends and it works wonders., just like google latitude. Though i did not understand the point of having tools like world clock and other tools inside the application, i guess it might be useful for people who travel abroad.

If Sygic mobile continues to develop this unlike that of TomTom navigator this might just become a popular application. Moreover Sygic Mobile is available on most of the smartphones.

You can just download the application or join the beta testers group.

Nokia Debuts Indoor Positioning System


Location tracking through global positioning system has helped us a lot since ages. But its no use or not working when we find ourselves indoors or in dense urban areas. And trust me we tend to find ourselves in such situation more than often. So Nokia has decided to solve our problem and the new service that nokia is offering is pretty cool, at least for shopping freaks like me ;)

Nokia has released a trial technology that allows users to pinpoint their location indoors inside the Kamppi Shopping Center in Helsinki.

Key features:
* Unique indoor positioning capability for locating shops, restaurants and friends
* Option to share your location with friends by SMS (the SMS contains a link to the indoor map and details of your location)
* Ability to search for friends nearby and view their position on the map
* Easy access to Kamppi Shopping Center information and discount vouchers

check out this video for more details:

Nokia E75 hangs with python installed

Last week I reviewed the Nokia E75. I have since then trying many applications & games. I thought of giving a try to python to try the wordpress application Scribe on it.

Ever since then I started facing problems with hanging of phone. Though, for a few minutes the application Scribe works and then hangs to infinity. And yes i am on the latest firmware version 110.48.125

Now after installing the Python, the phone again works like a charm. I hope someone at Nokia or Python fixes the problem soon.

Nokia 3710 fold clamshell


Along with Nokia e72 and 5530, Nokia also unenvied a very girly design phone Nokia 3710. It has easy to use interface and is a slider phone. Having used a slider phone i am really doubtful about its usability, but it looks good and offers nice features.

Quad-band GSM 850/900/1800/1900
WCDMA 850/1900/2100 or WCDMA 900/1700 2100/1700
2.2 inch 320 x 240 resolution display with support for up to 16.7 million colors
1.36 inch 160 x 128 resolution secondary black/white display
3.2 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom and LED flash
Video recording
Built-in music player with support for MP3 music files, Midi, AAC, AAC+, enhanced AAC+, WMA
Stereo FM radio
Voice dialing and recording
microSD card slot
Intuitive simple menus
New Photo Gallery helps keeps photos organized, create slideshows, create photo albums, or attach photos to contacts etc
Internal GPS
4 hour talk time with GSM and 3 hour talk time with WCDMA
SMS, MMS, Audio messaging, IM with presence, email, web browsing
Bluetooth 2.1
Measures 89 x 47 x 15.2 mm and weighs 94 grams

Nokia will be releasing it at the end of this year at EUR 140

Nokia Point & Find Service Announced

Nokia today announced a very new & innovative service called “Point & Find” service. The service is still in beta version but still looks awesome.


This service works on advance image recognition. All you have to do is point your phone’s web camera to the image, face et cetra and the service will find the relevant information about the object. This will obviously use wireless net connection to connect to the service. Nokia also has smartly integrated GPS system in it. Other things it can do is recognize bar codes.

How to use ?

To begin, create an account. Then, follow the step-by-step instructions in the quick start guide, that will tell you how to:
Create a world you can name your own experience and customize it; remember, there is a subscription fee to create a world
Build a directory a directory lets you associate images to content or actions; you can organize your directory using folders so your users can easily navigate it
Secure access you only decide who can join your world and with what access right
Add and manage tags tags define what action will be taken when your users point at objects; they can be modified, copied, deleted

Once your world is ready, others can download it by entering its full name on the Add/Remove world screen in their P&F client.

Currently Nokia Point and Find is available only in US & UK regions. And can be accessed on Phones with high end camera, for the obvious reason that the service should be able to recognize from the photo taken.

Download Nokia Point & Find

Nokia E72 Officially Unveiled


Just when the E72 videos were leaked, Nokia decided to announce E72 its new shiny device officially. It seems to have fixed the few glitches that Nokia E71 had.

Most of the features are the same as that of Nokia E71. The keyboard is improved, just like that of E63. And its equipped with whooping 5 Mega Pixel camera. I guess gone are the days when business phone used to mean “no camera”


114 x 59.5 x 10.1 mm
Three colors: Zodium Black, Metal Grey, Topaz Brown
128 g
2.36 inch display, 16.7 million colors
Micro USB
3.5 mm headphone jack
Compass + GPS
1500 mAh battery
GSM talk/standby: 12.5 hours/20 days
3G talk/standby: 6 hours/24 days
Quad Band EDGE
Tri Band HSPA! There will be two versions, one is 850/1900/2100 (NAM), the other is 900/1900/2100 (EU + ASIA)
HSDPA maxes out at 10.2 Mbps; HSUPA maxes out at 2 Mbps
WiFi b/g
640 x 480 video recording @ 15 frames per second
it runs S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2

Nokia E72 will be available from Q3 of this year at the price tag of $350. This is really good update for those using e71.

Nokia n97 price in India

Even though we couldn’t convince you on why not to buy Nokia N97 right now, you are still mesmerized with its features, Nokia N97 will be available for at least $725(Rs.35,000) in India.


This price is stay high for at least few days. The dealers are going to charge incredibly to enjoy enormous profit from buyers who want to try this monster phone as soon as it releases.

I happened to contact a dealer in Mumbai and he says he is already receiving queries regarding this phone. He confirmed the news that dealers might want to do chance pe danceon this opportunity. However, the price might slope down in in a month or so, that is, get back to its original price tag of $699.

Some of Nokia N97s features:

Tri-band HSDPA/quad-band GSM
Sliding QWERTY keypad and touch screen display
3.5-inch TFT (16:9 widescreen); 640 x 360 pixels
32GB onboard memory + micros card slot
Series60 5th Edition
5-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss Tessar optics
MPEG-4 VGA video recording at 30fps
Multiple music, video and image formats supported
802.11b/g; USB; Bluetooth with A2DP; GPS with A-GPS
3.5mm audio jack
117.2 x 55.3 x 15.9mm
150gm weight

You might want to check out the N97 Product Demo.

Software review: Mobbler v0.5.2

3424275324_780d23c3dd_o 3452819839_60d6230e3c_o

I am a music freak but don’t own a ipod(for good). And i always love showing the world what i have been listening to. Luckily i found a scrobbler for my nokia s60.

Mobbler, Mobile Scrobbler, is a radio player and scrobbler for Nokia S60 3rd and 5th edition smartphones. It allows you to listen to your radio stations and to scrobble tracks played using the Nokia S60 Music Player. Music player scrobbling can be done both whilst you listen, or queued offline to be submitted later.

Mobbler should work with all s60 mobiles. All you need to do is download the sis file enter your credentials when asked and play music. And it works pretty cool.

The version 0.5.x uses a new API which is subscriber only for the radio stations, even if you are in the UK, US, or Germany. If you are not a subscriber, please use 0.4.x which uses an old API due to be decommissioned by at some stage.

Hopefully, Mobbler might submit the app to the Nokia Ovi Store.


Please note that the radio player functionality of mobbler will use a lot of data. The makers of Mobbler can not be held responsible for your phone bill.





Get A Free iPhone 3GS

Squarespace, the website publishing platform, is giving away 30 IPhone 3Gs for a month starting 8th June. Though the contest has already gone live at the time we report, but there are 26 more to go ;)


Squarespace is using the popular platform twitter to promote their contest. Here’s how to win:

To enter the contest, just send out a tweet with the #squarespace hashtag included. We will randomly choose one (1) winner per day who will get their very own, brand spankin new 3GS iPhone!

We’ll be announcing winners on this page and via our Twitter account, @squarespace, so subscribe there to see if you’ve won!

Official rules and details:

  1. Contest will run from June 8 through July 7.
  2. You may enter contest as many times as you’d like via Twitter, however, if you are chosen as a prize winner, you are not eligible to win another prize during this giveaway.
  3. In order to enter, you must send out a tweet from your Twitter account with the #squarespace hashtag included (the rest of the tweet text is up to you, but feel free to be creative!). Each tweet sent with #squarespace included will be considered an entry into that day’s giveaway.
  4. A winner will be chosen, at random, each day at 5pm EDT and announced via Squarespace’s official Twitter account ( or @Squarespace). All tweets sent after 5pm EST, will be considered an entry in the following day’s giveaway.
  5. Winning prize will include a $199 gift certificate to the Apple store, which may be used toward the purchase of an 8GB iPhone, or toward any other official Apple products or services. This is currently the price listed by Apple of the most expensive new iPhone, and we were advised by Apple that this is the best way to conduct the giveaway.
  6. Should the daily winner choose to purchase an iPhone with their gift certificate, he/she will be responsible for establishing and paying for their own cellular/data network plan through AT&T (or whichever provider supports the iPhone in your country).
    No purchase is necessary to enter (i.e. you do not need to be an existing Squarespace customer in order to be eligible to win the daily prize).
  7. Once contacted, winners will be responsible for providing Squarespace with a mailing address. Gift certificates will be mailed out within 31 days.

If you look at the 5th point, it vaguely gives away the info that Squarespace is not really giving away IPhone 3Gs but just $199 Apple gift coupons, which can be used to buy IPhone 3Gs. So you will have to signup for AT&T service, which in return might cost you the IPhone 3Gs a big fat $699.


Google Improves Gmail For Android, iPhone

If you think Google is doing nothing but just watching the buzz created by IPhone at WWDC and launch of N97, then you are wrong. Google is improving and fine tuning its mobile Gmail. The search giant added few features for IPhone and Android users to get Through their mails quickly.

It has improved quite a lot of features:

  • The first improvement is faster address auto-completion. This means that as you begin typing the first few letters of your friend or colleague’s name or email address, Gmail for mobile will quickly display possible contacts. We sped up this process by reusing previously fetched matches in subsequent searches.autocomplete
  • The second improvement is that we’ve enabled keyboard shortcuts for Android-powered devices with a physical keyboard. Now you can use all those familiar Gmail keyboard shortcuts to quickly move through your inbox. For example, if you’re reading an email you can press ‘u’ to return to the inbox or ‘n’ to move to the next conversation.

The search engine promises to continue improving its products. In their last  update in April, they completely redesigned their app for IPhone and Android. This is the first time Google has released the update for both Iphone and Android, contrary to its strategy to release the app first on IPhones and then Android. This seems that Google is strategizing for Android to compete with IPhone.

U.S cellular incidentally leaks Samsung i220 Code


The Samsung i220 Code was incidentally revealed by U.S cellular, before the official announcement. This piece of device by Samsung seems to be powered by Windows Mobile 6.1.


Basic Features


    Full QWERTY keypad

  • Jogwheel with 4-way navigation
  • Windows Mobile ® 6.1 Standard Edition
  • 2.0 MP Camera/camcorder with Flash
  • Picture Messaging (MMS)
  • Bluetooth ® 2.0
  • Media Player formats: Audio: MIDI, MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA, QCLEP, AU, AMR, RA
    Video: H.263, MPEG4, WMV, H.264, RV
  • Organizational Features
  • Wireless business & personal e-mail
  • Wireless browsing with Internet Explorer ® Mobile
  • Integrated calendar and address book
  • Office Mobile:
    Read, edit or create Microsoft Office documents on-the-go
    Zip/Unzip Office files on your device
    Keeps original file formats
    PDF support
  • Speakerphone and voice commands
  • Task Manager application for running programs
  • Customization options to make it your own

    Technical Specifications

  • E911 Ready
  • CDMA 1XRTT 800/1900 MHZ EVDO Rev 0 Technology
  • Flash/RAM: 128 MB
  • Removable Memory: Supports up to 32 GB
  • Talk Time: up to 6 hours*
  • Standby Time: up to 12.5 days*
  • Battery Type: Li Ion – 1480 mAh
  • Size: 4.61" (H) x 2.3" (W) x? .54" (D)
  • Screen size: 320 x 240px
  • Weight:3.6 ounces
  • Hearing Aid Compatibility – M4 Rating


  • Battery
  • Travel Adapter
  • Headset
  • Soft Case
  • PC Data Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Getting Started CD
  • Napster Insert
  • Health & Safety Guide
  • User guide

Nokia E75 Firmware version 110.48.125 Now Available

Today, Nokia rolled out the new firmware version 110.48.125 for its E75, up from its previous version 100.48.78 . You already know, how awesome E75 is.

The new firmware is available over-the-air(OTA) and its so simple to download.

Steps to download over-the-air:

  • press *#0000# on your standby screen.
  • Check your software version.
  • If its prior to the latest version go to options>check for updates. It will give ask you connection to internet neededjust press yes.
  • voila done.

softwareupdate1 softwareupdate2

The update is merely 5MB, will take hardly 10 minutes on good connection.

First Look:

  • The device seems faster, more snappy.
  • The email list in the default email application loads much faster, specially if you have a lot of emails in the inbox. However, its still sluggish on the whole.
  • The turn controls are gone. Yes gone. You can no longer turn to silence calls/alarms. Why would Nokia do this? I can’t imagine, so this is important to you take a call of whether you want the update.
  • The seems to be no new’ feature, just basic bug fixes.

Hoping Nokia releases the change log soon.

If you can’t update from OTA, firmware must be available at NokiaSoftwareUpdate

MMS and tethering for IPhone 3.0 later- confirmed by AT&T

AT&T has confirmed that it will support MMS messing and tethering(use your phone’s #G connection with your computer) for IPhone 3.0 later this summer.

An AT&T spokesperson said, "We [need to] complete some system upgrades that will ensure our customers have the best experience with MMS. These upgrades are unrelated to our 3G network. We plan to offer a tethering plan, but don’t have an announcement to make at this time." Data plan rates will remain the same at $30 per month for unlimited data. For new and qualifying customers, the iPhone 3GS will cost $199 and $299 for the 16GB and 32GB models, respectively. If you are not currently eligible for an upgrade but still want iPhone 3G S, early upgrade prices are $399 (16GB) and $499 (32GB). No-commitment pricing: $599 (16GB) and $699 (32GB).

So, as of now, MMS won’t be working IPhone 3G with OS 3.0. It has taken Apple 20 months to integrate MMS with the IPhone.

Its now to see whether MMS will work both ways, that is, with the sender and the receiver. I’m curious to know, if only the sender upgrades to OS 3.0 will the receiver, who hasn’t updated to OS 3.0, would be receiving the MMS?

WWDC updates

– As predicted by us,  earlier, sharing connection between your IPhone 3G and computer now available.

– Safari. SunSpider benchmark. In iPhone OS 3.0, we run JavaScript almost 3 times faster. Next, support for HTTP streaming audio and video. AutoFill — you can now remember user names and passwords to login to websites. We also use your contact info to fill out web forms. Basically browser compatible with HTML5

– New languages Added to Iphone 3.0

– Find My iPhone. "This is a great one. If you’ve ever misplaced or lost your phone." would this really work? samsung was the first one to come up with something like this.

– For 3.0, we’re opening up the possibility for developers to build apps that talk directly to third-party hardware.

– Peer-to-peer. Wirelessly over Bluetooth, no pairing needed. Doesn’t look like this is any different than what we saw at the 3.0 event. These companion apps can talk over Bluetooth or the dock connector. Finally.

– Push notification comes up for IPhone 3.0, namely text alerts, numerical badges, and sounds alerts

– Developers getting to show off.. Gameloft is showing off what we saw at the 3.0 event — racing app

– This is good. You can play music from your iTunes collection, on the phone in the app.

-  a book-buying app for the iPhone on show. doesnt impress though.

– Tom Tom. A GPS navigation for IPhone. I have been using it on Nokia ever since. Finally it comes to IPhone.

– So, tom tom also had car accessories now. impressive.

– Tom tom will be available in summer.

– Star defence demo.

– Shows off downloading capabilities

– Some science app show off. which shows theory/ experiment. The chap is performing a experiment. *applauds*

– The app is not working. The chap wants to convert whole world into labratory

– next is ZIPCAR.

– The Presenter doesnt own a car. the application locates him and shows him the nearest ZIPCAR.

-  We’ll be using it to find Zipcars to crush with our monster truck.

– Next up is our final demo. Line 6 and Planet Waves. You can control your guitar and your amp from your iPhone.

– Some sound trouble. LOL

– Demo of some app which connects guitar?? damn the demo is not working!!! this is ubercool app, it seems. It should be working. sigh

– The demo finally worked. you can also retune the guitar (a Veriax) via the app.

– IPhone 3.0 free for iphone users and $9.95 for touch users. available on 17th of June. yeah.

– To call the iPhone 3G a hit would be the understatement of the year. It’s changed how people think about their phones. It wasn’t that long ago that we were so frustrated with these… crappy devicesoh true

– ha ha. showing available apps on phones. 18 for BB. LOL

– oh sorry , its PALM, i see it wrong

– This is a really fast iPhone. Something as simple launching messaging, 2 times faster… everything is faster. These are all speeds against an iPhone 3G

– camera with autofocus. yes i want it.

– New iPhone, same old design, improved interiors, to be called iPhone 3GS. Has a 3MP camera that does video too

– You can call out for your iphone and ask which song are you playing. and it will tell you the song name and artist. okay. but i need something kool now.

– There’s also a built-in digital compass. The compass app is a new one that comes on the iPhone — you can tap to go right into Maps, and if you tap a second time, it will orient the map to where you’re facing.

"We have some great new settings on the 3GS — it can read text, you can zoom in the display, invert black and white..

– and improved battery life. naice.

– iphone 3GS comes in a 23% smaller packaging.

– "The iPhone 3GS… just $199." 16GB of storage, and $299 for a 32GB version. Black and white… no other colors..

-But we want to reach even more customers. So we’re going to keep the iPhone 3G on the market… at $99
-So when does the iPhone 3GS become available? Just a week and a half. After that even more countries, over 80 countries will have it by August

– So that it is.