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Nokia Announces Official Qt Port To Maemo 5

In an attempt to make Maemo platform open, Nokia has now announced its official Qt Port to Maemo 5. This port to Maemo 5 means that developers can now use Qt to target the upcoming Nokia N900 device and also ensures that applications can be easily ported to all Qt’s supported platforms including the next Maemo 6 release as well as Symbian and Windows Mobile.


So now, the developers need not worry about developing different app for every other device based on Maemo 5, Maemo 6, our age old Symbian and Windows Mobile. Surprised to see Windows Mobile in the list? Well Don’t be.Lately, Nokia and Microsoft are working hard towards building a relationship and moving forward in the already packed mobile market.

Press release says “”With this announcement and our upcoming port of Qt to the Symbian platform, we will quickly see Qt established as a leading framework for mobile application development. Developers will be able to use Qt as a framework to create powerful native applications and with Qt’s Webkit integration, it also provides them with a platform for creating web applications and services,” said Sebastian Nyström, Vice President of Application Services and Frameworks at Nokia. “Qt’s support for Maemo 5, Maemo 6, Symbian, as well as Windows Mobile makes Qt the most sensible choice for developers looking to target multiple devices and achieve the broadest reach with their innovations.”

Developers willing to support the Qt port Maemo to Maemo 5 are encouraged to visit

Samsung I5700/Galaxy Spica Pics Leaked

image image image

Samsung Galaxy Lite, as it was formerly known, now has nothing to hide.   Samsung Galaxy Spica, should be announced next month with a price tag of 350 euro, which is quite affordable for all that it offers. In fact, it will be direct competitor to HTC Tattoo.

It will sport a capacitive touch screen, a 3.2 megapixel camera, an all-round connectivity package (HSDPA,  Wi-Fi,   GPS and Bluetooth) and a microSD card slot. The CPU is expected to be the same 800 MHz one as in the Samsung   Omnia II.

Samsung Galaxy Spica, comes with the Android 1.5.   The sad part though is, it wont have the   Samsung’s UI modifications TouchWiz UI, which means the famous 3 home screen modification by the   Samsung for its native phone won’t be available.


HTC Dragon To Come With 1GHz Processor


Most of the Android devices in the market come with less than or equal to standard a 528 MHz processor. For an Operating System like Android, it is definitely not enough. HTC Dragon is rumored to come with 1GHz processor. Yes you heard it right a 1 Giga Hertz! Almost equal to the Netbooks you carry.

Reignzone (and a few others) from XDA Developers got a hold of an experimental HTC build and the rest is history:

So, what I’ve got here is a little build we’re referring to as the Pet Dragon. It’s highly experimental at the moment…and from what I have noticed after reviewing the build.prop files from this system dumpof the device I spoke of earlier today…HTC Dragon. (dubbed Zoom 2″) —> the screen resolution is 800×480…which as you can tell is quite an impressive resolution. Judging from the release keys, it’s also a capacitive touch screen device. Now, having said all this…it IS NOT the HTC Leo, HTC Desire, or Passion. Because this device is in fact operating on the 2.0″ firmware along with the HTC Sense user interface applied for style. So, it’s like an Eclair Hero. Lol.

Unzip the packaged files, and enjoy.
But again, bare with me…it’s still very bare bonesand needs a lot of work…but this device is going to be a GAME CHANGER! Perhaps more so than the HTC Leo!

Here are few screen shots   from the developers using HTC dragon software on their existing hardware:


Even though the version listed is 1.5, the developers insists that it is 2.0. Few more screen shots of the Software:

image image image

Check out more about HTC Dragon.


T-Mobile Announced Samsung Behold-2: An Android Phone

image T-Mobile announced the upcoming availability of the   Samsung Behold 2, an Android powered Smartphone.   Samsung Behold 2 comes with an AMOLED touch screen display and will be launched this holiday season.There is a   good chance possibility that you could buy Samsung Behold 2 this Halloween.

Behold 2 is a successor to   Samsung Behold, which has 3.2 Mega Pixel camera along with AMOLED touch screen display, that released last year. Behold 2 comes with 5 Mega Pixel auto-focus camera.

As mentioned earlier, this phone runs on the Google powered Android OS and comes with the Internet search giant’s services such as Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube and Google Talk as well as thousands of applications and the games from Android Market.

Additional features include a 5.0-megapixel auto-focus camera with flash, Bluetooth 2.1, MP3 player, HSDPA,   Wi-Fi and up to 16GB of external memory from microSD cards. Along with that, users can take advantage of Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, where users can customize three home screens with widgets and applications.

“T-Mobile continues to expand our line-up of Android-powered phones in time for the holiday season with the addition of the Samsung Behold 2,” said Travis Warren, T-Mobile’s director of product marketing. “The premium screen and quality camera coupled with Samsung’s innovative cube menu makes the Behold 2 a multimedia powerhouse.”

Lately, T-Mobile seems to be concentrating more on Android based phones with the T-Mobile G1, T-Mobile MyTouch 3G and upcoming Motorola Cliq. Samsung Behold 2 being an add-on to it. Surely, the AMOLED screen is one of the plus points for the phone and not too long ago   Samsung had announced that, they would concentrate on AMOLED touch screen phones. AMOLED which stands for active-matrix organic light emitting diode, provides better image quality and consumes lesser power, saving your phones battery life.

Charge Dell Latitude Z Wirelessly


If you are a gadget freak, no doubt you would be carrying hell loads of gadgets with you all the time. However, along with these gadgets   come the chargers and the Wires.  With all those of wires, it’s definitely a mess.

Dell Latitude,   that measures just over half an inch thick, weighs 4.5 pounds has come up with unique feature for laptops, wireless charging (Palm pre, mobile, already has it). Yes, no more wires. Just place your laptop on the top of the dock for charging and its done. No prize for guessing that it might burn your wallet, but $200 to avoid the mess, that those wires create on your workstation is totally worth it.

Dell Latitude Z comes with Core 2 Duo SU9400, 2GB of DDR3 & a 64GB SSD and would cost you around $2,159 (includes the dock for wireless charging).


Microsoft Ties With RCom

In the competition with Android, Apple and age old Symbian phones, Microsoft wishes to stay in the competition with its windows based phones. On 30th September, Microsoft announced its unique tie up with Reliance Communication (RCom).


This tie up between Microsoft and RCom will be targeted towards   Windows Mobile users. Reliance Communications subscribers will now be offered services such as push email, support, chat, photo-sharing, content back-up and other applications as part of Windows Mobile services. These services will be available both to prepaid and postpaid subscribers on GSM as well as CDMA platform.

RCom has also introduced a special data plan offering a monthly data download of 200MB for Rs 95 per month.

Mr Vrajesh Shelat, Head Wireless Data Business said, Our tie-up with Microsoft is part of our overall strategy to strengthen our market share in the fast growing Smartphone segment.   By offering the Windows Mobile Solution, we will be able to address a wider customer base in this segment.   This special data plan for Windows Mobile for post-paid and pre-paid users on Reliance Mobile GSM and CDMA networks will ensure that price is no longer a barrier for premium data services.

Mr. Amajit Gupta, Director Communications and Media Segment, Microsoft India said, This is a one of kind partnership between Reliance Communications and Microsoft that underscores the importance of the mobile software in delivering an unmatched user experience. Windows Mobile is India’s leading smartphone platform and this unique partnership will help ensure that more customers can access Windows Mobile solutions at very attractive prices.

Our Views

This might excite the already WinMo users, but we are very doubtful that it might get them new customers. For one reason being windows mobile operating system is not as exciting at their desktop operating system is. It is to be seen how many Apple, Nokia or Android phone users can be converted into WinMo users after this deal.


Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad


We have seen lots of wireless keyboard in the past, but not the one with a touch pad built in it. EFO’s keyboard offers much more than  a touchpad. EFO’s wireless keyboard is just more compact and perfectly fits in your palm. The device that weighs   about 60g comes with dimensions of 83mm x 126 mm x 9mm.

That being said, it is designed so that it  can be used with HTPCs. It supports three operating systems: Windows (2000, XP & Vista), Linux (Debian-3.1, Redhat-9.0, Ubuntu-8.10, Fedora-7.0) and   Mac OS (with USB port). It can also be used on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii games consoles. It can also be used up for the lecturer, meeting presenter, classroom teacher, sales manager or anyone using a projected image.

Not a bad deal for just $40. What do you say?


Nokia Announces Twist on Verizon Network


This weird but cute looking handset named as the Nokia 7705 Twist will be launched under Verizon network. Nokia 7705 Twist has a unique square shaped design with rounded edges and a square screen. Swivel the screen to unveil the unique QWERTY keypad.

The phone features include 2.4″ QVGA TFT Screen, fair enough for the compact device. It comes with Contact Light Ring-Allows you to set different color lights for different contacts. Nokia 7705 Twist also has a 3 mega-pixel Camera with Flash, Autofocus and Timer with Video Recording capabilities.

Sadly enough it comes with a 2.5mm audio jack. This means, you cannot use your favorite headphones with Nokia 7705 Twist. We can’t really understand the motive behind this, since even the lamest phones in market comes with 3.5mm audio jack these days.

The phone is up for grabs on the Verizon network for 99 US$ with a two-year contract. The price is after a 50 US$ mail-in-rebate.




Google Wave Hands-On Review

Google Wave is an awesome real-time service for sharing docs, sending emails and much more. In-fact it is the most anticipated product of the year and people are already desperate to get their hands on a invite.

Luckily we have access to a developer preview of . Here is a hands-on review of Google wave that talks about some of the features of this much anticipated new service from Google.

Welcome to Google Wave

Once you login to your Google wave account, you will see your Inbox. You can check your recent messages and reply to them from the Inbox.

Google Wave Inbox

You can also sort your messages by using tags. This is a bit similar to the label feature in .

To start a conversation or discussion with contacts you can create a new wave in your account.

To create a new wave: Click on the New wave tab, and start typing. After typing your message just hit done and a  message with add participantswill pop up. You can add participants from your contacts with whom you want to share your wave updates.

Add New Google Wave

You can add unlimited contacts to a wave. However, the contact you want to add should also be using Google wave.

After you have added the contacts you can type your messages in the wave. The messages will automatically be streamed to the contacts in real-time. This will include even the corrections you make while typing. For example, if you make spelling mistakes and hit backspace, everything will be visible to the person you are chatting with.

This feature already exists while editing in collaborative mode.

Google Wave Gadgets

In addition to creating waves, you can also add gadgets to your Wave homepage. Google provides an API for developers to develop their own gadgets. Here are few of the gadgets that I tried.

Google Maps


You can access Google Maps to find directions and more in Google Wave.

Online Invitations


The Online invitations gadgets is a kick-ass tool that allows you to send invites directly within your email message. You do not need to create calendar events to send the online invitations.

There are several other gadgets available in Google Wave that are pretty useful.

Best Google Wave Features

The best feature in Google Wave according to me is the ability to embed your Google wave anywhere on the Internet. You can embed your Google wave on your blog, forums and even inside email messages.

Google wave also acts like a wiki collaborative tool. Anything posted in Google wave, by you or your contact can be edited by anyone.

Google wave also has a playback feature allowing you replay the wave to see if you missed out on any conversations or other things. Users are notified about changes made in the new or old wave through the browser.

Uploading pictures, videos or any other file is very easy with Google Wave. You just need to drag and drop the file inside your mail. The file will be automatically uploaded and inserted into the message, ready to be sent out to your friends.

Google Wave Picture Messages

Voila!! the file is inside your wave ready to be shared. You can view files inside certain wave as slideshows or even copy them to a new wave.

Documents sharing is again very easy. The best part is the undo feature which allows you to revert back changes any number of times.

Overall Google wave is worth waiting for. Google Wave invites will be on its way sometime soon. We will definitely try and hand out few invites to our readers so keep tuned for more information about the invites.

Breaking News: Nokia Acquires Dopplr

On Monday, Nokia, the Finnish mobile company announced that it has acquired Dopplr, a Social Atlas service for travelers.


Neither Nokia nor Dopplr disclosed the amount for which the deal was signed but it was earlier suggested that Nokia would acquire Dopplr for $15 million to $22 million. Dopplr is widely used by people who like to travel a lot. Dopplr allows users to plan a trip & share data with friends/family and also shares the same on microblogging sites like twitter.

Nokia does not plan to alter the service. The press release says The acquisition does not change the current Dopplr service which is available at and on platforms where Dopplr is integrated.

About Nokia
Nokia is a pioneer in mobile telecommunications and the world’s leading maker of mobile devices. Today, we are connecting people in new and different ways – fusing advanced mobile technology with personalized services to enable people to stay close to what matters to them. We also provide comprehensive digital map information through NAVTEQ; and equipment, solutions and services for communications networks through Nokia Siemens Networks.

About Dopplr
Dopplr is a service for smart travellers. Dopplr members share personal and business travel plans privately with their networks, and highlight interesting places to stay, eat and explore in cities around the world. Dopplr presents this collective intelligence – the travel patterns and preferences of the world’s most frequent travellers – as a Social Atlas.

Sprint to launch Instinct HD

Sprint, a wireless and wireline telecom service provider   is geared up to launch Samsung Instinct HD on its network.


Samsung Instinct HD is the   successor   of Samsung Instinct.   Instinct HD comes with a 5 Mega pixel camera, camcorder and much more. Its   TV-out HD connection will allow users to play videos/photos on an HD capable auxiliary device.

This   phone also comes with full Opera Mobile 9.7 browser for enhanced browsing experience and along with this, users can avail high-speed connectivity of Sprint’s 3G network (EVDO Rev.A).

Other features include a WiFi connectivity, light sensor, accelerometer and proximity sensor with haptic feedback.

Samsung Instinct HD will be available from 11 October 2009 in all the   Sprint company-owned retailers for USD 249.99 with a new two-year service agreement, after a USD 100 mail-in rebate. You can pre-order it from the coming Sunday from Samsung Instinct HD at Best Buy Mobile.

(via press release)

Vodafone UK To Launch HTC Tattoo

Vodafone UK has officially confirmed their second Android based phone HTC Tattoo. HTC Tattoo is supposed to be an entry level phone with a 2.8resistive touch screen display. Tattoo will arrive on the network this October . I feel that the most amazing feature of HTC Tattoo is it’s replaceable   covers. I also like that you can enjoy your own distinct mobile experience using the latest HTC Senseâ„¢ technology.


HTC Tattoo features:

HTC Tattoo comes with decent 3.2 Mega Pixel camera with with autofocus (no flash) for an entry level phone. HTC Tattoo will be powered with 528 MHz Qualcomm MSM7225 chipset.

Other features include WiFi, A-GPS, MicroSD support, 3G connectivity, bluetooth, email support and poly ring tones. HTC Touch comes with internal memory of 512MB which can be expanded upto 4GB for your Mp3 music library collection.

HTC Tattoo sounds like a great device if it comes for around in $450-500 USD. There is no announcement on the pricing of the device.   It’s   rumored that it would be lesser than that of the Vodafone HTC Magic.

Samsung’s First Android Phone i7500 Launched In India

Tata Docomo and Samsung Mobiles today announced Samsung’s first Android based phone; Samsung Galaxy (I7500) in India. Samsung Galaxy (i7500) comes with inbuilt Google mobile services.

Samsung Galaxy comes with 5 Mega Pixel camera, supports various multimedia formats and 3.2AMOLED touch screen. Samsung Galaxy also gives you 7.2 Mbps HSDPA and WiFi connectivity so that you enjoy Google’s mobile services with high speed internet on your phone. The 1500mAh Battery will ensure that your phone is your best buddy even if you use it for the entire day.


Features of Samsung Galaxy

  • 5 MP Camera
  • 3G
  • Wifi
  • 8GB Internal Memory
  • External Memory (MicroSD) expandable upto 32 GB
  • AMOLED Display

The Samsung Galaxy is priced at INR 28,990.

(via) (via)

Baby Name Finder: App For iPhone

Happy Baby


Are you soon parent-to-be? Or already a parent with no clue on where  to start searching a sweet name for your baby. Definitely you don’t want to end up like Rachael and Ross, Friends Fame, who end up stealing the name for their kid from Monica.

Baby Names finder is a new app on the 75,000+ apps that could be found on Apple’s app store. The app comes with a database of 15,000 names which definitely is one huge database to confuse you more than untangle the situation. But features like Add to favorite,"Name Search" and "Most popular" might just help you. And if you are already in the above Rachael and Ross situation, then please don’t steal your baby’s name from your friend, instead use "I feel lucky" random name generator.

Download from app store for $4.99.

Nokia Completes LTE Modem

Nokia recently announced that it has completed trials with the first of its Long Term Evolution (LTE) capable Internet Modem.

The trials were conducted upon Nokia Internet Modem RD-3. Nokia Internet Modem RD-3 is not meant to be used by the consumers. The RD-3 can operate on GSM/EDGE as well as WCDMA/HSPA.

Nokia is a founding member in the LTE/SAE Trial Initiative (LSTI) and carries out interoperability testing with a number of network vendors, collaborates with measurement equipment manufacturers and is ready to support operators with their LTE deployment activities. The Nokia Internet Modem RD-3 is used in all these activities,said Jani Mäenpää, Project Manager of Nokia’s LTE/SAE Interoperability and Trials.

Nokia formerly advocating WiMAX 4G standard has now switched its attention to LTE development of high speed 4G wireless. There will be no WIMAX bandwidth not available to LTE. Telenor’s head of network technology strategies, Knut Erik Walter said “LTE is for sure going to lead. HSPA is sufficient until we get to LTE. This is our best way forward.”