World’s Longest Email Address [DYK]

Here is a fun fact for the nerd in you. World’s longest email address is 345 characters long and belongs to Peter Craig. The address has actually been put together by appending a ridiculously long sub-domain and using that as par tof the email address. Here is the complete address:

contact-admin-hello-webmaster-info-services-peter-crazy-but-oh-so[email protected]

The address has practically no use, unless we count the effort to get attention for having the longest email address.

On the other hand, when it comes to world’s shortest email address, there are probably many candidates. Any email address associated with domains like or can claim to have a 6 character email address.

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Caderno Is a Free Notepad Replacement With Tabs

To me, Notepad is an  indispensable  piece of software, however, there are many times when I wish Notepad had a little more features. If you are looking for a text editor that is not as heavy-duty as MS Word or Notepad ++ but does a little more than Windows Notepad, Caderno is a pretty good choice.

In addition to all the basic features of Notepad, Caderno optimizes your editing by letting you work in tabs, display line numbers and even does syntax high-lighting for many programming languages including INI, XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Java.

Along with built-in crash recovery, unicode support and code and parameter completion for PHP functions, Caderno also lets you manage your work in sessions. The Firefox style find/replace feature also comes in pretty handy when you are editing your text files. The tool works with all Windows OS including XP, Vista and 7, and also has a portable and a U3 version for USB drives.

Here is a quick summary of features that Caderno offers:

  • Tabs
  • Crash recovery
  • Session management
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Unicode support
  • Line numbers
  • Portable versions
  • Supports all Windows OS.

It is a great tool to create and edit simple text documents or code and the main reason why it is so useful is the option to use it as simply as Notepad or as extensively as Notepad ++ depending on your requirements.

Download Caderno here

Learn How To Swear In 200 Different Languages With YouSwear

Let’s face it, swearing in a foreign language is cool. Not only that, if you have a group of friends from another culture, the best way to get close to them is to learn some swear words from their language so you can feel more like a part of their team. And YouSwear is fantastic tool to learn that.

YouSwear teaches you how to swear in over 200 different languages from all over the world. The languages are sorted in alphabetical order and clicking on any language displays the swear word, its translation in English, and an option for you to vote it up or down based on its accuracy. Many words and phrases are also accompanied by handy pronunciations.  While some languages only contain 5-6 swearing terms, some have a large list for you to choose from.  These include simple words as well as large phrases describing actions. You can also search the collection, submit your own swearing words or browse through the ‘Swear of the Day’ feature.

The website is not ideal for minors or people who easily get offended with this stuff.

Yogile Is The Most User-Friendly and Collaborative Photo Sharing Tool

Photo sharing tools are dime a dozen and it takes some significant innovation for a new tool to make its mark. Yogile has done just that in the past few days. Yogile is a new photo sharing tool that makes sharing photos a painless procedure.

The sign-up process takes less than 10 seconds and is only required for the user who originally creates the album. Other users who are just viewing the album need not register at all. You can upload photos using the web interface, your mobile phone or even upload photos by sending as email attachments. Yogile assigns a random email address to every album you create, however, you can edit it to something that will be easy remembered.

Each album also gets a permanent URL so it can be easily shared via email or social network. When sharing albums by sending email to your friends, Yogile let’s you import contacts from Gmail, MSN and Yahoo! When a user clicks on an album, the pictures are initially displayed as regular size thumbnails but can be switched to smaller or larger thumbnails with a single click. Albums can also be viewed as a slide show or downloaded with a single click. Once inside an album, you can browse through photos by using the “right” and “left” arrow keys, download the image in original resolution or rotate it.

You can rename your album or change the assigned email address at any time. The albums can also be protected with an optional password or made public by checking the “List Publicly” box. The only issue is that Yogile gives you a limited space of 100 MB so it cannot be used as a photo storage website but rather a quick and easy way to share photos with friends and family.

Law Suit Alleges Disney and Tracked Users and Breached Privacy

A recent lawsuit filed last week alleges that Disney, and some other top sites using ClearSpring technology to serve widgets on their websites, did more than just that. The suit alleges that in addition to traditional cookies, the ClearSpring scripts also installed flash cookies on a user’s computer. Interestingly, when a user deletes traditional cookies, the flash cookies remain intact and were used in this case to track user behavior beyond the scope of the website.

The suit claims that users were tracked even as they moved from one computer to another and private information such as their video viewing preferences or profile  characteristics  were also collected by ClearSpring. It is still not clear if Disney and other affiliate websites that ran ClearSpring widgets were aware of the abusive tracking or not, but even if they were not it doesn’t totally make them free of  responsibility.

The suit traces its roots back to a study performed by UC Berkley researches showing that websites use Adobe Flash to  surreptitiously  collect data on users. The study claimed that ClearSpring and its rival QuantCast even use the flash cookies to re-instate traditional cookies after a user had removed them; a strategy knows as “re-spawning”.

All this doesn’t help the already troubled state of privacy when it comes to web and social media. With Google and Facebook already in hot water for allegedly compromising privacy of millions of users, something like this would even make things worse for internet companies. On the brighter side, the increased number of suits and claims of compromised privacy may just prove to be enough for the federal authorities to take serious action and come up with adequate regulations.

Apple Employee Arrested For Taking Kickbacks

A joint investigation by FBI and IRS, recently resulted in the arrest of 37 year old Paul Shin Devine who is a global supply manager for Apple. Devine allegedly received around $1 Million in kickbaks and bribes from various Apple suppliers for providing them with confidential information. This information helped these suppliers negotiate favorable contacts with Apple Inc while supplying various components of iPhone and iPod.

As the story goes, Devine used many bank accounts opened in his and his wife’s name to receive kickbacks from these suppliers which are scattered through several Asian countries including China, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore. Paul Devine even received some payments in cash whenever he traveled to any of these countries. Apple has regarded this behavior as intolerant ans has filed a separate lawsuit against Paul Devine and his partners. Here is what the Apple spokesperson had to say about the incident:

Apple is committed to the highest ethical standards in the way we do business. We have zero tolerance for dishonest behavior inside or outside the company.


CloudFail Monitors Popular Cloud Hosting Services

With all the hoopla about the whole world moving to the cloud soon, how does one make sure which cloud hosts are working fine and which have crashed? CloudFail is the answer to that question. It is a free web service that constantly monitor popular hosts and post status updates if there is any down time, maintenance or other issues.

The list of hosts include Amazon Web Services, DropBox, OpenDNS, Google Apps, RackSpace, VPS and many more. Several status updates are posted daily about services going through any activity that may affect users or performance. You can also click on any of the service and see current historical status updates. Each status update also gets a permanent URL so you can share it with your friends.

If you are the service provider or think that the information is not accurate, there is an option to post comments on each update. It is a great tool to keep track of whats going on with your service provider and take appropriate actions to  accommodate  for any down time and  performance  issues.

Visit Cloudfail

Did Vinay Deolalikar Just Solved One of Computer Science’s Most Complex Problems?

Vinay Deolalikar is the principal research scientist over at HP Labs and has recently claimed to have solved one of the most complex problems of Computer Science. The problem is actually so complex that Clay Mathematics Institute had announced a $1 Million prize award for whoever solves the problem. Whether Vinay would get the money or not will be decided once the institute can verify Vinay’s solution.

The problem that Vinay has tried to solve is called the P vs NP problem and deals with the existence of questions that can be answered quickly but require an impossibly long amount of time to be solved by any direct procedure. The complete details of the problem can be found here. As a result of his research, Vinay claims he has found proof that P is not equal to NP, meaning that an NP (nondeterministic polynomial time) problem can only be solved by brute force. The complete paper offered by Vinay can be accessed here.

Many scientists from around the world have expressed appreciation for Vinay’s effort but no body has started  celebrating  just yet. They all explained that Vinay’s proof and logic would have to be tested extensively before it can be claimed accurate.

Vinay has a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT and a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics from University of Southern California. Vinay routinely gives lectures on Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory at Stanford University.

[Via NetworkWorld]

Share Cheat Sheets and Programming Stuff With QuicklyCode

With the titanic amount of information on the web, it gets harder and harder to organize content so it is easily available without complex searching. Well, if you are a web developer or programmer, you don’t need to worry about that as QuicklyCode is a great resource to find all you need.

It is a community of programmers and developers to share cheat sheets, code snippets, widgets, tutorials, info graphics and even apps. Everything is categorized and can be browsed through using the tag cloud or searched using a keyword. The categories include programming languages like Fortran, C++, Python, design tools like GIMP, Photoshop, Illustrator and even simple platforms like WordPress, Facebook and Firefox.

You can download the information, rate it to provide feedback as well as read and post comments. Each cheat sheet includes information like author’s name, date of upload and a link to author’s website. If you think you have worked some info that can help other people, feel free to upload it to QuicklyCode. The collection is not huge right now but the more people start using it, the more beneficial it would get. Think about how much time it can save you if you can borrow code for something specific instead of spending hours writing  and debugging it.

Find Size Of Any Image By Placing Your Mouse Over It [Chrome]

Web designers and developers have a constant need to find out image sizes and even though there are a number of browser extensions that let you measure pixels on a web page, however, they all require multiple steps. On the other hand, ImageResolution is a Chrome extension that lets you find the size of an image by simply placing your mouse over it.

As soon as you hover your mouse on any image, whether its a thumbnail or a full-size image, the extension immediately displays its size on the top right corner of the browser. No buttons to click and no lines to draw. Just a dead simple functionality with a no-hassle interface.

You can also change the font size and background color of the display by changing the options. It is a must-have extensions for anybody who constantly work with images. The upcoming version of the extension will also add a feature to allow users to quickly view the weight (KB) of any image by just placing your mouse over it.

Download ImageResolution for Chrome here.