Tweetwally: An Awesome Way To Display Selected Tweets

I am a passionate follower of Cricket and often search Twitter for latest news and updates. However, the process of searching on Twitter using the same hashtag again and again is a bit tiresome. I always wished there was a way to just go to a single URL and see all the tweets related to Cricket. I just found an awesome tool to do just that!

Tweetwally lets you create a public wall where you can display tweets from a specific hashtag, username or keyword You can also further narrow down your selection by combining two criteria for example using the hastag cricket and username abc would only show you tweets from the user abc containing the hashtag of cricket.

The best part, however, is the option to create a permanent webpage with a customized URL. For example, I created to keep track of all the cricket updates. You can also customize the look of your page by choosing from three different themes or specifying your own color combinations.

Tweetwally also provides you with an embed code so you can display your wall on a blog or website.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

Tweetwally is one of the best Twitter apps around. It is an application that actually serves a purpose rather than just adding to the look and feel of Twitter. The only feature I wish they would add is the ability to combine more than one hashtags to create the wall.

Copy Text In Firefox Without Formatting, Spaces and Links

There is often a need to copy text from a web page and even though Ctrl + C works wonders, it often includes unnecessary formatting like links, spaces and font sizes. For example, during writing articles I often have to copy quotations from a web page, but to get rid of the formatting, I have to first copy it in notepad and then copy it back again to where I want.

This is a hassle. Thankfully there is an add-on that can save us from this drill. The Copy Plain Text extension for Firefox removes all the layout and formatting when you copy text from a webpage. Once installed, the add-on will give you an option of copy as plain text when you right-click on a piece of text.

You can also customize the options for the add-on and select whether to trim spaces around text, remove extra spaces and/or remove extra empty lines.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

Copy Plain Text is a wonderful text tool that can save you a lot of time when copying from a webpage. It takes less than a minute to install and the fact that it is such a light-weight yet value-adding add-on, makes it even better.

[Via HowToGeek]

How To Create The Tilt Shift Effect In Your Photos

You must have come across many photos that focus on a small part of the image while rest of the thing is just a blurry background. This is called the Tilt Shift effect. For example look at the picture below, it only focuses on the car and the street while everything else is just a blur.

Now look at the original photo:

Usually this would take a significant time and skill to accomplish but I will show you how to do it in less than 30 seconds. They key is a great tool called Tilt Shift Generator.

Once you have downloaded and installed the Adobe AIR based tool from here, simple open the image you want to create the tilt shift effect in. You will now see a small white circle over the picture, simple click on the area of the picture that you want to focus on. You will see that rest of the image will automatically go blur. You can also change the size of the focused area by dragging the big white dot at the border of the circle.

Dragging it clockwise increase the size of the focused area while dragging it anti-clockwise reduces it. You can also accomplish this by adjusting the settings on your left hand side.

This is it! Simply save the modified picture and show off.

Here is a short video where I have tried to create a Tilt Shift effect in the photos above.

Facebook and Twitter Now Available On Xbox 360

Integration of social media with gaming consoles like PS3 and Xbox is no breaking news. It had been in works for quite some time and now we are seeing the official roll-out of these features.

As of today, Xbox 360 users who have an Xbox live membership can enjoy popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Zune HD on their consoles. Facebook and Twitter will appear automatically on the dashboard within your My Community Channel. While Zune HD and can be found in the Video and Music channels respectively.

So now Xbox 360 users can update their Facebook and Twitter status right from their consoles and connect to their friends in real-time. The option to view full-screen photos is also available within the Facebook feature. Zune HD allows users to stream HD videos on your Xbox 360 while allows you to listen to music from all over the world. You can also skip, ban and love tracks as you listen to them.

Sprouter: Twitter Like Social Network For Entrepreneurs

New micro-blogging sites similar to Twitter have been coming up every now and then. However, the only ones that take off are the ones focus on a particular niche or community. Adding to the list is a new micro-blogging network called Sprouter.

Sprouter is very similar to Twitter but is focused on entrepreneurs. You can follow people, have people follow you, post messages in your public timeline or send direct message to somebody. A new feature that Sprouter offers and Twitter does not is Topics. Topics are similar in nature to Tags on Twitter but you can follow a topic and see a list of all the topics that you have created, something not available on Twitter.

Sprouter can be particularly useful for entrepreneurs want to network with other entrepreneurs or freelancers.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

Sprouter can be a huge success if it can attract enough entrepreneurs other wise people would just follow #entrepreneurs on Twitter and get what Sprouter promises to offer.

Is Google Going to Rename Their programming Language?

We recently told you about GO, the new programming language introduced by Google. GO is a great initiative by Google that can bring developers closer by offering them a multi-purpose and open-source language for all their development needs.

However, there is just a slight problem. There already exists a programming language called GO. The language GO was introduced by a programmer Francis McCabe back in 2003 and a number of articles and books have been published on it. So what will Google do now?

Well, the smart thing would be to rename their language because the biggest problem they are going to be facing is the conflict in search engine results when users search for GO. People might think that a particular line of code belongs to Google’s GO while it really belongs to McCabe’s GO.

Secondly, it would be the right and ethical thing to do. Google cannot and should not take over the name just because it has the power to do so. The issue is also being discussed heavily on GO’s page and is seeing interesting arguments from both the sides.

Tvider: Share Pictures/Audio/Video On Twitter

We have previously mentioned different applications to share your media on Twitter. For example we told you about to share your audio files on Twitter and mentioned a number of apps to share music and videos. However, the exercise of going to a different application for different type of media can be really time-consuming. What is you could do all this using a single app?

Tvider is a Twitter application that lets you share pictures, audio and video files on Twitter. Simply sign in using your Twitter credentials and browse to the file that you want to share.After that, just type a message and click update to attach the file to your status update.


The best part is that you can record a video directly from your webcam and share on Twitter. The maximum file size is 10 MB.You can always see your tweet history with Tvider and browse through a number of public tweets.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

Tvider is a great app since it eliminates the hassle to deal with 2 or 3 different apps for your different media needs. The webcam feature allows you to record something quickly and share it on Twitter without the need of going to a 3rd party software.

Retweet Feature Temporarily Disabled At Twitter

Twitter started rolling out the retweet feature on its website just last week. A lot of users still have not gotten the feature on their Twitter account and now the question is, when would they?

A lot of users who had gotten the retweet feature recently noticed that the retweet button had disappeared. Now, Twitter has also confirmed that they have temporarily disabled the feature. They have explained on their blog that they had to take down the feature due to some problems. Once they are resolved, the feature would be re-enabled for those who already had it and after that the incremental roll out would continue.

What do you think, is Twitter back to having problems again?

An Inspiring Collection of Custom Facebook Pages

If you are a business, you know how important it is to have a presence on social media like Facebook and Twitter. But you also know that with thousands of businesses of Facebook, it is hard to get noticed.

One way to stand out from the crowd is to have a custom designed Facebook page that speaks up to the user. You can tweak your Facebook page in almost unlimited number of ways and design it however you want. If you don’t know where to start, take my advice and check out

It is a great collection of some really inspiring custom designed Facebook pages. You can browse it by category such as Media, Auto e.t.c. or search by brand name. You can also browse through the pages of top brands by filtering the brands that have more than 1 million fans.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

CustomFacebookPage is a great inspiration for people who are interested in having a customized Facebook page. The collection gives you plenty of ideas about different design elements including layout, color schemes, graphics, fonts e.t.c.

Manage Multiple Google Analytics Accounts Using Trakkboard

If you run Google Analytics on more than one websites, it gets a little time-consuming to go into each website’s profile to check the reports. Now this can be made easy using an application called Trakkboard.

Trakkboard is a desktop application that has been built using Google Analytics API. It allows a user to manage multiple Google Analytics profiles from a single screen. For example, if you are mostly interested in just the unique visitors to all your websites, you can set up a view where Trakkboard pulls Unique Visitors data from all your Google Analytics profiles and show them to you in the same view.

Trakkboard will also refresh the data in all the widgets after a certain interval. You can choose from up to 15 different widgets to setup your customized report. The application is totally free and is available in English, Spanish and German languages.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

Overall, Trakkboard is a great application that will save users a lot of time when managing multiple Google Analytics profiles. It is simple to setup and the ability to create a customized view from different profiles adds a lot of value.

Rating: 3/5