Iagram Is an Encyclopedia Of Diagrams

Diagrams are one of the most unique and simple ways to illustrate a concept. They often work where words don’t. However, searching the internet for diagrams isn’t easy so Iagram has put together a collection for you. Iagram is an encyclopedia of diagrams nicely arranged in an alphabetical order.

So whether you need a diagram to explain the solar system to your 5 year old or want to know what an HDMI cable is made up of, Iagram has it all. In addition to the easy-to-use browsing feature, Iagram also lets you search for diagrams or browse by category such as  Science and Technology, and Geography and places. If you like something, you can also share it on your Facebook profile.

One thing the site currently lacks is to let people submit their own diagrams. This focus on user-based content would allow Iagram to grow tremendously. Another nice addition would be to enable discussions around each diagram so the site becomes more interactive. Over all, it is a great resource for somebody who is searching for diagrams.

Buy.com Sells For $250 Million

Buy.com, a leading online retailer has been acquired by a Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten. The transaction price is believed to be $250 Million and the amount will be paid in cash. Rakuten, which many people outside of Japan are unfamiliar with, is the largest e-commerce portal in Japan and one of the largest portals in Asia. Annual revenues at Rakuten run about $3 Billion and 33,000 merchants use the website to sell their stuff.

This acquisition will help Rakuten expand globally and be more competitive to online e-commerce giants like eBay and Amazon. Rakuten has acquired several internet companies outside of Japan in the last few years including LinkShare for $425 Million. There is absolutely no question about the direction of the firm, i.e. global expansion. Rakuten already is very competitive with the Japanese businesses of sites like Amazon, eBay and Google.

Buy.com had tried to go public in 2000 but after suffering through the dot-com era, founder Scott Blum took the company private again in 2001 after buying ti bank from SoftBank for 17 cents a share. Another reason why Buy.com will be in better hands now is the backing Rakuten gets from its CEO Hiroshi Mikitani who is the sixth richest person in Japan. With a strong backing and a better business model, Buy.com can really take over competitors like OverStock.

Buy/Sell Discounted Gift Cards With CardPool

Gift cards are better than cash, or are they really? Often times people get gift cards for stores they don’t like or would have preferred receiving cash instead. One way to turn your gift cards into cash is to sell them on sites like Craigslist, but another much smoother way is to use a site like CardPool.

CardPool buys your unwanted gift cards at a discount price as long as their is no associated fees or expiration date attached to your card. You fill the online form, mail in your card and get a check in mail. It is a great way to liquidate those unwanted cards and get some hard cash to spend.

On the other hand, you can also buy gift cards at a discounted price via CardPool. Browse through different categories or go through merchant names to see something you like. Cards are offered at a discount of 3% to 30% depending on the vendor and some other stuff. Once you make the payment, CardPool will mail you the card free of cost and give a 100-day purchase guarantee.

It is a great resource built around a very simple idea and will probably do even better as more people learn about it.

Buy Sell Gift Cards

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Manage Windows Processes With ProcessLasso [Free Giveaway For Today]

With dozens of Windows processes running in the background your systems performance can suffer significantly giving you downtime or even freezing your machine. You can of course manage these processes manually if you have that kind of time, but if you don’t, ProcessLasso is a great tool to do that.

ProcessLasso automatically adjusts the priorities of your programs so your system is able to smartly manage the resources and not hinder the performance. It does by lowering the priority of background processes that might be making your computer slow. Plus, there are tons of manual configurations and settings users can do to better manage the processes and resources.

Process Lasso

ProcessLasso which usually costs $25 is being giving away for free today at GiveAwayOfTheDay. It works for almost all versions of Windows including Windows 7 and is very useful tool if you often have problems with downtime or computer unresponsiveness. Supports both 32 and 64-bit builds.

Download ProcessLasso from here

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TalkToMe: An Android App That Translates What You Say

With dozens of apps available to perform text-to-text translation, it has become a thing of the past. TalkToMe is a cool app for Android phones that take translation to the next level. Just say something in English and the app will translate it to desired foreign language. Not only that, the app will actually speak the translated version back to you.

So the app actually takes your speech, converts it into text, translates it and then converts it into speech again. This is fantastic technology and highly useful for people whi often find themselves in a foreign country struggling with the language. The languages supported right now include Spanish, French, German, Italian and UK or USA English. The app is complete free of cost and can be downloaded fron the Android market place.

Android App Talk To Me

Imagine yourself traveling to a remote place in Italy and not knowing enough Italian to ask for directions. With TalkToMe, you don’t need to learn a new language, you just need to know how to use the app. Here is a short video review for TalkToMe courtesy of AndroidApps:

[Image Credit Androlib]

TwitweeClock: A Clock That Cuckoos For Specific Tweets

Twitter has been used in all sorts of amazing things. The latest one is a clock that cuckoo’s everytime a tweet matching your query comes in. This clock called TwitweeClock has been designed by Haroon Baig, a communication designer from Germany.

You can set the TwitweeClock to cuckoo anytime a tweet with your user name or a specific hashtag comes in. For example, in the video below Haroon demonstrates how the TwitweeClock cuckoos when any tweet carried the word TwitweeClock. It is a great tool to be used in emergencies or in situations where you are expecting a critically important tweet but cannot be around your computer or mobile phone.

Once the clock cuckoos, the incoming tweet can be read on a small screen attached to the clock. The screen can also be used to scroll through previous tweets that have come in through to TwitweeClock. Here is some other information on how Haroon put this together:

From a technical point of view the clock consists of a touch screen display with a controller board and a wifi dongle, that is distributed as an open source/ open hardware platform with a linux operating system by Chumby Industries. On the device there is a Flash Lite Player installed, a flash runtime for mobile devices from Adobe. A custom built widget for the Twitwee Clock connects to the Twitter API to receive new tweets. The mechanic of the cuckoo is controlled by the Arduino Board.

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Pakistani Court Orders To Ban Facebook Over Controversial Caricatures

It seems like nothing is going right for Facebook at this time. In addition to the privacy havoc, user complaints and a movie ridiculing its founder, Facebook is now facing a complete country-wide ban in Pakistan. The order to ban Facebook came from a Pakistani Highcourt when Facebook failed to take an initiative in acting against a controversial group that invited people to draw Mohammad’s cartoons.

Interestingly, the group inviting people to draw cartoons only has 42,000 members while the group that is asking Facebook to take action against this has 58,000 members. This however, has failed to get Facebook’s attention. After lots of protests and boycott-Facebook campaigns online, people also gathered on the streets of Pakistan to push Facebook for an action. When disappointed, users appealed the Government to intervene and as a result the ban was issued.

Right now when somebody in Pakistan logs on to Facebook.com, they see a blank page with the message “This site is restricted”. Facebook currently has over 1.8 million users in Pakistan, which may not sound that large of a number but given the tremendous growth Facebook is experiencing in that region, Facebook cannot afford to loose that userbase.

However, it is very probable that the ban will not be permanent. Lot of users in Pakistan are already angry and think that this will only create more hype of the issue. Previously, Pakistan has placed similar bans on YouTube and Blogger.com which were soon revoked.

[Image Credit Dawn]

BestBuy’s Movie Download Service Ready To Launch

BestBuy will provide the service under the brand name CinemaNow. The service will allow users to download latest movies to their connected TV sets, Blue-Ray players and computers at a pay-per-download price. The service is expected to launch by the end of the month and will be powered by Sonic Solutions.  Rentals for new movies will be around $2-$4 while complete purchase would be somewhere between $10 to $20 depending on the title.

Unlike Netflix, the service will not offer any subscription based plans. The CinemaNow.com website by Sonic that currently already offers movie downloads will also be relaunched under the new ownership with a much more user-friendly interface.  This will put BestBuy in direct competition with Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu, fighting out a market which hasn’t been able to bring in much money yet. Walmart tried a similar thing recently by acquiring Vudu but hasn’t been able to make a big impact in the industry yet.

The only two things that can help BestBuy take over this market is offering latest titles and providing the service on a wide array of devices. Theoretically, BestBuy shouldn’t have a problem with either of these factors and if BestBuy can offer the service on a large number of devices that would make it different than services like Netflix and Hulu that only work on a limited number of devices.

Hotmail To Launch a Massive Overhaul This Summer [Screenshots]

With Gmail taking over the world, Hotmail guys don’t want to sit in the back seat and do nothing. As a result, Dick Craddock of Hotmail announced in a blog post today that Hotmail is being re-invented and the new version will be launched sometime this summer.

The post goes into lots of details about users’ needs and the changes Hotmail is making to meet those needs, but here is a quick summary:

Hotmail Highlights: As soon as you log into your Hotmail inbox, you’ll see a summary of messages such as email from contacts, social updates e.t.c.

Email categories: Even within your inbox, you will see tabs like From Contacts, Social Updates and From Groups.

Sweep: Sweep is more like  Rules or  Filters in Gmail. You can sweep email in bulk from inbox to folders or set rules to do it for new mail as well. You can also do it for your Gmail and Yahoo! mail accounts that have been integrated to Hotmail.

Photos & Documents: In addition to viewing photos right in your inbox, Hotmail will now use the Office web apps to let you open any Word, Excel or Powerpoint within your inbox as well.

Videos: Watch a video from YouTube or Hulu directly in your inbox.

In addition to these, the new Hotmail will also offer a better syncing with your mobile phone, enhanced account protection, sub-folders, contact management, multiple email account and full session SSL. More details and discussions of these and more features is available at HotmailPreview.com.

Over all, the changes are great for Hotmail users but there is absolutely nothing in these offerings that Gmail already does not offer. Hotmail can definitely say they will be better than their current state but I think they would still be in no comparison to Gmail.

ISParade Makes a Cute Parade Animation Of Your Twitter Timeline

There are hundreds of tools that let you view your Twitter timeline and do all sorts of fancy things on Twitter. ISParade, however, is the most fun app to view Twitter. Instead of showing your friends and their tweets as text, everything is converted into a very cute animation parade with some really up beat background music.

To start, just enter a Twitter username or a keyword and ISParade will convert those tweets and their users into a marching band parade. Each user is represented by an animated guy with profile picture as his head and the tweet popping up as a bubble. Just sit back and enjoy the show! You can turn off the music anytime pr even take a screen capture for your blog or mobile phone with the built-in photo capture tool.

It is undoubtedly one of the coolest Twitter apps around.

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