Easily Print CD/DVD Covers With Undercover XP

Do you want to create a CD/DVD cover, but don’t know from where to start? Now you can create and print CD/DVD covers without spending a single penny. Undercover XP is a tiny utility that will help you to easily print pre-designed CD and DVD covers.

Undercover XP Front

Undercover XP DEsigns And Layouts

Undercover XP comes with 25 pre-designed layouts, which includes covers for CD, DVD, Blu-Ray as well as for Playstation and Nintendo Wii.

It supports JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP formats and it can automatically scale front covers, back covers, front + inside, inlays, DVD Boxes, Digital Pictures and CD/DVD labels to the correct sizes.

Undercover XP comes with 6 different skins and supports 27 different languages. You can even customize all the pre-designed layouts with the help of in-built “Format Editor

UndercoverXP is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

[ Download UndercoverXP ]

Boost Up Your Firefox Speed With SpeedyFox

Though Firefox is the most preferred browser, it lacks speed as compared to Google Chrome. Firefox can be customized easily with the help of thousand of addons, but it is far behind in terms of speed.

Speedy Fox

SpeedyFox is a tiny utility that will boost up the speed of Firefox with a single click. SpeedyFox will speed-up the browsing history and it will perform faster operations with the cookies. Because of this your Firefox will startup 3 times faster and pages will be loaded with an increadible speed.

Firefox BoosterSpeedyfox won’t alter your existing profile. It will keep all your bookmarks as well as passwords as it is. It will defragment the database in a safe manner. SpeedyFox will boost up the overall speed of Firefox.

We have tested SpeedyFox and it proves to be the best Firefox optimization utility. Just optimize your Firefox with the help of this tiny utility and you will know the difference within a second. We recommend this utility to all the fans of Mozilla Firefox. Happy Surfing!

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Fix Registry Problems Within A Minute With Registry Technician

Registry problem occours due to various reasons. One of the most common reason is, frequent installation and uninstallation of softwares. Due to problems in registry,  our computer gets slow as the days goes by. It is therefore necessary to cleanup our registry on a regular basis.

Registry Technician

Registry Technician is a free registry optimizer that completely cleans the registry and solves all the problems related to it. It takes less than a minute to clean and optimize the registry. It will sovle your registry problems such as corrupt registry entries relating to drivers, invalid file associations and missing windows classes.

It will help you to cleanup your program menus to make it more efficient. Before cleaning the registry, it will also prompt you to backup the registry so that you can restore it, if any critical problem occours in future.

You can schedule it as per your requirements so that your registry remain clean everyday. You can even choose whether you want to clean your registry manually or automatically. If you face any critical problem after cleaning the registry, you can restore the registry with this program itself. Registry Technican is one of the best software in its category.

[ Download Registry Technician ]

How To Secure Your Orkut Account In 5 Easy Steps

Orkut is the no.1 social networking site in India. Though Facebook has a large user base in India, it is not even close to Orkut. Orkut is hugely popular in India, because it matched the Indian minds in terms of simplicity. Though Orkut is simple, it is not secure as compared to Facebook. Today, we will show you how to completely secure your Orkut account in 5 easy steps.

Before we start, let me first tell you that this post is specially written, keeping in mind, the users within the age group of 13 to 24 years.

First you will first need to go to the settings and then click on the privacy tab as shown below:

Orkut Privacy Settings

Steps To Secure Your Orkut Profile/Account

1) Restrict Access To Your Content

Orkut Restrict Contents

Allow only your friends to view and access your contents. This will help to keep strangers away from your profile. Scrapbook, videos and testimonials contains a lot of personal information, if accessed by others, may result in threats.

2) Friends Request By Known Persons

Orkut Friends Request

Under the friends request section, select the option “anyone who fits one of the following selected options” and then the first option will be automatically checked, leave the other two options as it is. This options will make sure that only your friends will be able to send you the friends request, only if they know your email address. This is an very important feature in Orkut’s security. After enabling this option, you will not get useless and irritating friends request from strangers.

3) Hide Cell Phone Number

Hide Cell Phone Number In Orkut

If you verify your  Orkut  account or any other services related to Orkut, you cell phone number is automatically attached to your account. If you  don’t  want to invite any troubles, select “myself” in the options, as shown above.

4) Show Email Address Only To Friends

Hide Primary Email Address In Orkut

If you don’t want to be a winner of some lottery from South Africa or if you  don’t  want  to buy cheap stuffs at a  heavy  discount, just show your email  address  only to your friends and no one else. Many of my friends who  haven’t  hidden  their  email address,  received  as many as 500 spam messages everyday.

5) Don’t Allow Others To Find You Through Email

Find With Email In Orkut

You may have used your email address in thousands of forums as well as in many other websites. Any one who knows your email address can easily find you on Orkut. Hence it is  recommended  not to allow people to find you through your email address. Many of you may agree with this but there may be a large amount of people who would disagree as their long lost friends would not be able to find them on Orkut. The choice is yours.

Following these steps would definitely make you account much secure  and you  will no more receive  unnecessary  friends request. Parents can assure that, their  kids are miles away from strangers. Happy Social  Networking!

How To Get Email Alerts in India via SMS For Free

It is not possible to stay online round-the-clock just for checking new mails. Even email providers such as Gmail and Hotmail doesn’t provide any alert facilities. Today we will show you, the  easiest  way to get alerts on your mobile phone for each incoming mails and that too for free! Way2SMS, the most popular free SMS provider in India, has  introduced  a new email alerts feature that can send you SMS alerts as soon as a new mail  reaches  your inbox. This service is absolutely free and there are no strings attached with this feature.

How To Activate This Feature?

1) Register your account at Way2SMS.

2) After  registration, you will get a virtual email id <username>@way2sms.com

3) Go to settings, click on Mail Alerts tab and then activate the mail alerts feature as shown below

Activate Email Alerts

How To Use This Feature In Gmail And Google Apps?

1) Login to your Gmail/ Google Apps Mail Account.

2) Click on Settings.

3) Click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

4) Enter your virtual Way2SMS email id as shown below and save the settings.


How To Use This Feature In Windows Live Hotmail?

1) Login to your Windows Live Hotmail Account.

2) Click on options and the click on more options.

3) Then click on “Forward mail to another e-mail account” under Manage your account.

4) Enter your virtual Way2SMS email id as shown below and save the settings.

Forward Mails From hotmail

We have tested this feature and have no complaints. SMS Alerts reached our cellphone within 1 minute. You can also chose when you want to receive the alerts and from whom you want to receive SMS alerts. The main benefit is that we don’t need GPRS activated on our cell phone. Moreover this service is absolutely free.

Note: 1) This feature is available only to the mobile users in India.

2) This feature cannot be activated on Yahoo! Mail as Yahoo has stopped forwarding mails feature in both version of Yahoo! Mail.

3) This feature expires in every 14 days. You must activate it in every 14 days for continues usage of this service.

Backup And Restore Your Favorite Browser With FavBackup

These days, Internet browsers contain important information such as bookmarks, site preferences and saved passwords. Losing this kind of valuable data can cost us a big deal. So backing up browser data makes a lot of sense in the times, when most of our work is done in the ‘cloud’.

If you are a power user and use multiple browsers, it can be a very lengthy process to backup each and every browser with its respective backup programs. To make things simpler, we introduce you to FavBackup, an easy-to-use software that can backup and restore all the information from your favorite browsers.

FavBackup Main Window

Currently it can backup and restore data from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari and Google Chrome. To use this program, you just need to select backup and then the browser you want to backup, after that click next.

Backup Firefox With FavBackup

Now select the all the options that you want to backup, after that just select the location where you want to save all your backup and then select next and then click on finish. Now all your data have been saved in the location you have specified earlier.

To restore a browser’s settings, just select restore and the browser and then continue with the same steps as shown above

Restore Google Chrome

We have tested this software on all the supported browser and it hasn’t disappointed us. It also has a safe mode, where you can safely backup and restore your browsers. In general mode, it will backup and restore only the default profile, but in safe mode, it will backup and restore all the profiles associated with the browser. This program is completely portable, so you can carry it anywhere in your USB.

Download FavBrowser

Take Basic Text Editing To Next Level With Easy Writer

Normally we use Wordpad to create and edit documents if we haven’t installed any of the office suite. But the main drawback of Wordpad is that, it provides only basic features. Here is an alternate to Wordpad, that takes basic editing to the next level.

Easy Writer 09 is an excellent alternate to Wordpad with an elegant look. It also sport a ribbon interface, that you may have earlier used in Microsoft Office.

Easy Writer 09

Best features of Easy Writer 09

Ribbon Interface

Ribbon Interface In Easy Writer 09

You may be familiar with the ribbon interface if you have earlier used Microsoft Office 2007. Ribbon Interface proves to be much easier and efficient as compared to the old menu style interface. Though the Wordpad provided in Windows 7 already have ribbon interface, this software will help the users of Windows XP and Vista to get the same look and feel right inside their OS.

Clear Everything

Clear Everything In Easy Writer 09

Many a times you need to delete everything that you have written, for this you normally keep pressing the backspace key or you may first select all the text with ctrl+a and then press delete key. To make this process much simpler, a single button is provided to clear all the text in the document.

Open Audio, Video And Images

Open Audio Video Images Files

Most of us have the habit of listening songs while doing work. But if you are writing something inside Easy Writer 09, just forget any other music players because you can play audio, video as well as image files right inside the program itself.

Although there are many advantages of using this software, but one of the biggest disadvantage is that you can open and save files only in .rtf (Rich Text Files) format. It would be better if they have provided support for more file formats.

We would definitely recommend you to use this software as it provides many exiting features as compared to any other basic text editor.

Download Easy Writer 09

How To Remove Background From An Image In Microsoft Word 2010?

Microsoft Word 2010 has lots of new features as compared to its previous version. One of the best feature is to remove background from any image of your choice. Removing background from images will make your documents look very attractive.

Follow These Steps To Remove Background From Any Images in Microsoft Word 2010

1) Click on Insert tab and then select “Picture

Word 2010 Insert Picture Images

2) Once you have inserted the image, click on format tab and select “Background Removal

Word 2010 Background Removal Tool

3) Now select the area from which you want to remove the background

Marking Points Background Removal Word 2010

4) You can do advanced editing by marking the points in the image rather than selecting the area using the rectangle area selection tool.

Include Points Background Removal Word 2010

5) After you have selected the area, click on “Close Background Removal

Close Background Removal In Word 2010

Now the background from your image will removed. Check out the difference below, before and after using this tool.


Before Background Removal


After Background Removal