Create Thumbnails From Video With Video Thumbnails Maker

Now-a-days thumbnails are used everywhere, from blogs to forums, almost everywhere. Thumbnails are used to display the video quality of a video file. But how will you create a thumbnail? Today, we are going to present a free software that can create thumbnails from any video file.

Video Thumbnails Maker allows you to make thumbnails (caps, previews) of video files. The utility can also be used for home-video cataloging and for network video sharing support.

Video Thumbnail Maker

It support almost all video formats. You can even apply watermarks to the thumbnail. Some of the key features of this program are mentioned below


  • Supports of the batch processing of video files.
  • Supports of practically any videos-formats (even MOV, QT, FLV, SWF, RM if you have appropriate codecs).
  • You can pause/continue or stop active job at any moment.
  • Possibility to save each shot in separate file.
  • Import and export options presets.
  • Options preset file format (*.vtm). After you run the preset, the program is automatically opened with the imported tuning.
  • 5 customizable “base”-presets.
  • Watermarks (alpha-channels and transparency are supported).
  • Make your own style.
  • Ability to use your images as background images for preview.
  • Auto adjustment of height of a shot option.
  • Global stroke and stroke tiles options.
  • Fit screen option (autoadjustment of the shots to fit your screen resolution).
  • Special effects (drop shadow, gray scale, cut edges).
  • Customizable fonts, colors, contours, shadows, frames, background, text.
  • Stamp time in shots option (5 different locations, transparency, contour).
  • Video information stamp option (4 different locations and customizable configurations).
  • “Audio/Video info” option.
  • “Custom comment” option.
  • Two rendering engines (Engine 2 is recommended to be used under 64-bit OS).

This program requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or more. If you haven’t installed it yet, download here.

[ Download Video Thumbnail Maker ]

Transfer Windows Setup From DVD To Flash Drive With WinToFlash

WinToFlash is a free program for transferring your Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 and Windows 7 setup from CD or DVD to flash in some mouse clicks. This allows you to install your Windows Operating System from flash card, USB stick, HDD, etc. to your computer or netbook.

Win To Flash

WinToFlash can even transfer your live CD/DVD to flash card, for example, BartPE. After all, you can erase your Flash card and format it with you Windows for every day use.


  • Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7 to flash transfer
  • WinPE to flash transfer
  • Quick Flash erasing

[ Download WinToFlash ]

Create Your Own Slideshows With DVD Slideshow

You may have thousands of pictures that you clicked last vacation. You may have used Windows Movie Maker to create a slideshow, but the results may not be quite impressive. Today we are going to present a cool program, that can easily create amazing slideshows with lots of added features.

DVD Slideshow

DVD Slideshow GUI offers a very simple way to make your own slideshows. All you have to just import all your photos and burn them as a slideshow on a DVD! It has 237 transitions, 83 Effects that you can easily add to the entire slideshow. It is even bundled with 15 Motion Backgrounds.

Pan Zoom Rotate

You can add music, motion backgrounds, borders and subtitles to your slideshows. You can even export your slideshows to dvd video(PAL/NTSC 4:3 16:9), BluRay, 720p, 1080p, dvd audio, dvd chapters, dvd subtitles, avi, flash for web, avisynthscript, storyboards, single images with backgrounds and more.


  • 180 different types of transitions.
  • Animate your overlapping images using zoom, pan and rotate.
  • Add videos(avi/avs) to you slideshow.
  • Add music, motion backgrounds, borders and subtitles.
  • Export to dvd video, dvd audio, dvd chapters, dvd subtitles, avi, flash, avisynth script, storyboards, single images with backgrounds, etc.
  • You can even make and add your own transitions(grayscale bitmaps or in avisynth code) and Post effects(avisynth code) and share them through the forum.
  • Import any type of image, any size.
  • Change image order move, copy, paste for one or more slides.
  • Code your own avisynth transitions.
  • Random transition.
  • Add your own avisynth, Free Frame, Photoshop CHA/AMP effects.
  • Import Exif data with photos.

[ Download DVD Slideshow GUI ]

Change Windows 7 Login Background With Logon Controller

Logon Controller is a tiny utility that can change the login background of Windows Vista and Windows 7. Now you can change the login background with any image of your choice. You can personalize your computer in just a single click.

Logon Controller

Currently  it support .bmp, .gif and .jpg files.  The Logon background is visible for short duration even when using auto logon for Windows Operating System. The Logon background can be changed by selecting any of the windows wallpapers or any image of your selection.

As the Logon Background is shared by other users of the computer, the software download would require admin rights to run and change the background image of the login screen. You can be creative to make your login screen  beautiful. Have Fun On The Run!

[ Download Logon Controller ]

Optimize Photoshop Start Up Time With Photoshop SpeedUp

Adobe Photoshop SpeedUp significantly decreases the time it takes to load Adobe Photoshop by disabling the plug-ins that you may not need. There are several options such as whether to load the Adobe fonts, load the presets, and set the memory usage. You may restore to the original settings at any time. Adobe Photoshop SpeedUp is freeware, that works with Adobe Photoshop versions 3 through CS4.

Photoshop Speedup


  • Free Photoshop Tweak Utility for Adobe Photoshop version 3 through CS4
  • Enable or disable the plug-ins as needed
  • Do not load Adobe fonts CMap and Base
  • Do not load Photoshop Presets
  • Optimize and reset Maximum Memory Usage
  • Restore to original settings with a click of the Restore button at any time

Photoshop Speedup is a tiny utility that does what it promises. Your load time will be significantly decreased. If you are a regular photoshop user, you must definitely use this utility.

[ Download Photoshop SpeedUp ]

Extract Multiple Archives With ExtractNow

Forget those days when you had to extract all your archives one by one. Now you can extract multiple archives with just a click. ExtractNow allows you to extract more than one archived file at a time, with one click of a  button.

Extract Now

All your archives are extracted quickly and easily with the help of ExtractNow. The program supports ZIP, RAR, ACE, JAR, ISO, IMG, IMA, IMZ, BIN, MP3, LHA, LHZ and SIT formats.

Extract Now


  • Supports ZIP, RAR, ACE, JAR, ISO, IMG, IMA, IMZ, BIN, MP3, LHA, LHZ, & SIT formats
  • Drag and drop files or folders from Explorer to extract them
  • Detailed history of extraction procedures
  • Simple user interface and sleek design in a small package
  • Recursively search through folders for archives
  • Delete files or close program after extraction options
  • Windows explorer file associations for ZIP, RAR, ACE, JAR, LHA, LHZ, SIT
  • Extract files into current directory, named folder, or favorite folder of choice
  • File type masking for ZIP, RAR, & ACE
  • System tray icon on Minimize
  • Write to file option allows logging of extraction procedures
  • Always on Top option

[ Download ExtractNow ]

Speed Up Your Computer With Advanced SystemCare

Is your computer running slow? There are many factors behind the slow down of your system. You need to clean your system on a regular basis to make it run smoothly. Slow down, freeze, crash and security threats are over.  Today, we will show you 1-click solution to speed up your computer within a minute.

Advanced System Care Free

Advanced SystemCare is a comprehensive PC care utility that takes an one-click approach to help protect, repair and optimize your computer. It can keep your PC error-free and smooth than ever. You can get this awesome program absolutely free.


1) Powerful Hard Drive Defragmentation – High-speed Disk Defrag function to defragment hard drives up to 10 times faster than other defragmentation tools.

2) Next-generation Registry Clean and Optimization – Safely cleans registry junk, compacts registry bloats and defragment the whole registry for maximum performance.

3) Defends PC Security with Extra Protection – Detect and analyze Windows security environment. Scans and removes spyware and adware using up-to-date definition files. Prevents spyware, hackers and hijackers from installing malicious items on your computer. Erases and updates your PC’s activity history.

4) Quick and Extensive Clean-up for Hard Drives – Boosts your system’s performance by cleaning missing files, destroying unwanted files, deleting obsolete files, and removing junk files. Supports clean-up of over 50 different types of junk files.

5) Speeds Up PC Performance and Internet Access – Tunes up Windows by unleashing the built-in power of your system. Dramatically improves both system and Internet performance up to 400%.

6) Fixes Multiple System Errors – Does more than a registry cleaner, keeping your PC stable and running at peak efficiency. Repairs PC configurations by eliminating system bottlenecks and preventing crashes.

7) Extremely Easy to Use – Completes its work with just one click. Scans, repairs and gives personal care to your PC in one minute.

[ Download Advanced SystemCare ]

Change Image Resolution With Easy Image Modifier

Sometimes you may have a hi-resolution photo that you want to publish in your blog or website, but due to the large size, it may not be displayed properly. All you have to do is, just change the resolution of the image and it will be displayed properly in your blogs and websites. Today we are presenting a new software that can change the resolution of any image file and that too for free!

Easy Image Modifier Settings

Easy Image Modifier is a freeware that can change the resolution, orientation, format and name of a single image or a collection in a comfortable and easy way. It can also perform advanced operations like removing meta informations, flipping, resizing unproportionally and sorting your images. You can even use drag’n’drop feature to select your files.With the help of Easy Image Modifier you can change the resolution just with some clicks.

Easy Image Modifier


  • Modify multiple images just with one single click
  • Rename and sort in various ways
  • Shrink and/or enlarge the resolution to a dimension or by a percentage
  • Change the orientation: flip or rotate the images
  • Optional changing of the file format
  • Extra options for jpg files: remove meta infos, set compression
  • Advanced resize options: ignore a dimension, resize unproportional
    rename & replace or save at a self-chosen location
  • Portable: extremely small, just one executable, no installation

[ Download Easy Image Modifier ]

Chrome Plus – The Evolution Of Google Chrome

No prizes for guessing that Google Chrome is the fastest browser on earth. Google Chrome is still a kid in the browser war. Within one year of its launch, it has gained a market share of nearly 2.5%. Google Chrome is always known for its simplicity. Though Google Chrome has less feature as compared to Mozilla Firefox, here is a modified version of Google Chrome, which is definitely worth a try.

Chrome Plus Screenshot

Chrome Plus is a tweaked version of Google Chrome. It has several of additional features as compared to Google Chrome. Chrome Plus is build on the open-source project Chromium. Some extra features in Chrome Plus include – double click tab to close page, mouse gestures, super drag, IE tab and download tools support in context menu.

About Chrome Plus

Additional Features In Chrome Plus

1) Double Click tab to close page: Everytime you need to close a tab, you will have to double click on the close button. This prevents accidental clicks on the close button.

2) Mouse Gestures: Chrome Plus has an advanced mouse gesture which were earlier seen in Firefox and Opera.

Mouse Gesture

3) Super Drag: With the help of super drag, you will have to just drag a link anywhere on the page and the link will be automatically opened on the new tab.

4) IE Tab: With the help of this feature, you can open IE compatible web pages in Chrome itself. All you have to do is just click on the IE tab button situated at the end of location bar.

5) Download Tools Supported In Context Menu: Now you have the added benefit of downloading stuffs in your download manager. Just right click the link and select the download manager.

If you are a constant user of Google Chrome, you will definitely like this modified build of Google Chrome.

Chrome Plus [via. Life Rocks 2.0]

1000+ Free Twitter Logo And Badges To Download

Today everyone is promoting their blog as well as their business on Twitter. Now Twitter has became a very important part of life. It is equally important to promote your Twitter account through Twitter icons and badges that can be easily displayed on your blog as well as on your websites.

Twitter Icons

Twitter Bagdes

Twitter Logos

Your search for the ultimate Twitter Badges and Icons are over. TwitterLogos has an exclusive collection of over 1000 Twitter  Badges, Logos and Icons. You will find a large variety of logos and and icons that suits you and your blog. Moreover all these logos and icons are absolutely free. Happy Tweeting!