WorldExplorer: Explore the World Through Flickr Geotagged Images

WorldExplorer is a new and exciting way to explore the world through real users’ public photos. It has a visually rich interface displaying the information as tags on a world map with varying fonts to highlight their importance. It lets you move the map around, zoom in, zoom out, search for a place and check out the tags in various regions on the map.

world explorer

When you hover over one of these tags, photos from that location that are tagged with the highlighted tag will show up on the right sidebar. You can click on the photos to enlarge or to view them on Flickr. Some of the tags have an attached list of additional tags that show up on mouse over. These are additional tags that are important at that location. You can hover over a related tag to see the respective photos.

Google Internet Stats: Check Out the Latest Industry Facts and Insights

Google Internet Stats is a web resource which provides you with all the latest industry facts and insights. These facts are collected from various vendors which include BusinessWeek, Coke, Wall Street Journal, Comscore and many more.   It covers a wide range of topics like macro economics, consumer trends, technology, media consumption and media landscape.

It has a simple and easy-to-use interface. You can search the statistics, check out a random statistic and also submit a statistic. Find Out What Time it is Anywhere in the World is a web service that enables you to easily find out what local time it is anywhere in the world.   It provides you the almost every information about the place you are searching for including current time, weather conditions, exact map location, time zone, currency used etc.,

It also displays the local featured headlines via Google News, geographical information and statistics. It even provides you with useful information like the type of electric outlets used, driving style (left or right), local images from Flickr and Panoramio. is an effective way to quickly get to know about any place in the world. Its key features include,

  • Local time, day, date and time zone
  • Weather conditions
  • Local featured headlines
  • Geographical information
  • Local photos from Flick and Panoramio
  • Types of electric sockets used
  • Local currency used, currency conversion tool
  • See the location of the place via bing maps

Slick Plan: Create Beautiful Sitemaps and Flowcharts for Free

Slick Plan is a web based tool that enables you to create visually pleasing sitemaps and flowchart designs for free. It’s a handy tool for web developers and designers who need to create navigation flowcharts for their clients. Upon creating an account, Slick Plan enables you to organize and save your sitemaps for future reference.

The designs generated can be sent directly via an HTML link or exported as a PDF document. It also provides you with the HTML code for the project. You might want to check out a quick demo of how to use Slick Plan here.

The Invoice Machine: Online Invoicing Made Simple and Elegant

The Invoice Machine is a web based invoicing service which enables you to create professional looking invoices with an easy to use interface. It’s ideal for anyone who is looking for an easy way to create, manage and send their invoices.

The invoices can be customized with color and logo. You can set options like currency, shipping, taxes, discounts, language, notes etc. You can see which invoices have been sent, paid or are due. The invoices can be filtered by period, client or status.

It allows you to set up recurring templates, which can be used to send invoices to your clients automatically on scheduled dates. You can either attach the invoice as a PDF document in your email or send it directly to your clients.

Dooblet: Find Alternatives to Anything

Dooblet is an interesting web service which provides you with alternatives to almost anything. It’s like a search engine which helps you find alternatives to a large variety of subjects.

To test try Dooblet, just type in a keyword, like a car model, music group, technology or a company name. For instance the keyword “Google” provides you with alternatives as in the below image.

It features the ‘wanted’ and ‘hot’ terms being searched for alternatives. You can even suggest alternatives, if the alternative you were looking for isn’t listed in the results.

In some instances Dooblet might not provide you with the alternatives you expect as its still in the beta stage.

Clean CSS: Web Based CSS Formatter and Optimizer

Clean CSS is a web based tool for CSS formatting and optimization, a handy application for web designers. It basically takes your CSS code and makes it compact and clean. It helps you get comparatively small CSS file size, with shorthand coding.

CleanCSS doesn’t include a validator which points outs errors in your code. So, its advisable to make sure that your code is well formed via the W3C Validator.

To get started, just copy and paste your CSS code into the ‘CSS input’ field on the site. There is also an option to upload your CSS file from a URL. It enables you to choose the compression standards ranging between high readability and smallest size. Other options include,

  • Sorting selectors and properties
  • Optimize selectors and their properties
  • Discard invalid properties
  • Remove unnecessary backslashes etc.,

As in the above image, it provides you with the optimized CSS code, along with the input, output file sizes and the compression ratio. It’s a must bookmark tool for web designers to quickly format and optimize CSS code.

Rank Buzz: Domain Information and SEO Tool

Rankbuzz is a web base domain information and SEO utility, which provides you with number of useful pieces of information about a website. For instance Pagerank, Alexa rank, social links, Twitter mentions, number of indexed pages, site value etc.,

Just enter the URL of a website and hit the ‘Go’ button to get useful pieces of information about any website. For each statistic being displayed, it also provides useful suggestions and comments accordingly.

Rankbuzz can serve as a handy way to easily know domain information about any website. It’s key features include,

  • Social links chart
  • Indexed pages chart
  • Social links
  • Twitter mentions
  • Alexa graph
  • On site information
  • Site value etc.,
  • Quantcast, Technorati and Compete rankings.

Protect your Brand with Domain Typo Generator

Domain Typo Generator helps website owners to find typos of their domains, which they might consider purchasing to redirect traffic to the main website and further enhance their brand. It supports Top Level Domains (TLD) including .com, .net, .org, .biz, .us and .info.

domain typo generator

It takes your domain and applies each of the common set of typos to it and then checks the availability of that typo. These methods include:

  • QWERTY keyboard slips
  • Missing letters
  • Double letters
  • Letter swapping
  • Look alike (eg: the letter l and the number 1)
  • Extra or missing hyphens

The results can be viewed by the registrant names, by domain’s TLDs and by Domain Name Servers (DNS). You can also export the results in CSV format and open them as a spreadsheet.

Focus Booster Live: Web Based Time Management Application

Focus Booster Live is a free and easy-to-use web application that works using the  Pomodoro Technique. It can be used for any kind of task which needs time management. Using this application, one can overcome the anxiety involved in work with deadlines and can avoid ineffective work and study habits.

To get started, set the session length ranging from 05:00 min to 40:00 mins based on your task. Then, click the ‘Start’ button to initiate the session.  It provides you with an option to set break length in the given session length. The break length can vary from 1 minute to the user specified session length.

It notifies you at the end of sessions and breaks with alarms and also plays a ticking sound during the session.

Key Features:

  • An easy-to-use web based time management application.
  • Provides you with adjustable session length and break length.
  • Get notified at the end of each session with alarms.
  • Option to turn/off the alaram and ticking sound.