Best Tools to Crop and Resize Images Online

Previously we have covered some fabulous image manipulation tools and photo editors. In this article, we are showcasing some of the best tools available on the web to crop and resize images to make it easy for you.

CutMyPic: Free web based image re-sizer tool. It enables you to cut, crop, drop shadow and round the corners of your image. It provides you with the orginal and revised image size information. You can preview the changes made to the image and send it via email or save it to your PC.

PicResize: A free online picture resizer to crop a selected portion of your images. And, add special effects like gray scale, blur, oil paint etc.,

Resizr: Provides you with some convenient options to crop a selected part of an image. You can manually set the initial width and height of the portion to be cropped or choose from other available options like square, free, 4 x 6 etc., It also has a draggable slider to resize your images in a convenient way.

Resize it – Crop a photo: Just upload an image and select the part on your image that needs cropping, then press ‘Crop it’ and save your image.

DrPic: It’s a free web based image editor with some nice options to crop, resize, adjust the brightness and add special effects to images. To crop an image on DrPic – upload an image, choose the ‘Crop’ tool, make a selection to be cropped and click on the ‘Crop’ tool again to save your selection.

Defining an image crop area with JavaScript: Upload the image you wish to crop from your hard drive, then to select your image crop area, click the opposite diagonal corners of the area you want to keep. A selection box will appear, when you have your selection in the appropriate position, click the “Crop Image” button and the image will be cropped to your selection.

FlyEdit: This Firefox add-on not only lets you crop images right within your browser, but also allows you to edit and resize images. You can even rotate, change the brightness and contrast of the image and more.

Web Resizer: Is a free online photo resizing tool with options to crop, rotate, optimize, sharpen and adjust the brightness and contrast of your images. It’s a convenient way to quickly crop and resize your favorite images for use on websites, email and elsewhere.

If you have a blog based on WordPress, you can use the built-in image editor on WordPress to quickly crop and resize your images.

What’s your favorite online tool to resize and crop images? Do tell us in comments.

RoomAtlas: Book Hotels from an Interactive Map

RoomAtlas is an intriguing web application which enables you to book hotels from an interactive map. Just enter the name of a Country or City, select the appropriate currency (US Dollars or British Pounds) and click the search button. You will be presented with a list of hotels available in that area as an interactive map.

Hotels listed are marked in different colors based on their price per night. You can filter the search results by price, check-in, check-out date(s), amenities available in the hotels like swimming pool, restaurant, kids’ activities etc.,

Clicking on a hotel in the map will open a pop-up giving you information about that hotel, like hotel name, address, description, star rating, and further links to read reviews and check availability. Roomatlas also provides you with an option to include Wikipedia landmarks on the map. This feature helps you in getting to know about important places (tourist spots, airports, monuments etc) near a hotel. It’s free to use and does not require any registration.

Wishlistr: Create a Wishlist and Share it with Others

Wishlistr is an easy to use web application which helps you collect, organize and keep track of things you want. You can create a wishlist and share it with friends and family. The items in your wishlist can be sorted by simple drag and drop. You can easily edit or remove items on your wishlist without having to reload the page.

With Wishlistr you can collect all the things you want in one place and add things to your list from anywhere on the web with a single click. It lets you organize your wishlist items in appropriate templates for birthdays, weddings, holidays and more.

Wishlistr allows you to quickly share your wishlist with others. You can let others subscribe to your list via RSS and publish your wishlist on your web site or blog.

It also provides you with tools to,

  • Embed your wishlist on your website or blog.
  • Import items from Amazon wishlist and bookmarks
  • Let others subscribe to your list via RSS
  • Easily add items to your wishlist from anywhere on the web via bookmarklet

Wishlistr is free for use and it takes less than a minute to get started. If you have an OpenID, you don’t even have to sign up. You can login directly with your OpenID.

You might want to check out a quick video tutorial to see Wishlistr in action here.

Guestlist: Online Event Registration Made Easier

Guestlist is a web application which makes online event registration easier. It enables you to sell tickets for your events and manage attendees with an easy to use interface. The attendee and order lists can be printed and exported. You can accept payment for your event’s tickets with your PayPal account.

With Guestlist you can create fabulous looking event registration pages in no time. The event’s dashboard provides you with information about orders and helps you keep track of the money being received. It even provides detailed reports on how well your event is selling.

Key Features:

  • Quickly setup event registration pages
  • Accept payments via PayPal and major credit cards
  • Get detailed reports to keep track of event registrations
  • Export and print attendee and order lists

Note: This application is currently in Beta.

MooShell: Test your MooTools Code Online

MooShell is a web based utility which enables you to easily test your MooTools code. You can also write, test and run HTML, CSS and JavaScript code. Optionally, you can save your code for further usage and to share with others via a unique URL. It provides you with an update option to create a new version of your existing code. To choose the MooTools version, you can use the settings panel in the sidebar.

MooShell can come handy for programmers and developers to quickly test and debug code snippets before actually implementing them. This web application is light weight, free for use and does not require installation of any extra software.

CodePad: Quickly Check your Code Online

CodePad is a simple web based compiler/interpreter, and a collaboration tool. To get started – just paste your code, CodePad runs it and gives you a short URL which can shared with friends via chat or email. This application will be helpful when you have to quickly check code and you don’t have a handy interpreter.

It currently supports programming languages such as C, C++, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python, Tcl and Scheme. By default the code pasted on CodePad is public. It lets you mark your code as private so that its not publicly available. This way only users to whom you send the link will be able to find your code. You can also create projects to group your files and collaborate with your peers.

[ via MakeUseOf ]

JS Bin: Collaborative JavaScript Debugging

JS Bin is a web application which enables you to edit and test JavaScript and HTML. Once you have finished writing code, you can save it and send the URL to a friend for review or help. Further changes can be made to the code by your peers if required.

JS Bin supports syntax coloring, and the output of JavaScript and HTML can be viewed in the same window as a separate tab without having to open a new window or tab in your browser.

You can optionally include libraries like jQuery, jQuery UI, prototype, MooTools etc. There is no need of any extra software, and no registration is required to get started with JS Bin. It can be used to test code snippets and debug the code collaboratively. It’s free, light weight and easy-to-use. Save your favorite images found on the web is a web service which lets you easily save your favorite images found on the web. There are two simple ways to save images with If you are using Firefox, then you can install a simple Firefox extension. Once installed, right click on an image you like in a web page and choose ‘Save Image to’. A pop-up window will appear wherein you can add optional details like title, description and tags which help you organize and find images easily. also provides you with a bookmarklet. You can just drag the button to your bookmarks toolbar and save images to your account. It currently supports JPEG, GIF and PNG formats. It provides you with 100 MB of space with no limits on the file size.

How to Create an RSS Feed From Your Twitter List Pages

Twitter Lists 2 RSS is an online tool that enables you to quickly create an RSS feed from your Twitter list pages. The RSS feed obtained can be used to read the list stream on any feed reader like Google Reader or FeedDemon.

To create an RSS feed, just enter the URL of a Twitter list on the field provided on site and click on the ‘Get an RSS feed’ button. For instance, I entered the URL for Techie Buzz Twitter list created by Kieth to get its RSS feed. You can convert your Twitter list pages to RSS in no time using this simple utility.

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Listhings: Store Sticky Notes Online

Listhings is a free online tool for storing your personal notes. It provides you with a canvas to make notes on a nice drag and drop interface. It can be used to store almost any text – to do’s, phone numbers, lists etc. You can create any number of note boxes and customize their background color.   The notes are automatically saved to Listhings database servers.

It enables you to resize the notes from the right and bottom edges. To create new notes, just double click anywhere on the screen or click the Add button from upper right corner of the page.

It’s a simple and effective way to create and edit your notes online.