Facebook User Teaches LinkedIn a Branding Lesson

For any company to be successful, the connection it has with its consumers is of extreme relevance. The way it connects, the way it engages and the way it is able to evoke emotions among its consumers to build relationships are elements that interplay collectively to create a powerful brand. Companies invest heavily in branding to not only understand customer needs and wants but also to compete better than competition. This process is demanding, costly and highly volatile. Let’s briefly discuss these three factors.

  1. Demanding: It is demanding in terms of effort required – a company requires specialized strategists who carrying our massive brainstorming to model an effective branding strategy. In the process, companies carry out massive research on where they are doing well and the areas they can capitalize on.
  2. Costly: Branding is expensive! Not only in terms of money but also in terms of time and manpower a company invests to help itself reach a point where it becomes renowned to the target customers.
  3. Volatile: While companies strive to oblige with the two former criteria, a single minute error can tarnish brand image. This is particularly true in the era of social media where brands attempt to relate with consumers via this channel due to the large presence of consumers. If a brand falls in the trap of committing a silly error, it can affect its image adversely. AND LINKEDIN HAS DONE JUST THAT!

On Monday, June 25, 2012, 2am CET, LinkedIn launched an update on its Facebook page stating that Reid Hoffman, the chairperson of the company, had visited the company’s Japanese branch to attend an event. Supposedly, this piece of communication was to hold a link to a video of the event which was directed at people who follow LinkedIn activities on Facebook. Apparently, no link as such as included along with the message. Take a look at this:


Facebook User Teaches LinkedIn a Branding Lesson

Within seconds of the post, one user pointed out what was missing. Within minutes, a second user expressed his discontent. A couple of minutes later, a third user attempted to send out a message to the team responsible for branding and/or social media at LinkedIn by stating what to do to carry out effective media branding (clear as you can see in the image above).

For a while, LinkedIn had not responded to any of the three users who posted comments. Now, what should have LinkedIn done or do? Let the issue cool down or acknowledge the error. The COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg pointed out at the iStrategy Conference in 2011 how brands should react to customer outrage on social media. She stated that furious consumers are just a simple apology away from becoming a brand ambassador. We’ll see if LinkedIn realizes this and complies with the commandment revealed by Sandberg. On the contrary, we can also witness if LinkedIn decides to go with the flow.

Facebook, Google & Twitter Unify To Combat “Spam”

In the digital world, people are consuming media in a totally new fashion. New patterns emerge where substantial data is gathered to analyze media consumption. The results obtained from such data serve as a tool to understand what type of content people consume, like and share. In order to keep providing content as such, it is imperative to provide exceptional user experience. Companies have understood this and aim to not only maintain the rate of media consumption but increment for increased traffic, revenues and most importantly, a larger volume of consumers. Media companies are constantly challenged to come up with innovative methods to capture the eye-balls of media consumers and are investing heavily in research to understand the essential ingredients that make up an exceptional user experience. To add to the challenge, companies have been battling spam and malicious advertising which has been a major obstacle to this feat. This time around, big names such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, AOL and IAB have joined hands to combat spam once and for all.

Facebook, Google, Twitter Combine Forces

Captioned under the Ads Integrity Alliance, the initiative was launched a week ago under the StopBadWare organization. The objective is to mitigate malicious ads and contribute to better practices, better service. According to Maxim Weinstein, the Executive Director of the organization, no single player can attempt to fight this cause of its own which is why they are unifying the big players in the industry to fight this problem together.

Google’s Public Policy Manager, Eric Davis affirmed that the Ads Integrity Alliance will serve as a platform where companies can work together to protect users from malicious ads. He further added if the user feels deceived, the entire web’s reputation is on stake.

Facebook CTO to Quit After Summer

The CTO of Facebook, Bret Taylor informs via his Facebook status he will be quitting the social networking giant, Facebook after the summer. His intentions are to focus on a new entrepreneurial venture which he will start with one of his friends, Kevin Gibbs.

Bret Taylor to Quit Facebook

Taylor regrets to be leaving the company which has been so successful. Nonetheless, he emphasizes that Facebook comprises of a great team and the way it has accomplished several successful products such as from Open Graph and App Center to Facebook Camera in addition to the iOS integration is something he is proud of.

Taylor is happy to announce that he gained substantial learning at Facebook and is grateful to his team who are described as being “amazing”. Last but not least, he thanks Mark Zuckerberg for being his mentor and a close friend.

More news to follow. Stay tuned!

Apple’s “Time Capsule” Takes it to Court

The debate regarding fragility encompassing non-tangible media has taken yet another toll. This time around, it is Apple’s Time Capsule that which has done the damage and has failed to live up to consumer expectations. Perminder Tung, a lawyer by profession has sued Apple, alleging the incapability of the Time Capsule causes severe personal losses.

According to CBC, Tung has backed up two laptops and an iPhone to store personal photos. Upon failure, he got in touch with Apple to assist him in retrieving the lost data. His query did not reap expected results as Apple informed that the desired data was lost and could not be retrieved. Tung is infuriated and says the data included the birth certificate of his child. He has demanded a compensation of $25,000!

The failure of the Time Capsule is not anything new. Back in 2010, the device literally failed over and over again and received plenty to negative remarks from consumers which prompted Apple to offer free replacements. Tung purchased the product in 2008 and claimed he was outside the recall period.

Stories as such have started to pop up quite frequently in the digital age. People are giving up on the conventional physical storage method and are going and going to the more contemporary non-physical media. While this phenomenon has been on the up, the debate regarding data security is likely to elevate to new heights.

Let’s wait and see if the cloud is the answer to this dilemma.

Apple’s “Passbook” a Replica of “Wrapp”?

While consumers are becoming pickier, demanding and expecting experiences, consumer focused companies are consistently being challenged to improve their way of serving their mainstream customers. Apple Inc., traditionally being a company to comply with consumer demands made several announcements at WWDC aimed to improve both user experience and customer experience in general. Its “Passbook” app is one of these announcements. Now, what does it do?

Apple Announcing the "Passbook"

Attempting to make one’s pockets much lighter, the “Passbook” app aims to store all “passes” such as boarding passes, movies tickets and store cards at a single destination. It is not only limited to that. From the digital perspective, “Passbook” also aims to combine everything digital on your phone and store in at a single place. At WWDC, it seemed as though the passes were to assume QR code form and redeemed accordingly. It remained unclear how many partners Passbook will start out with, but it has potential to grow into something big benefitting Apple and partners associated with it alike.


Now there is a Swedish startup called “Wrapp” which is kind of doing the same thing. Wrapp is already in business while Apple has only announced this. I wonder, if it is a plausible assumption to undertake that the “Passbook” is a mere replica of Wrapp only to be sheltered under the Apple brand to gain hype, fame and consumer credibility. However, the bright side for both “Passbook” and “Wrapp” is that as long as they keep partnering up with businesses, create value for them and intensify their sales, it is unlikely they will be out of business anytime soon. On the contrary, the challenging and motivating side is how either one of these will perform to live up to customer expectations. “Passbook” is something that will be available in the iStore whereas Wrapp is available in both the iStore and on Android. Wrapp has been expanding to different territories rapidly whereas Passbook still has to make sufficient inroads. How will this competition shape out?

For now, advantage Wrapp!

European S III Owners to Get FREE 30-Days EUROSPORT Player LIVE Streaming

Samsung - Official Partner of Olympics 2012

Just about a month ago, Samsung launched its Galaxy S III smart phone which is considered by many to be the most outstanding gadget in the smart phone arena to date. In doing so, Samsung decided to strike a deal with the International Olympic Committee to make the Galaxy S III the official phone of the largest sporting event taking place this year, the 2012 Olympics Games in London, England. Seemingly, a good move to carry out advertising of the gadget at a global level! It turns out that this move has just gone a step further. Enter EUROSPORT! The giant European sporting broadcaster has reached an agreement with Samsung to celebrate the year’s largest sporting event in a new manner. For its European owners, Samsung is offering a 1-month FREE subscription to the EUROSPORT Player. Subscribers can activate the subscription anytime between July 14, 2012 and August 12, 2012.

“The EUROSPORT Player brings you unlimited access to thousands of hours of LIVE sport from Eurosport and Eurosport 2.”

Olympics 2012 on Your Samsung Galaxy S III

You own a Samsung Galaxy S III? Are you fond of watching LIVE sports? Are you living in Europe? If you comply with the three criteria, you can download the EUROSPORT Player for Android and activate the subscription during the above mentioned dates by creating a Eurosport account and start enjoying unlimited access to Eurosport and Eurosport 2.

World’s Social Media Gathering

If you are a social media geek, if you remain in touch with the developments that take place there within AND expecting a conference that stimulates your expectations, then you are right on the money! A conference encompassing such an atmosphere is taking place next month from July 6 to July 8, 2012 in Zurich, Switzerland. Captioned “World’s Social Media Gathering”, the conference is intended to focus on ideation, innovation, creative thinking and doing things beyond convention. It intends to gather social media trend-watchers, media analysts, businesses and strategic decisions makers from all over the planet to provide a perspective different from what this intended audience would provide. How would that happen? Well, the “World’s Social Media Gathering” will be hosted by unconventional speakers who would promote creativity among the audience by instilling thought-provoking ideas, implement innovative methods using practical sessions with a focus that would not deviate from YOU!

Changing the Rules of the Game

Since social media aims to provide a platform where every single individual on the face of this planet has an equal say in affairs of all types, this conference tilts the see-saw towards the common individual providing him the power, the decision making ability and putting ideas forward. Now people who have previously called the shots at corporate level will have to sit back and watch the future unfold. Inspired yet? If not, check this out:

Best Paid Jobs at Facebook

Top Paying Jobs at Facebook

A company that is not even a decade old has taken the media industry by storm. In a short life span, it has amassed over 900 million users worldwide. When Mark Zuckerberg started the company in a small dormitory at Harvard University, it is likely that he did not think of the success it would yield. The company having recently gone public via IPO is an evident KPI that substantiates this claim. Nonetheless, the credit does not go to Zuckerberg alone. He had a fantastic idea, some good luck, excellent timing but above all, an awesome team to work with.

Facebook executives are extremely well paid. Ironically, if you are thinking to an internship at Facebook, you might end up bagging a heavy amount. According to the Business Insider, there are numerous roles at Facebook. Who gets more? The techie, geeky corner or the ones who represent the face of the   product? Seemingly, there is somewhat a balance between both categories. Below are 17 positions that are top paid at Facebook. If you fall in any of these categories, you know where to submit your next resume.


17. Account Executive -$62,124 per annum

16. Software Engineering Intern – $74, 700 per annum

15. Product Designer – $ 79,000 per annum

14. Site Reliability Engineer – $80,413 per annum

13. Recruiter – $80,580 per annum

12. Operations Engineer – $82,626 per annum

11. Project Manager – $98,302 per annum

10. Introductory Software Engineer – $100,000 per annum

9.  Software Engineer – $111,562 per annum

8. Business Development Manager – $115,000 per annum

7. Network Engineer – $121,500 per annum

6. Research Scientist – $123,308 per annum

5. Engineering Manager – $123,379 per annum

4. Machine Learning Engineer – $124, 197 per annum

3. User Interface Engineer – $129, 136 per annum

2. Product Manager – $130, 143 per annum

And …

1. Senior Software Engineer – $132, 503 per annum

If you see yourself developing in any of these areas and want to make handsome money, you know what to do next!

Zuckerberg Abandons Top 40 Richest People List

Zuckerberg Abandons Top 40 Richest People List

The news of Facebook going public was thought to bring along heavy cash and plenty of fortune for the company and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg. It turns out that Zuckerberg has undergone an experience that has shaped into something altogether different. With over 900 million users, the company founded by Zuckerberg in 2004 got registered on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange on May 18, 2012. The initial value of its share was traded at $38. As days passed, the value of Facebook shares started to take a downturn. For example, last Wednesday, May 30, 2012, Facebook’s share was being traded at $28.

The plummeting of the company’s share saw a negative impact on Zuckerberg’s fortune. On May 18, 2012, Zuckerberg accumulated approximately $19 billion just before Facebook knocked on Nasdaq’s doors. In contrast, 12 days later, on May 30, 2012, Zuckerberg’s fortune plummeted to approximately $12 billion. This consolidates the fact that Zuckerberg does not remain amongst the list of the top 40 richest people on the planet, reports Bloomberg.

Trade analysts assume that the share value of Facebook is likely to descend further as investors are starting to get worried about how much money Facebook can generate in spite of its tremendous user base and its switch to the mobile platform, an area where it has not performed well in terms of revenue generation as it would have liked.

iPhone 5 Likely To Have a Bigger Display Screen

The upcoming generation of the iPhone is likely to have a larger display screen than the iPhone 4 or its predecessors. The screens of Apple’s new smartphone will hold a 4 inch display screen in order to compete better in the market and add extra value from a consumer point of view. The production of the new screens is likely to get underway next month (June).

As far as the launch of the iPhone 5 is concerned, it is likely to be unleashed towards the end of the year. Speculation persists that it will take place around October, keeping in mind the previous presentation launches of the iPhone. However, Apple remains secretive as usual. It remains happy to withhold information regarding the product specifications. As always, this has helped Apple to create a buzz in the industry it operates in. In turn, this move by Apple creates a lot of “followers” of its keynotes worldwide.

iPhone 5 Display Screen Rumors Persist

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple ordered its Asian screen manufacturers to fabricate larger screens than the usual 3.5 inch display the present day iPhone holds. This would allow the new version of the iPhone to increase the display surface area by approximately 30%. Experts consider this to rival recent moves by its closest competitor, Samsung. The South Korean mobile manufacturer has recently launched the Samsung Galaxy S III which has a 4.8 inch display screen, considered to be one of the biggest displays in the smartphone arena. At the moment, Apple has been collaborating with LG, Sharp and Japan Display for the fabrication of screens.

Since the launch of the very first iPhone in 2007, Apple has always adhered to its policy of keeping a 3.5 inch display screen. Does this mean that Apple has been intimidated by Samsung’s S III or will it follow standard Apple protocol and release the iPhone 5 with a conventional 3.5 inch display screen? This question remains interesting.