The Complete Media ToolKit – MediaCope

We have introduced you people to many applications for converting, cutting and ripping audio/video. Today we have gotten hold of such and app that can substitute all those apps we had introduced before.

MediaCope is an application, or rather an application pack that helps you to do many tasks inside one single window.

Media Cope is a combined application of different applications that we use daily.

Some of its features are listed below.

  • Audio/Video Player.
  • Audio/Video Cutter.
  • Audio Converter.
  • Video Converter.
  • Photo Cutter.
  • Photo Resizer/Converter.
  • Slideshow.

Isn’t that a combination of many applications you use? Here is the in-depth explanation of these features.

All these tools are arranged in a tab like view and you have click on each tab to use them.

Audio/Video Player

This is a normal video player. It has features like setting aspect ratio, capturing screenshots while seeing a movie. With options to set subtitle delay, audio delay, subtitle position etc., this player stands out from many other normal audio/video players.  


Audio/Video Cutter

This is another excellent tool. It has almost everything that a cutter should have. Besides enabling you to change the aspect ration, it also helps you to save the cut video or audio in different formats. Some of the formats it has are mp4, 3gp, wmv, mpg/mpeg, avi, flv and many more.

Audio Converter

This audio converter is no less than any other individual converter. It enables its users to convert multiple files (audio) at a time, from one format to another easily. All you have to do is just add all the files that are to be converted and click “Convert”. It converts audio into almost all basic formats such as mp3, wav, aac, wma, flac, m4a and so on.

Video Converter

It is just like the audio converter. Even with this tool, you can convert multiple files at a time from one format to another. Some of the file formats that it converts are mp4, 3gp, wmv, vob, divx, avi and a lot more.

Photo Cutter

Again, this is an awesome tool. It helps you to cut images very easily. It has a browser on the side, wherein you can browse for the pictures you want to cut. You can set your own ratio for the final image. After your work with the respective picture is done, you can view the preview and save it onto your hard disk. It supports file formats such as jpg, bmp, tiff, png, wmf, emf.

Photo Resizer/Converter

You can convert your pictures as you resize them with this tool. You need to select one resolution out of the wide range of resolutions it has. After selecting the destination folder, click on “Resize” and your job is done! The image you added will be both converted and resized. Some of the image formats it supports are jpg, bmp, tiff, png, wmf, emf. Look in the below picture for the wide range of resolutions it offers.

Slideshow Maker

This is an addition to your normal media toolkit. This tool helps you to create a slideshow of select images with audio. It is just a typical slideshow maker wherein you can add the images, select audio and set the delay between the images. You are done!

Techie-Buzz Verdict

This is an awesome and “must use” tool if you work with lots of  audio, video and images. Instead of downloading loads of individual applications, download this simple application pack. This is a alternative for all those individual apps put together. I am sure it takes no more than about 10% of the space that numerous other applications that you use take.

Techie-Buzz Rating : 4.5/5

Download MediaCope

Process Freezer Helps You To Suspend Any Process Temporarily

Sometimes when we are running many programs at a time, the computer becomes slow. This is because of a few processes that consume a lot of memory and resources.

Process Freezer is a light-weight tool that helps you to suspend and resume resource consuming processes whenever you want instead of terminating the process.

It has a very simple interface which is easy to understand. This tool is very helpful when you are running too many processes. You can suspend one process while working on another using this tool and hence maintain the speed of the computer.

For example, when you are using Firefox, you would be noticing that it consumes a lot of memory. If you want to use another program along with Firefox, Process Freezer comes in handy. Using this tool, you can just freeze one program while you are working on the other and resume it back again.


Techie-Buzz Verdict

Process Freezer is a great tool for people using slow computers. Users can suspend and release processes whenever they want to. In addition, it is a very light-weight tool. It consumes less than 1 MB of your computer space.

On the other hand, it could have improved it’s interface to be a little more attractive. It could have given more details about the processes running. However, this is a very useful tool.

Techie-Buzz Rating: 2.5/5 (Average)

Create Collages Of Your Desired Photos Online With Shape Collage

Creating collages of favorite photos is great fun! It’s also a nice way of collecting some of your memorable photos. To help you with this collage creating, here is an online tool, Shape Collage.

Shape Collage is an excellent and simple online tool that helps you to create collages of your favorite photos across the web. All you need to do is, enter the URL of the photos out of which you want to create a collage and click on "Create" button. You will get your collage prepared from the photos the provided link had.

This tool has some pre-defined shapes out of which you can choose your collage. You can see that in the picture below. If you don’t want to use those shapes, you have an option to use letters. For example, if you want a set of photos to be shown in the form of a letter, say "H",  then you need to type the same letter in the "Text box".

Apart from the online tool, there is also a desktop software. You can find out more about this here: Create Photo Collages With Shape Collage

Shape Collage

Here are few examples of what these collages look like:

Techie-Buzz Verdict

This is an awesome and simple tool. It’s fast too! Just set the shape, insert the URL click "Create". Your job is done! It also provides you an option to post to and share the collage with your friends. So, no fuss of opening another window for that. Overall, a really handy tool.

Techie-Buzz Rating: 4/5 (Cool!)

An All In One Audio And Video Converter

Free Video And Audio Converter helps you to convert videos into different formats. It can also rip audio from videos.   This is a simple, yet powerful tool that helps you to finish your work in just three steps!

It supports conversion of videos to various formats like AVI, WAV, WMV, MPEG, FLV, MKV, RM, 3GP, 3GPP2, MOV, iPod video format etc. It helps you to make your videos compatible for YouTube. You can convert videos to different iPod formats and mobile phone formats such as .3gp,.3g2.and MP3.

It also helps you to rip audio from video songs and save it in MP3 or .wav format. And further convert MP3 songs to .wav format.

audio video converter
audio video converter

As I have seen most of the video converters don’t support .vob conversion. But this tool helps you to even convert .vob files into different formats.

Techie-Buzz Verdict

Free Audio And Video Converter is a great application if you use iPods or mobile phones. It converts videos and songs to different mobile formats.The conversion speed is also pretty good. It can convert 3 min of video to .3GP format (a mobile format) in about 15-20 seconds.

Another interesting feature of this application is audio ripping. It enables you to extract audio from videos.

The Striking Feature: This application is very light and easy to handle. You can convert videos to any format in just three steps: Upload>> Choose The Format>> Click Convert.

Having this converter with you is like having a Swiss Knife. A compact useful tool.

Techie-Buzz Rating: 3/5 (Average)

Capture And Upload Screenshots To Flickr With Social Screen Capture

Saving screenshots on your computer and uploading them onto your Flickr account is a boring and tiresome job to do. Here is a utility that helps you to do this work in an easy way.

Social Screen Capture is a simple and useful utility for Windows users. With this, users can directly capture and upload the screenshots to Flickr with a single click. Moreover, this is a light weight app that just occupies about 4 MB of your system memory!

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Using this application is a child’s play. It has no complications. Install the application, authorize it with your Flickr account, capture and upload the screenshots.

Here is a pic of how it looks:

Also Try:   Localhostr Uploader

Techie Buzz Verdict

First, let us look at the good points of this one; It is a very light-weight app, or rather weightless. It reduces lot of time consumption by enabling you to upload screenshots with a single click. It automatically deletes the pictures after you close the application. That saves a lot of memory. Very simple interface.

There also a few bugs. It has an error in authorizing with Picasa account. However, no errors with Flickr. It doesn’t show any message about whether upload is successful or not after the upload is complete.  

Techie Buzz Rating: 2.5/5

However, a nice app to have if you use Flickr a lot.

Convert Your Images To Text Online Using Free OCR

Free OCR is a tool that helps you to convert scanned images to text online. You can convert printed text to editable text online with this utility.

How is this useful?

These types of tools are useful in many ways:

  • Free OCR comes in handy when you have pages of text that you’ve scanned or captured with a camera.
  • You will need one less program on your computer since OCR can be done online without any installation.

So, after knowing the importance of the tool, let’s proceed to explore its features.


  • Free OCR accepts almost all common image formats such as JPG, GIF, TIFF and BMP.
  • It also accepts PDF documents. So, it can also act as PDF to Word Converter.
  • There is no hassle of registering. Just upload your image and convert it to text.
  • No Email-ID required. So, no fear of SPAMS.

But, there are some limitations that you should know in this utility.

  • You cannot upload files larger than 2MB.
  • You cannot upload images bigger than 5000 pixels.

However, keeping in mind its good features, those limitations doesn’t matter much. Go ahead and convert your images into text here.

Better Bookmarking With SpeedTile

Going through a long and never-ending bookmarks list is tough work that needs a lot of time. Especially while going through the lists of webpages, we miss many important ones. One definitely needs a good, organized and easily accessible bookmarking tool. If you are searching for one, then SpeedTile is for you.

SpeedTile is an online bookmarking utility that helps you to store your bookmarks in a very easily accessible way. It creates collages of the pages you bookmark and presents it neatly on the screen.

Moreover, with SpeedTile you can categorize your bookmarks using tabs and tags   as shown in the picture below. (Click on the image for the enlarged view.)

It creates tiles of your bookmarks and stores them in your account. Another interesting feature of this tool is that you can share your bookmarks with your friends!

There is also a Firefox plugin for this site, so you can directly bookmark pages from your browser, without logging in to the site every time.

Now, are you thinking of registering? Not much of registering fuss. You can register just like you login. Enter your email address, assign a password and registration complete!

Google Introduces Building Maker To Google Earth

You might have seen on Google Earth, that there are lots of amazing 3D buildings around the globe. Are you wondering how those superb buildings and sky scrapers are made? Then Google answered you today.

Google has launched a new plug-in for Google Earth called Google Building maker. With this new tool released by Google, you can create your own buildings and submit them to the Google team. Google team reviews them and   your building will be published on Google Earth.

Building Maker is a 3D modeling tool for adding buildings to Google Earth. It is easy and fun to use the tool. Here is how it works,

  • You should select a city from around the world.
  • Google provides you some photos. You have to start creating buildings with those.
  • After completing, save it and Google will review it.
  • That’s it! Your building is on Google Earth! Simple, isn’t it?

Details On Resources That Google Gives For Creating Buildings

Basically, Google gives you some well designed 3D models and aerial view photos of some buildings. You need to use these resources to create new buildings. Google will be introducing about 50 cities at the beginning and will later go on increasing the number.

Models you create will be saved live in the Google 3D Warehouse, an online repository for 3D models

Watch this video for better understanding:

Download Windows 7 Icon Pack For XP

Windows 7 has been enhanced in its visual designs a lot more than its previous versions. However, still many people stick with XP. You know, OLD IS GOLD! ;)

Recently, we had told you about Windows 7 Transformation Pack For XP, with which you can convert your XP interface to Windows 7 interface.

Here is an icon pack that helps you to change only your XP icons into Windows 7 icons. You also need Icon Tweaker, an application, to tweak Windows XP icons, to install this icon pack.

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The Pack includes all Windows 7 shell icons for Start Menu, Folders, Network Connections, drives, files and Desktop. It also includes beautiful and transparent Windows 7 cursors.

You can check that detailed tutorial here:

Download Icon Pack

Find Out The Meanings Of Twitter Jargon With Twittonary

Expressing   your feelings in just 140 characters is indeed a difficult task that demands creativity!  So, tweeple (people who tweet) around the world have used their own phrases and words to express their feelings in a simple way.

Here is a tool that helps you  understand what all  those new  words mean! Twittonary, a Twitter dictionary, helps you find out the meanings of most of the Twitter words, phrases and abbreviations such as RT (Retweet), ROFL (Rolling On The Floor Laughing), Twoosh (A complete 140 character tweet) and so on.

It also shows you how to use new words by giving you example sentences.


Some Twitter suggestions:

In addition to the above features I mentioned above, you can search the index of this dictionary in alphabetical order to know about new words and phrases used on twitter.

Happy Tweeting!! :)