Build Collaborative and Crowd Sourced Lists with List Gorilla

greenshot_2011-01-30_22-08-18Whether it be food, movies, music or travel, what people look for most are lists. List of top…, List of best…Data explained with the help of lists is easy to understand and analyze. List Gorilla is a new startup – founded by two fine folks from down under, Australia – which lets you create lists of anything you care about, and have people contribute to it.

greenshot_2011-01-30_22-30-24The website itself is in early stages of development, and was opened to public use only in November last year. Users can login using their IDs from either Google, Twitter or Facebook. Once in, you can create new lists, comment on those already created, and best of all, vote on list items. The voting determines what place an item gets in a list. Since lists are structured on the basis of votes, it makes sense to use a list even for feature request threads! This functionality, although similar to the one provided by, can come in handy while collecting suggestions and ideas on anything, in a crowd sourced manner.

Lists can be tagged with relevant keywords. Each item in a list includes a title, an optional description and an optional image. Whoever creates a list must add at least five items to it. Other users can later curate and sort the list by voting and adding more items.

List Gorilla can come in handy for people who are looking to curate a list of things made with the input of real people. I can see this being used a lot for creating localized lists, such as for restaurants and hotels. Even though almost anyone with a Facebook, Twitter or Google account can add to a list, the chance of spam entering the list is low because only the best voted items make it to the top of the list. So even if spam finds its way, it will get voted down.

Check out List Gorilla and let them know what you think. Appreciation doesn’t hurt when a passion project does good ;)

Quickly Preview All System Installed Fonts On Your Computer [Crossplatform]

greenshot_2011-01-30_15-41-23A font is that exclusive property of design, that not only relays emotion but also defines style. For designers, getting the font right is very important because the right fonts can help convey the mood of the information without having the reader to read the text. If you’re a designer and find it difficult to select the right font from the tens or hundreds of fonts installed on your system,, a free web service can help you achieve just that, easily.

The page over at loads all the fonts installed on your system, and displays a sample using a word or phrase that you provide. Once all the fonts are loaded which takes no more than a few seconds you can increase or decrease the size of the sample text, or flip the background-foreground colors, in case you need white text on black background. You can also single out fonts you like by clicking over them and viewing them all later using the filter provided.

FlashSeed: Easily Create Torrents Upto 1GB And Have Them Seeded For 5 Days

greenshot_2011-01-30_13-02-49Have you ever wanted to share a large file via Bittorrent and then realized that creating a well functioning torrent file isn’t exactly your forte? This is the question that a new file sharing service on the block, FlashSeed, wants to ask the people.

FlashSeed calls itself a One Click Torrent Hostingsite, but if you ask me, this title can be a little bit misleading. What FlashSeed actually does is that it takes the file that you want to share and stores it onto its servers. Then it creates a torrent for that file and seeds the torrent for five days (using the web seed technique). This five day grace period allows enough time for the torrent swarm to become self sufficient.

Unregistered users can upload files upto 500MB and upon free registration, the limit is raised to 1GB. Since your uploaded file is kept on FlashSeed’s server, you can also directly download the file. So if you just need to dump a gigabyte of data somewhere but do not want to use the Bittorrent protocol, FlashSeed can be of some help. Now since FlashSeed does keep files on its own servers for some time, it is susceptible to violating copyright law. However, FlashSeed takes the safer side here and already mentions on its FAQ page, We will take down any materials that obviously violate copyright law.

A service like FlashSeed can come in handy when a user not proficient with Bittorrent would want to share a large file with a group of people. Even though Bittorrent is possibly the best way to share massive files, the learning curve often creates hurdles in the way of the average netizen.

Play GIF Images In Slow And Reverse Motion With PlayGif

greenshot_2011-01-29_23-21-29Have you ever wondered if you could have some control over GIF animations? Like, did you ever want to pause, rewind, or run the images in slow or fast motion. Well, you can now easily do it using a simple online tool, adds functionality to animated GIFs, that includes controls for pause, reverse and speed adjustment. The website splits the image into separate frames, which can be played and controlled by the user.  This is a brilliant tool, for it provides the user better control of how the animation is played and how fast. Also, in certain situations, like this population chart, having the ability to pause or slow down the image can help immensely with analyzing the data.

To use their functionality, you’ll need to enter in the url of the gif image (as of now, you can’t upload the image on Use an image hosting site like to first upload the image on the Internet). Or if you plan on using the service regularly, they also have a javascript bookmarklet that can make your task much easier. Helps To Calculate The Best Time To Sleep And To Wake Up

Has it ever occurred to you that waking up on certain days, you feel fresh and energetic, while waking up other days makes you feel tired and lazy? It happens with all of us; sometimes you just didn’t wake up right. The cause is not TV, not alcohol and not your noisy neighbor. It’s the science of sleep cycles.

The theory is that once you go to sleep, there are several stages that your unconscious self goes through. The first is light sleep where you can be awakened easily. On stage two, rapid eye movements (called REM) stops and brain waves become slower. In stage three and four, the brain produces very slow waves called delta waves. In these two stages, the person will be in deep sleep. (Trivia: This is the time when people or children experience bedwetting and sleep walking). After this, you go back to stage two and then two REM. This whole cycle loops various times throughout the night. 

greenshot_2011-01-28_19-54-58If you give it some thought now, you would realize that when you woke up all groggy and confused, you probably woke up in the middle of one such cycle. So therefore, waking up in between such cycles makes a lot of sense! makes planning out your sleep a lot easier.‘s bedtime calculator can help you in two ways. Either you tell it when you are going to wake up (so that it tells you when to sleep), or when you are going to sleep (so that it tells you for when you should set you alarm clock).

Whichever option you select, you will get multiple options to choose. For example, I chose that I have to wake up at 6:30AM. The result: I should try to fall asleep at either 9:30PM or 11:00PM or 12:30AM or 2:00AM. If I sleep at one of these times, my sleep cycle will be exactly in between two cycles at 6:30AM. As per the website, sleep cycles usually last 90 minutes, so it just counts back sets of 90 minutes from the time you specified and outputs the result as per the calculation.

Practical application of science. Awesome.

This Is Probably The Fastest Way To Take Screenshots And Share Them Online

greenshot_2011-01-27_22-40-03[Windows Only] If you’re a regular on sites like Reddit, Digg or 4Chan, chances are high that you’ve heard of Imgur. Imgur is a free image hosting site, developed by Alan Schaaf, who was tired of the cluttered interfaces of other image hosting sites, and decided to create one of his own. Among various features of the site are galleries, on-site basic photo editing, anonymous uploads (you can also register), and a liberal photo retaining limit. A recent update also included a drag-and-drop feature for uploading pictures, following competition from new websites like

Imgur is awesome for screenshots. Well say, why? Because it provides a direct link to the image file, and the loading time is quick. Also, the service is free and there are no limits to how many images you can upload.

Last year, the screenshot application en vogue for its simplicity was tinygrab. Its working was simple. Install application. Press hotkey. Screenshot is taken, uploadeded to tinygrab’s server and a short url to the image is copied to the clipboard. But the catch was, tinygrab allowed only 10 screengrabs a day in its free plan.

Well, if there’s a problem, there’s probably an app for unsolving that problem. This time, that app happens to be Hyperdesktop. There’s no website, there’s no fee and there’s no quotas. The application works just like last year’s tinygrab, except for the fact that Hyperdesktop uploads to Imgur, and therefore, there are no limits to how many screenshots you take in a day.

Press the hotkey. Select the region (or go full screen). You’re done. Image link is on your clipboard.

Download Hyperdesktop from Imgur’s tools page.

Don’t Understand Rap? The Internet Can Help


If you have trouble understanding Rap lyrics and can’t easily catch the references to culture, people and events in the songs, the website might be the forum you need. The website works in a way similar to that of UrbanDictionary, where people submit explanations to a reference that they understand. The explanations can then be revised and voted on by other people. Users can also add complete song lyrics; explanations to which can be added side-by-side.

The website explains its initiative as follows: With a greater understanding of lyrics, the genre as a whole can grow and be appreciated and accepted by people all over the world who like the music they hear but are confused or curious because they just don’t understand rap.

On a side note, my favorite rap lyrics happen to be from Tech N9ne‘s Sickology 101[YouTube Link, Explicit lyrics]

If you want your verses to cost higher
Then your similes gotta be hot as a live wire
You need some better metaphors
For example,
This song is a war zone and you listeners in the cross fire

Burnbit Creates A Torrent For Any File On The Internet

Using the web seeding technology that I wrote about earlier, Burnbit is a new service that allows anyone to create a torrent of a file already hosted someplace on the internet, without first downloading the file to their computer. This can be done in two way: Either the user goes to their website and submit the file’s link or if the user has a website and needs to create torrents of certain files on the fly, Burnbit provides buttons, that can be enabled with a small javascript snippet.

conceptSo how can Burnbit be useful to the common folk? I can think of one case. Imaging there’s a huge file that you, and a bunch of your friends need to download off a website, let’s say a video game. But the download servers are really slow. So you take the game setup’s link, give that link to Burnbit and it creates a torrent out of it. Now you share that torrent with all your friends. Initially, everyone will be downloading from the server itself (using web seeding), but slowly, the client-server traffic will be converted to peer-to-peer traffic. All your friends will share the download burden and since data pieces will travel faster, everyone will get the file faster.

That was about the common user. A media producer on the other hand, can use Burnbit’s automatic button creation feature to instantly create torrents of their media, and thus create an addition download option for their users, which is much more stable than conventional http downloading, and will help decreases the load on the producer’s servers.


What Are Web Seeds? [BitTorrent]

BitTorrent has been around for a while and like every other technology, it has evolved and become better.  DHT, a form of decentralized distribution; Peer exchange, that allows a group of peers to share a file faster and so, several improvements have been made over the base protocol. One such feature called Web Seeding was implemented in 2006.

What are web seeds?

What seeds give the torrent client the ability to download torrent pieces/data from an http source in addition to the swarm. So if you have a file somewhere on the internet, you can simply add its link to your torrent. Now if the swarm is weak, the torrent client will fetch data from the http source. The advantage, of course, is that a publisher can create a torrent of a file which is already hosted on his server and not worry about seeding it full time, while the user can obtain the data directly from the http source or through the torrent. Either way, the user will get the data from the http source. However, if the torrent becomes popular and self-sustainable, the torrent client will fetch data from the swarm and only use the http seed for pieces which are not available or are deficient in the swarm.

This is a very good approach towards file distribution which can be used by artists, producers who distribute their content online. Using web seeds, they can keep their torrents alive for as long as their servers are up. A perfect balance between load-balancing and content availability.

How to use web seeds?

greenshot_2010-11-17_23-30-53Adding a web seeds to a torrent is very easy. If you’re creating a torrent in uTorrent, just add the http (or https or ftp) link to the Web seeds box. Only http, https or ftp links will work. Also, do note that if the torrent has just one file, you can add its http link right away. However, if it’s a directory of files, you can add the http link of the directory in the Web Seeds box and the torrent client will automatically append the file names. If the torrent has just one file, the file names in the torrent and in the web seeds can be different. However, in the second case, where it’s a directory of files and only a http directory link has been given in as a web seed, make sure the file names in the torrent and in the http directory are same, because the torrent client will simply append file name and if they don’t match, the file won’t be web-seeded.

Pro tip: Want to share a file through bittorrent but can’t seed for a lot of time? Host the file on Dropbox and add its public link (or directory link) as a web seed. Your torrent will be alive as long as Dropbox is up (which is always)

When It Drops: Helps You Keep a Track of New Releases [Books, Music, Movies & Games]

If you use the internet to find what’s new out there, there’s a high chance you visit a lot of sites, click a bunch of links and skim through various lists. It must take you while, no? There are books, movies, music and a whole lot of things that come out in the market each week and you’ve got to spend your money on something after all!


When it Drops makes the task at hand super easy. Right on its front page, you can go through everything that will be releasing that week, which includes music, movies, dvds, games and books.

Not only can you view the list for the present week, but also check out the past week’s releases, of the next week and the week after that. Want a movie night next week? Do check what movies are coming out then.

The website is nifty and minimalistic, but well made indeed. A mouse-over of a movie posters brings up a link to its trailer and its Amazon page, along with its rating from Rotten Tomatoes. For music, you have iTunes links ready for a quick purchase. DVD entries come with Netflix links, games with IGN links and books have their own links from Barnes and Noble.

When it Drops is just that site which you can check every Monday and stay set for the rest of the week doing some real work Winking smile