Best online storage services that are free

Backing up data is a very critical part of your day to day computer life. To keep your files secure and safe from data crashes you should regularly back up your data.

But how long can you sustain buying expensive backup devices and medias to keep your data safe. Backing up data is a costly affair if you have a lot of data to backup.

This is where online storage services come into the picture using which you can easily backup and access your data from anywhere because it is available online. Gmail Drive is still no where in sight and Microsoft folders disappeared as quickly it appeared.

You can also use Gmail as a backup device for storing your files, that’s around 3 GB of storage space and there is no limit to the number of emails you can create so 3GB multiplied by 10 accounts could get you upto 30GB of space. The only problem is that Gmail has a 10 GB 20 GB attachment limit so you can upload more than that at a time.

Online storage services provide you with free space of around 1 GB and more. I recommend you use the online storage services for backups as most of these are free and provide you with free space to store you data. I had written a post around a year ago which highlighted few free online storage services.

Here is another round up of online storage services that are free to use and provide you with at least 1GB of space.

> 1 GB < 5 GB is a online storage service which allows you to store documents, pictures and other important files online.

Storage Details

  • Free Online storage space : 1 GB.
  • File Size Limit: 10 MB.
  • Upload / Download Limit: 10GB per month.
  • Platforms Supported: All uses browsers to upload / download files.


  • Save documents from word to account.
  • Share photos.
  • Create online galleries.
  • Share your files easily.

Drive Headquartes

Storage Details

  • Free Online storage space : 1 GB.
  • Upload / Download Limit: Unlimited
  • Platforms Supported: All uses browsers to upload / download files. You can also backup files using FTP.


  • Save documents from word to account.
  • Share photos.
  • Create online galleries.
  • Share your files easily.
  • Automatic and Incremental Backups
  • FTP Backups.

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Edit Pictures Online Using Free Picture Editors

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Time to give another Desktop software the boot. With so many free and easy to use online picture editors available it is bye bye photoshop for me.

Though the online picture editors are not yet up to the mark to be used by professional designers, for folks like us who just want to create some snapshots for our blogs, these could prove to be quite useful.

Fauxto, Photoshop Lookalike online picture editor

Fauxto is a photoshop lookalike that allows you to create images using layers, and is the only one that has this feature right now. Best of all its available through your browser and its FREE.


Picture2Life is another online picture editor which allows you edit your pictures online. It allows you edit pictures that are already uploaded to sites like MySpace, Flickr, H15, Photobucket etc you can just provide the url link to your picture and it will be imported to Picture2Life.


Snipshot allows you to the option to either upload the image from your pc or open the it from a url. It has a lot of features like one-click import for images, ability to save as either gif, jpg, pdf, png or tif, unlimited undo and redo and more.


Picnik is another online picture editor which allows you to edit all your online photos easily. Picnik works directly with photo sharing sites and provides you with one click photo fixing

Pixer is another alternative for your desktop photo editor. It allows you to upload your pictures online and edit it, using functions to resize, crop add special effects etc.

You can also check few of the other options for editing pictures online


Do let me know if you are using any other solutions or any other online picture editor that you may be using. Looking forward to your experiences.

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Tips on contacting Google adsense support

I have been in touch with Google adsense support quite a few times, and at times they have contacted me with regards to my site not adhering to their policies. Overall it has been a great experience so would like to share a few tips to new and old adsense users about it.

1. You do not need to contact adsense support for running your ads on multiple site.

If you are an accepted publisher and run more than one site then you do not need to contact adsense support to add your ad code to another site.

To simplify you can run adsense on multiple site with the same publisher code without getting approval from Google adsense.

2. If you are making any changes to the way you display the ads that is not on the program policies please contact them

What I mean is that when you are trying something new with the way you display your adsense get it approved by the adsense team, mind you I do it every time I play around with ads and it helps a ton because I do not want to be on the blacklist and get banned.

If you are displaying images next to your ads then I recommend you to read these posts. Why to approve your changes with adsense?, well they make policies and ban users so it is better to ask than make money and get banned.

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Better Comments Manager – WordPress Plugin release

Update: TODO list for Better Comments Manager
Add AJAX support to the reply to comments from Better Comments Manager Plugin
. Thanks to Arpit for the suggestion. This will be released in version 1.1 Version 1.2 is now available and it includes support which allows you to reply to the comments without loading a new page. Also shows posts title instead of the view link. You can get it here.

I switched to WordPress about a month ago from Joomla and I absolutely love it. While I was using Joomla I used to create customized mambots, modules and components for my site. Now its turn to give all wordpress users a new plugin.

After the move to WordPress I had started getting quite a few comments and to reply to them I had to always visit the post and reply from the comments form. This started to become more painful as I wanted to reply to all comments but they were across multiple posts and this made my task of replying to comments a bit difficult.

Then it came across to me that why not have a plugin where I could simply reply to the post from within the comment managing screen, that’s when the idea for Better Comments Manager came to my mind.

I am proud to release my first WordPress plugin to all users. Hope you like it and can put it to good use.

What is Better Comments Manager?

Better Comments Manager is an extension of the default WordPress comments manager. I have added two new features to the default WordPress Comments Manager.

  1. Reply to comment from within WordPress Admin Panel.
  2. View All Comments based by posts.

Ok so you don’t notice anything different than the default comment manager, have a look at this image ;)

Now you see in addition to the normal tasks for a comment, there are two new links one which says Reply and another which says View all.

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Mount account in Windows Explorer

Update: If you are unable to mount as a folder, please read the fix for mounting as a drive in Windows for the solution.

Recently while I was doing some blog reading I came across an article on TwisterMc which talked about how to mount account on a Mac PC.

While I was happy reading it still I couldn’t use the same on my Windows XP box, so I did a bit of research and voila I found a way I could mount my account in Windows Explorer. free online storage is a online storage place which allows you to store files upto 1 GB online for free, It also has paid options for more storage space online. Using you can access your files from any computer that has an internet connection, uploading files is easy too.

Netvibes the popular start page also has as an integral module.

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How to Uninstall Windows Media Player 11

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Usually most of the software you install has an uninstall option in the program menu from where you can easily uninstall the software, but with some softwares like Windows Media Player 11 and Internet Explorer 7 it is not the case.

Recently one of my readers asked me how to uninstall the Windows Media Player 11, which in itself is not a straight forward task as it is does not have an uninstall option present unlinke most of the other softwares.

Performing the steps listed below you can remove any Windows Software updates that have been installed on your computer, including Internet Explorer 7 and any other updates.

Its a quite simple process and do this you will have to open the Add / remove program option from Control Panel.

Once you are in the Add / Remove Program section you will see a list of programs that have been installed on your computer.

In the top section of the Add / Remove program section you will see a small check box saying Show updates click on that as shown in the screen shot below.

Uninstall windows media player 11

Once you have clicked on that scroll down till you see Windows XP – Software Updates.

Remove Software Updates

Under that remove anything that is related to the Windows media player 11 and you will have successfully uninstalled Windows Media Player 11.

You will also find the Internet Explorer Beta 7 and various other updates installed by Windows Update and uninstall it using the same steps.

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