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Twitter Down; Suffering Massive Outage

It looks like has gone down and it is far more serious than the fail whale we are used to seeing. The website itself is not inaccessible and it looks like it has suffered some kind of massive outage.

Twitter Down

Right now there is no update on the status blog too. We have reached out to Twitter to find out what has caused the outage.

Update #1: Twitter posted  a message on their status blog confirming the downtime

Users may be experiencing issues accessing Twitter. Our engineers are currently working to resolve the issue.

Update #2: has started displaying messages to users on Twitter being inaccessible for several users as well


Update #3: Looks like Twitter is back up

Update #4: And it appears like another Twitter outage

Stay tuned for further updates….

Google Testing Horizontal Menus in Search Results

Google has been continuously enhancing their Google search results by adding several new features including Knowledge Graph and a dedicated application search for Mobile, PC & Browser Apps. In addition to that, they also rolled out a complete new redesign for Google Search.

Google Search Old Vertical Navigation

One of the changes from the new design from Google was the left hand navigation menus which allowed you to search within several different Google products and also refine your search (see screenshot above). However, it looks like Google has started testing a new design which has a Horizontal menu as seen in the screenshot below.

Google Horizontal Menu Navigation

The new search results page moves the navigation below the search box and also reduces the space it used in the earlier left hand side navigation design. I found the new horizontal navigation to be more useful than the left hand side, it it worked properly that is.

Right now it looks like the horizontal navigation was rolled out accidentally because clicking on the “More down arrow key”  does not do anything. Additionally, the “Settings icon” and the “Search tools” links are broken as well.

Looking at the problems with current navigation it looks like someone just pushed the wrong button at Google However, the new navigation is definitely better and may be rolled out to users in the next weeks or so.

Facebook Displaying Number of Friends Who Logged in Recently and Friend Activity

Of late, Facebook has been playing around a lot with their interface with improvements of fonts they use as well as the way Facebook photo albums are now displayed.

Facebook Friends Logged In Notification

It looks like Facebook has also started to display the number of friends who have recently logged in to Facebook as spotted by Parth. In addition to that Joel also spotted another update as seen below which shows you an activity of your Facebook friends reading your posts.

Facebook Friends Viewed Post


The new updates display messages below the post box which include:

xx friends logged in recently

Your friends haven’t seen a post from you for xx days

From the looks of it, Facebook is trying to display some useful bits of information to users, which is probably similar to the reports it displays to “Facebook fan page” owners on engagement and reach on the fan page.

While this feature might not really be useful as of yet, it would be interesting if Facebook also starts displaying the friends who recently logged in along with their activities. In addition to that, it would be interesting to see if Facebook also adds a feature from the social networking site Orkut, which displays the number of people who have visited your profile.

There has been a huge craze in Facebook where users are interested in viewing their recent profile visitors and it has been a major reason behind many Facebook scams out there. It would be good if they have something official out there which does such a thing.

We’ll keep an eye on other interesting updates and post about them as soon as we see them.

CNBC.Com Spoof Twitter Spam on The Rise

Of late, Twitter users are being  bombarded with tons of direct messages which contain links to a spoof CNBC website that shows you how to make tons of money while sitting at home. While these types of spam messages are not new and have been circulated in the past (See: Want to Start a Real Internet Biz This Year?), the number of DMs these days are hitting the roof. Twitter DM Spam

The spam is being circulating in various forms and includes messages (accompanied with a spoof link) like:

Hey, Be your own boss man!

Hey, Why be bitched around, turn the tables on em!

Hey, Change your life, TODAY!

Hey, Why bother doing somebody elses dirty work?

Hey, This is how you make REAL money!

Though these spam messages are not as bad as the bad rumors about you and terrible things about you phishing attacks, they are annoying as hell. The links are created by some work-from-home scammers who want to rip you off and make money themselves.

The link in the message usually takes you to a website which looks very similar to and contain fictitious headlines like “New York Mom Earns $6,795/Month Part-Time”. The website also goes on to detail their online business in the rest of the content and how they are making tons of money accompanied with some fake screenshots of Google AdSense and other money-making websites.

While it is easy to fall prey to because the the website is designed to look like CNBC (and many times other popular news outlets), as a user, you should always look at the URL to see what the domain is.  For example, should always end in followed by any additional parameters and not as in this case.

It is apparent that the users themselves are not sending these messages. So, it might be that users’ accounts are being compromised using other phishing attacks or Twitter apps. As a precaution, change your Twitter password immediately if such messages were sent from your account and also revoke app permissions on Twitter.

Work from Home scams have been going around for years now, but the barrage of spam hitting both Twitter and Facebook is very high. It is high time that both these social networking websites up their ante and start protecting their users from spammers and scammers.


Vizio Launches Crapware Free All-In-One PCs and Laptops

One of the things I hate while buying OEM PCs is that they come filled with tons of unwanted crapware and software which are both useless to me and not required for the functioning of the PC. I usually end up wiping up the PC and installing my own set of software. The idea of having to clean up bloatware does not ring well with consumers and it looks like Vizio’s foray into the desktop and laptop industry will change things forever.

Vizio All-In-ONE PC

Yesterday at an event in NYC, Vizio launched their new line of All-In-One PCs and Laptops which will not contain any additional software except for the operating system. Yes, you heard it right. Vizio has worked with Microsoft to keep their out-of-box PCs simple and will not include any extra software including Microsoft’s own Office.

Vizio had been working on these PCs for last couple of years and the fruits were definitely visible in the way the products were designed. The All-In-One PCs and laptops are sleek and well designed and like many may say very similar to the Mac. However, one cannot help but notice that Vizio did make them standout well at a far more cheaper cost than their competition.

All of Vizio’s products use 3rd Generation Intel Processors with Ivy Bridge processors in the laptop. The laptops also come with Nvidia’s Kepler graphics card.

Here are the specifications and prices for Vizio’s newly launched All-In-One PCs and Laptops.

24″ and 27″ All-In-One PCs

The 24″ and 27″ All-In-One PCs include a HD monitor along with a wireless keyboard, trackpad, remote and 2.1 subwoofer. The device has an adjustable monitor and also a brilliant look and feel.

Vizio 27 inch and 24 inch All-In-One PCs

Specifications and Pricing

You get a 24″ or 27″ Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080p) Resolution Monitor. The AIOs also come with Intel Core i3, 3rd Gen Dual Processors and 4GB RAM. You will also have plenty of disk space with a 1 TB HDD and an additional 32 GB SSD to make things faster. The graphics card is the Intel HD 4000 Graphics which is on-board.

There are also plenty of ports including 4 USB 3.0 ports, 1 eSATA port, 2 HDMI Input ports and a SD Card reader slot among others. The PCs will also come with a charging unit which also doubles as a 2.1 Subwoofer with SRS sound surround. The All-In-One PCs are reasonably priced and start at $898.

14.1″ and 15.6″ Ultra-thin HD Laptops

Along with the All-In-One PCs, Vizio also launched a new line of Ultra-thin laptops, which are really thin and pack a whole lot of power into it. Vizio worked hard with Intel and their other partners to fit all those goodies into a very compact space. Kudos to them on pulling this off. All Vizio laptops have a aluminum unibody construction and comes with a trackpad which is not the best one you could use. Hopefully, some driver updates could fix that.

Vizio Ultra-thin Laptop

Specifications and Price

The 14.1″ HD comes with a 1600×900 resolution and 15.6″ Full HD with 1080p (1920×1080) resolution. Both the ultra books use Intel 3rd generation dual core Ivy bridge processors. The ultrabooks will also come equipped with 4GB RAM and 256GB SSD and make use of the Intel HD 4000 graphics card which is on-board.

It also includes 2 USB 3.0 ports and a HDMI out port and promises battery life of up to 7 hours in ideal conditions.  Both the 14.1″ and 15.6″ Ultra-thin laptops will also start retailing at $898.

15.6″ Notebook Specifications and Price

In addition to the ultra-thin laptops, Vizio also launched a powerful notebook which has some great specs. The 15.6″ notebook comes with a Full HD 1080p display with a 1920×1080 max resolution. It is also powered by a third-gen Intel quad core processor and will have up to 8GB RAM and a 1TB HDD with a 32GB SSD for performance boost.

The 15.6″ notebook will also come with Nvidia’s latest Kepler graphics card and provide up to 6 hours of battery life. It also has several ports including 2 USB 3.0 ports and a HDMI output along with a SD Card reader. The Vizio Notebook will also retail for about $898.

Overall Vizio has definitely set a new precedent with the crapware and bloatware free AIO PCs and laptops. The products are designed well and will have the ability to stand-out in a market full of OEMs who are fighting the influx of smartphones and tablets. Rest aside, the PC is not dead yet.

A New Design is Here: Feedback Required

We are always trying to make things better and simpler for our users and found our older theme to be wanting in several areas. For the past four months our team has been fighting with me for a new design and for the past two months we have been conceptualizing and working on a new design that would “not suck” for our users.

Techie Buzz 2012 Design

Well, after all the hard work and some awesome design skills by our in-house designer Paul Paliath (@paulpaliath) and lot of input from our team who are UX freaks, we came up with a new design that is far more better than our earlier one (at-least according to us). Thanks in advance.

We are proud to present a far simpler, cleaner and user-friendly design for all our readers out there. We hope you like it. Please do take a moment or two or maybe more and give us your feedback on the new design. We have always loved your inputs and your thoughts how we operate and your thoughts about the design will be hugely appreciated (more work for Paul and me though).

Watch KKR vs CSK Finals Online Live

One of the best IPL of the season is coming to an end with the IPL 5 final between KKR and CSK. While CSK are no strangers to the finals (and winning the IPL), this will be the first final for the Kolkata Knight Riders and expect the game to be a real humdinger.

IPL 5 2012 Online

KKR will be playing CSK at Chennai’s home ground which might give an advantage, however, with the form the Kolkata batsmen and bowlers are, this will be a tough game to predict. Kolkata’s batsmen have shown decent form all through the season with Gambhir leading the team from the front. However, Chennai’s batsmen discovered form mostly after they sneaked into the playoffs with Murali Vijay and Dhoni both in good form.

The KKR vs CSK Finals will definitely be a high scoring match and should be entertaining to the crowd. If you are not in Chennai to watch the finals or aren’t around the stadium, you could still watch the IPL 5 finals between KKR and CSK online live.

To watch the KKR vs CSK finals live, you can visit the website or Additionally, you may find some user uploaded streams on websites like or

If these streams do not work for you, you can try out unofficial streams at and among others. However, please check the legality of these streams before you use them.

Yahoo Includes Certificate Private Key Inside Chrome Extension for Axis

Earlier today, Yahoo released their new browser extension for and and browser for and after news leaked about it. However, it looks like that they did it in a hurry and made a huge blunder while releasing their .

Yahoo Axis Certificate Private Key

As spotted by @nikcub,  Yahoo has included their private key with the Chrome extension. This private certificate will allow other users to sign their applications as Yahoo. I was able to confirm that the file was available inside the extension.

Nik further demonstrates the vulnerability of the leaked mistakenly included private certificate key in a detailed blog post which you can read here. While the extension would not be a problem currently , it would allow other scammers or phishers to pass off rogue extensions as those created by Yahoo or just re-upload the original extension with something rogue.

As a user, you should remove the current extension till Yahoo fixes this problem. To get rid of this problem, Yahoo would need to create a new certificate and sign their extension again and Google would probably have to negate the old certificate while installing extensions.

This is not the first time that such a blunder has happened when news has leaked hours before a release, but this is definitely a very big problem on Yahoo’s part.

NO!!! Facebook Not Charging For Accessing Website

I have seen this stupidity go around in the past where users spread messages saying Facebook will charge for new profiles, and I think the hoax message is spreading again just like those chain email messages where you would die in 7 days if you don’t forward that email or text messages to 10  people in 10 minutes of receiving it.

Died not Forwarding Messages

Such type of messages never killed anyone, unless you consider the tombstone above which is intended for fun. Similarly, you will not gain any advantage by circulating a message to others saying that is going paid because they invested heavily in the Facebook Timeline which you can’t even remove.


Trust me, even though Facebook’s IPO is not doing that well, they will hardly make any move to charge users who are their revenue stream and lose more money on their stock.

So just chill out and stop polluting the feeds with such messages. It won’t help you and neither will it help others.

(Image Credit: unknown)

Yahoo Launching It’s Own Web Browser for Desktop and iOS Devices

Updates below

The browser market is exploding with several big players like , and Internet Explorer  leading the market and several others like and Safari catching up. However, it looks like the market is not so saturated after all because Yahoo will be launching their own web browser called Axis later today.

Yahoo Axis Logo

The news was leaked by Launch through an email they got their hands on. The email subject read, “Yahoo! Axis launches on May 23- Redefining what it means to search and browse” and described the browser and its launch.

Yahoo! Axis is a new browser that redefines what it means to search and browse- enabling a seamless search experience on your iPhone, iPad, and even your desktop.  Here are some highlights of how Yahoo! Axis brings search to life in a whole new way:

Smarter, Faster Search with Rich Design: Get instant answers and visual previews so you can continuously discover and explore content without interruption. Never leave the page you are on to view your search results again.

Connected Experience: Move seamlessly across devices, picking up wherever you left off as you move across your desktop, iPhone, and iPad. Recently visited sites, searches, saved articles, and bookmarks are automatically accessible across all your devices.

Personal Home Page: Get direct access to your favorite sites and content across all your devices with the customizable Home Page.

Yahoo has reportedly been working on Axis for a long time now, but the release will finally be coming today. With competition from some of the established browsers, Axis might find it a little hard to gain traction. But hey, you never know. A couple of years ago, Chrome launched out of nowhere and is almost the most used browser today. So Yahoo could go miles too.

However, lets hope that this is not another Yahoo product which they run for a while and shut down. If you are looking forward to download Yahoo Axis, you can visit the website or catch up on some video demo of Yahoo Axis above. Yahoo Axis is available as a desktop download, you can also download it for and iPad

We’ll be doing a review of the product as well in a short while, so stay tuned for it.

Update: I tried downloading the browser but it the link is downloading a browser extension for Google Chrome or add-on for Firefox which does not work as of now.

OMG Its Horrible my Ex is Still Checking My Profile – Facebook Spam

Another profile views related scam is underway on where users are spreading messages saying that their significant-ex have been viewing their profile and it is horrible.

Facebook Who's Viewed Me App

This scam is very similar to earlier profile scams like the Profile watcher rogue app and several other scams related to profile views including this, this, this, this and this. The new spam is spreading with a different message:

Omg its horrible.My ex is still checking my profile.
its amaging (sic). now I can see profile visitors & My photo viewers
My total Pr0file views : 1468
Girls Views :597
Boys Views : 871
Check yours – [link redacted]

While most of the related Facebook spam have been ill conceived, this one is spreading through an app which has a well designed landing page. The app use false description and fan base to entice the users to use the app. It also has a message saying:

This is amazing

Now you can see who is viewing your profile and find out how many profiles views you got. Just use our application and press button below and then Allow to analyze your Facebook profile!.

Like I have already said in the past, Facebook does not allow apps information about who viewed your profile and the number of times your profile was accessed. Apps like this just use the gullibility of users to entice them and then spam their friends and family. Once you allow access to the app, it will post the status update as shown above and spread the spam among your friends.

It is recommended that you DO NOT click on such links or scam messages on Facebook. If you come across this scam message, please delete/remove the scam from your Facebook news feed immediately. Alternately, you can report the scam to Facebook Security.

Also, as a precautionary measure, always check which applications you use and remove unwanted or suspicious ones. If you aren’t sure how to do it, you can always check our guide on removing apps from Facebook. In addition to that, don’t forget to check out our article about Avoiding Facebook Lifejacking and Clickjacking scams.

With over 800 million users on Facebook, the social networking giant has always been the main target for spreading scams. It is quite difficult to identify scams on Facebook. Here is a post on How to Identify and Avoid Facebook Scams. Bookmark Techie Buzz Facebook Scams or Subscribe to Scam Alert Feed. We always keep you updated with the latest scams spreading on Facebook.

Watch Chelsea vs Bayern Munich Champions League Finals Online

Chelsea and Bayern Munich are getting ready for the match of their lives on Saturday when they will play the final of the UEFA Champions League. Both teams had some great matches in the semis to make it to the finals with Chelsea stunning last years champions Barcelona.

Bayern Munich has already tasted Champions league glory by winning 4 cups. However, their last Champions league final win came back in 2011. On the other hand, Chelsea have only made it to the Champions league finals once in 2008 where they lost to EPL rivals Manchester United in the finals.

UEFA Champions League Final

This will be a huge match for both teams and will showcase some of the best football. Bayern Munich have a huge home advantage because the final is also being hosted in Munich. Chelsea will not give up lightly though since winning the final is their only chance to play in the Champions league next year after they could not qualify through the English Premier league.

If you are looking to watch the Champion League final match between Chelsea and Bayern Munich online? You can watch the UEFA Champions league final live online using a Google Chrome Extension called Eplsite.

Once you download the extension from here, you can click on the football icon in the toolbar to view a list of current ongoing UEFA and EPL matches, clicking on a link will take you to the live streaming video for the match.

In addition to that you can also try your luck on sites like, or to see if they have live streaming links. Additionally, you will find some user uploaded streams at or Please check your local laws to see if these options are legal before using them.

Access Banned Torrent and Video Sites in India

The Indian governments Department of Telecom (DOT) recently notified ISPs to block several torrent and video websites such as Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, KickAss Torrent, Vimeo, Pastebin and more to curb piracy. ISPs like Reliance and Airtel have already started blocking those websites.

In reply to those blocks, the famous group Anonymous has attacked several Indian government websites and taken them down. While the attacks continue, several users in India are still looking to access the websites but are seeing a message “This site has been blocked as per instructions from Department of Telecom (DOT)”.

If you are someone who is looking to access those torrent and video sites in India, you can still do it through several means. As I had stated earlier you can easily access blocked websites using proxy servers, you will find several proxy servers in our earlier guide on how to access blocked website.

Additionally, you can also access those websites using services like OpenDNS and Google DNS. See our guide on How to use Google Public DNS on Windows 7 and Windows XP or use a Google DNS helper to automatically change to Google DNS. If you are in India, you can use a DNS proxy website like as well.

If you are still not able to access those torrent websites, you could always try and use the site operator in Google search to directly search those websites and view their cached copies.

If you have any other means to access those websites, please feel free to leave a comment.

Nicki Minaj Gets Caught on Tape (LEAKED Tape) – Facebook Spam

Looks like scammers are on a full rampage today and are releasing new Facebook scams at a very quick pace. Earlier today, a new scam broke out where scammers spread message about a dirty Rihanna video and now they are following it up with another video for Nicki Minaj.

This is the second time in last few months that scammers are spreading false messages and sex tape of Nicki Minaj. Earlier they  had targeted the same celebrity in the scam Nicki Minaj Sex Tape – Exclusive!!! and are currently doing it with another fake message which says:

Nicki Minaj Gets caught On Tape (LEAKED Tape)

you will lost your all respect for NICKI MINAJ after watching this

The message links a user to a NSFW video which is supposedly hosted on a Blogspot site. However, clicking on the link will take the user to a page where they will be asked to share the URL in order to start playing the video.

Nicki Minaj Leaked Tape

Sharing the link will distribute the spam to your friends and you will not get to see any video. It is recommended that you DO NOT click on such links or scam messages on Facebook. If you come across this scam message, please delete/remove the scam from your Facebook news feed immediately. Alternately, you can report the scam to Facebook Security.

As a precautionary measure, always check which applications you use and remove unwanted or suspicious ones. If you aren’t sure how to do it, you can always check our guide on removing apps from Facebook. In addition to that, don’t forget to check out our article about Avoiding Facebook Likejacking and Clickjacking scams.

Bookmark Techie Buzz Facebook Scams. We always keep you updated with the latest scams spreading on Facebook.

OMG I Just Hate Rihanna After Watching This Video – Facebook Scam

Updates below..

A new Facebook scam is brewing up similar to an earlier scam where fake messages were spread by scammers for Miley Cyrus in the “I Just Hate Miley Cyrus After Watching This Video Facebook Scam“. This is not the first scam featuring popular celebrities and also not the first one featuring Rihanna.

OMG Rihanna Video Facebook Scam

In November 2011, a similar scam had spread targeting Rihanna where fake messages were spread saying You Will Hate Rihanna After Watching This Video!. The newer scam is similar and contains a NSFW video accompanied with the message:

OMG I Just Hate RIHANNA After Watching This Video

you will lose all your respect for RIHANNA after watching this

The video in question takes you to a Blogspot page which looks very similar to and will ask you to install a DivX plugin which is a virus on your computer to view the video and will also share the same status automatically with your friends on Facbeook.

It is recommended that you DO NOT click on such links or scam messages on Facebook. If you come across this scam message, please delete/remove the scam from your Facebook news feed immediately. Alternately, you can report the scam to Facebook Security.

As a precautionary measure, always check which applications you use and remove unwanted or suspicious ones. If you aren’t sure how to do it, you can always check our guide on removing apps from Facebook. In addition to that, don’t forget to check out our article about Avoiding Facebook Likejacking and Clickjacking scams.

Bookmark Techie Buzz Facebook Scams. We always keep you updated with the latest scams spreading on Facebook.

Update: This scam is now spreading through a file hosted on