View Experts Exchange Answers Without Having A Account [Hacks and Mods]

Update: Experts Exchange always displays the accepted solution on the page itself, you just have to keep scrolling to the bottom of the page or press the shortcut key Ctrl + End to view the solution. Thanks to Adam for pointing this out in the comments.

Update #2: Another comment by Nirmal suggests that you can only view the answers if you are visiting the site from Google Search, if you do not see the answer using the above method, copy the URL or title of the EE forum and search for it in Google, click on the EE link to view the answer using the above method, this should work 99.9% of the time.

Experts Exchange is one of the biggest forums on the internet, and many Google search results have links to experts exchange on the first page.

Experts Exchange Google Search Results

However Experts Exchange is not free and you will have to signup and pay to view the answers given by the Experts, this is pretty annoying considering there are several helpful forums out there.

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Online Link Scan Checks Links For Threats

A friend of mine recently emailed me (and others) and included a link in it, however I found the link to be suspicious and did not open it up. In the process I chatted with the friend who had sent me the email and asked him why he sent a bad link in the email, turns out the poor guy did not know about the email, and his account had been hacked by someone.

Now I am pretty tech savvy and can easily spot suspicious URLs and stay away from it, but I wonder how many other people would have clicked on that link?

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Google Gmail Theme For WordPress

If you are a lover and have a blog there is a real cool way of showing your love for both these platforms with a new theme for WordPress that closely resembles Gmail’s look and feel.

Gmail WordPress Theme

Confused? We were too, that’s how closely this resembles the actual Gmail interface.

Google Gmail is a unique style of WordPress. It aims to provide similar looks to actual Gmail in WordPress.

It has collapsible widgets, admin links on front page for easiest access to edit posts and more. Comments are displayed in unique way as well, you can expand or collapse any comment with nifty AJAX effect.

If you are looking for other interesting themes related to Google products, do checkout Google Chrome WordPress theme and Google Search WordPress theme.

Preview Google Gmail WordPress Theme | Download Google Gmail WordPress Theme


Facebook Photo Album Downloader

Quite sometime back we had told you about Facebook Uploader a tool that allowed users to upload pictures to their account, however what if you want to download photos from Facebook Albums?

Instead of saving individual images one at a time, users can make use of a called Facebook Photo Album Downloader, which will allow users to download several photos from a Facebook album with a single click.

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Remove Browser Frames Imposed by Social Networking Sites

Several social networking sites have taken up to using Frames to display external content, several sites like , Stumble Upon, Digg with the help of Diggbar make use of frames to load external content, even tinyurl services like make use of frames to display content to users.


These changes are good for the social networking sites themselves, however the same cannot be said for blog and website publishers, since loading content from a site in frames or frames definitely hurts.

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Windows Whois Lookup Client

Whois lookup is a domain service that allows users to find detailed information about a website, including the registrant, owner address, creation date, expiration date and so on.

Linux users can lookup Whois information directly from the command prompt by using the command whois domain name, however Windows users would require to use a online service to lookup information for websites.

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Missing Attachments PowerToy For Outlook

There may several oops moments in your email sending history, where you send out a email stating that you have attached some files, however in a hurry you completely forget to attach files to the email.

Such moments lead to embarrassments when you receive a reply saying that the attachments were not included in the message.

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Download Yahoo Messenger For iPhone

The Yahoo team has finally released a version of their popular IM client for iPhone users, using this new application you can chat with your friends through a iPhone or iPod touch device.


This version of includes several features including;

  • Ability to send instant messages, including emoticons and web links.
  • Photo sharing to share photos from your iPhone.
  • Stealth mode: Ability to sign in as invisible or change your status to invisible.
  • Ability to set custom status messages.
  • Ability to view recent chat conversation history.
  • A special Idle state will keep you signed in to yahoo, if you make use of another application or attend to a phone call, however your status will be displayed as idle.
  • Ability to customize settings to sort contact list or to show or hide offline contacts.

Yahoo Messenger for iPhone is a free application, you can download it from iTunes App Store, however you can also download the application directly by clicking on this link.

If you use Yahoo Messenger on the desktop don’t forget to check out some handy tips and tricks for Yahoo Messenger, we also have a list of shortcut keys for Yahoo Messenger.

Yahoo Messenger for iPhone is here [Official Yahoo Messenger Blog]

Publish Pandora Songs To

Pandora and are two really good places to listen to music online, however both are different services, but a small script will allow you to publish the music you are hearing on Pandora to your account.

PandoraFM is simple. As you listen to music via the excellent Pandora music service each song gets submitted to your profile on Last.FM. You’re listening to music, so why shouldn’t you be able to account for it? Some call it a mash-up, others call it a hack. I call it Pandora.FM.

So go ahead and share all the fantastic music you listen to on both these services, you will need to download and install the Greasemonkey add-on for before you can use this script.

If you are a user and are in a country where it will be available as a paid service, you can check out some Alternatives which are free.

Download PandoraFM for Greasemonkey

Firefox Forgets Your Login Information On Restart?

Quite recently I was facing a problem, where kept on forgetting my login information for sites once I restarted it, this was a bit annoying and given the lack of time I had, i never got around to debugging it.

I always chose websites to remember me forever, so getting having to login each and every time I restarted the browser started to become a pain.

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